Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Ibiza

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Ibiza – Located on the island of Java in northwestern Indonesia, this multicultural capital is every traveler’s dream! His cute and lively personality will make you love him, I’m sure! In this Jakarta neighborhood guide, I’ll point you to the best neighborhoods to stay in the city and give you great hotel recommendations.

Menteng is the best place to stay in Jakarta because it has many tourist attractions, nice restaurants and hotels! But don’t worry if you want something a little different, in this post you will find 4 more places, good for luxury vacations, culture, relaxation and budget; Sudirman Central Business District, Old Town, Kemang and Jalan Jaksa.

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Ibiza

Plus, if you’re traveling with kids, keep reading because I’ve added a great bonus section with a list of the best family hotels and everything you need!

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Luckily, there are plenty of places in the capital to suit all budgets and interests! Even though the city is big, you can still run the risk of not finding accommodation if you book too late, even if it’s just for one night! I recommend booking hotels in advance because this city is very popular and full! Luxury hotels, mid-range hotels, it doesn’t matter. All sold in seconds!

Contents If you are in a hurry1. Menteng – where to stay in Jakarta for the first time2. Sudirman Central Business District – the best place for a luxury stay in Jakarta 3. Old Town (Kota Tua) – a place to stay in Jakarta for culture4. Kemang – the best place to stay in Jakarta for vacation5. Jalan Jaksa Street – Where to Stay in Jakarta for Budget Travelers BONUS: Best Family Hotels in Jakarta Jakarta Hotels FAQ

Do you want to book hotels in Jakarta now? Then check the list below, which has the best place, all located in Menteng:

Check out this map! This will help you visualize all the aspects of your stay in Jakarta that I will talk about in this post:

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Looking for the best place in the center of Jakarta? Then come and explore this colorful neighborhood that was once a colonial town and is now full of attractions, markets and great restaurants!

Yes, Menteng is perfect for first-timers, and believe me, you will find many interesting things to see and do. Although located in central Jakarta, this area has tree-lined streets and many parks where you can get some fresh air and escape the crowds.

You will also be well connected to other areas by public transport to explore what you want! Although it might take you a few days to explore all of Menteng’s highlights on your own. Some places you should not miss in Menteng are Jalan Surabaya Art Market, National Museum of Indonesia and National Monument.

The school where President Barack Obama studied is also located here. You can go to Besuki Public School and see his statue!

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There are many hotels in Menteng, but this town receives millions of visitors, so I recommend booking in advance as you may not get a room if you book at the last minute!

This luxury hotel has rooms with beautiful views of the city and marble bathrooms with rain showers and showers, and is close to all the famous places. Unwind after a day exploring Jakarta with dinner at one of the 3 restaurants and a massage at the center. There is also an outdoor pool to enjoy!

Enjoy your stay in Jakarta at this modern hotel with a swimming pool, spa and beautifully decorated rooms

Jakarta’s business district is one of the largest in Asia! As you can imagine, this popular neighborhood is full of office buildings, skyscrapers, specialty shops and numerous tourist attractions.

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Located in South Jakarta, the Central Business District is perfect for anyone who wants to stay in the best hotels! This area is more expensive than other neighborhoods, and if you don’t mind paying extra for a great view, check out the list below.

The central business district never sleeps! There is always something to do here, regardless of the weather. If you can visit all the shops that day, when the sun goes down, get ready to drink and party in the liveliest clubs!

Yes, this place is known as a great place to party! There are many night spots here. And if you plan to take a break from all these activities in the city, don’t forget that beautiful Baliis!

If you want to enjoy the most delicious food and try their local cuisine, there are many cool restaurants, the best, which I am sure you will like. But I also recommend trying the street food. It tastes great and sometimes tastes better than restaurant food!

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I love the outdoor seating at this amazing hotel, the views are amazing! This luxury hotel has many wonderful amenities including a spa, 2 swimming pools and 5 restaurants (wow)! The rooms have a modern design, a lot of space, a private bathroom and traditional wooden elements. Play tennis and then relax in the hot tub for a lovely afternoon!

Admire the spectacular view of the city from the large windows of this property that offers a private bathroom and free parking.

Sudirman Central Business District has so many good hotels that I can’t let you choose just 4! I had to add more because they were all amazing! Let’s take a look at them:

Then enjoy the Old Town (or Kota Tua in Indonesia)! This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city and you’ll quickly see why!

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Located near Taman Fatahila Square in North Jakarta, the neighborhood is full of tourist attractions. This is the oldest part of the city and was founded in the 17th century by the Dutch colonialists.

Your eyes will be amazed by the combination of colonial architecture and modern elements! There are many Chinese temples and museums in the Old City that you should not miss, such as the Wayang Museum and the Jakarta History Museum.

And if you’re looking for other places to visit in Indonesia, check out Cangguin Bali, a beautiful town with a similar vibe!

But apart from all the cultural and historical things, there are many interesting amusement parks in the old city of Jakarta! Most of them are located in Ancol Bay City, an entertainment complex in Jakarta’s marina district that includes Sea World Aquarium, Ocean Dream Samudra and other venues. It’s also a great place for families because there are so many fun and beautiful things to do!

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Glodok, Jakarta’s Chinatown, is here and you can’t miss any trip here. It’s a great place to spend the day and get some souvenirs for people all over the country!

Take a dip in the pool after a day exploring Jakarta’s old city at this beautiful hotel! The rooms are beautifully decorated with modern elements and have a spectacular view of the city from the large windows. Start your day with room service, then head to the spa to start your morning off right!

Enjoy your stay in Jakarta’s Old Town at this hotel that features family rooms, a concierge and a restaurant.

This apartment is perfect for 5 or 6 guests and has a kitchen, balcony and access to a shared pool.

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It can be difficult to find a place to stay in Jakarta that isn’t overcrowded with tourists or too noisy.

Not everyone appreciates the noise or the big crowds you’ll encounter in this colorful city! But visiting Jakarta shouldn’t be difficult if you’re not a big fan of that urban vibe.

If you don’t want to be in the middle of all the action, where the shops and high end things are, I recommend this area in South Jakarta. It is not popular and does not have many attractions, but there are many parks and some family places.

The place to stay is very popular among expats because there are many international schools in the area. There is also a zoo nearby which is in the forest which looks amazing!

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During the day you can explore the streets of the neighborhood, and if you want to visit the city you can get there by public transport. In normal traffic conditions you should be there in 30 minutes, but it can take longer if there is a lot of traffic.

Take a long, relaxing bath and admire the city view in your beautiful and spacious room at this hotel with a fitness center and bar. I love modern hotels like this. They have all the amenities you need, including a pool, fitness center, and concierge services.

Catch the beautiful sun by the pool of this affordable house with a terrace and family rooms

Don’t worry backpackers and budget travelers, there are budget hotels to stay in Jakarta! I saved them for last because they are so amazing!

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The capital of Indonesia is large, and

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