Best Winery In Albuquerque

Best Winery In Albuquerque – There’s nothing like sipping from your favorite glass of wine. At the wineries and vineyards listed below, you’ll not only get to taste unique, handcrafted wines, but you’ll have the opportunity to meet the locals behind the glass as you expand your winemaking experience.

*Some locations listed may be temporarily closed, have limited hours, restricted operations, or may only offer delivery and pickup services due to current COVID-19 restrictions. Please see our COVID-19 passenger information page for more information. For business information, please contact the venue directly.

Best Winery In Albuquerque

Established in 2010, Acequia Vineyards & Winery is a testament to the craft of winemaking. Named after the irrigation canal (or “asequia”) that gave life to the vineyards of the Corrales Valley along the Rio Grande, the winery is warm and inviting. Visitors will not only be able to taste the best local wines, but also learn traditional winemaking techniques.

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Founded in 1995 by acclaimed winemaker John Calvin, Casa Rondena Winery is one of Albuquerque’s most acclaimed wineries. The winery’s 1629 Club, the year Franciscan friars first introduced the vine to New Mexico, is an exclusive club where members enjoy fine wine in a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere.

Located in the Corrales Valley along scenic Corrales Road, you can expect stunning views of the Sandia Mountains with wine tasting. A family owned and operated winery specializing in the production of award winning small batch wines, 100% New Mexico.

Close to the historic Old Town, DH Lescombes Winery and Bistro offers rustic French cuisine as well as complimentary and desirable wines. Try one of the recommended pairings — like chicken with Chardonnay — or choose your own. As New Mexico’s premier wine bar, DH Lescombes has red, white, red or sparkling wine to go with anything on the menu.

Since 1984, Groot Winery has produced America’s finest sparkling wines. Made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, these sparkling bottles are a favorite of sommeliers around the world.

List Of Wineries In New Mexico

“Handcrafted from grape to wine” and located in the famous village of Corrales, Milagro Vineyards makes its wines with the Old World style in mind. Their wines are aged in fine French oak and bottled to reflect the “terroir” or “terroir” of the growing season. Limited quantities of each of their wines are available, and wine tastings and tours are available by appointment.

“Pasando tiempo”, Spanish for passing time, is what the owners of Pasando Tiempo Winery want. They aim to create a comfortable and friendly environment for their guests. Winner of the city’s best in 2018 and located in the village of Corrales, the winery offers a variety of events throughout the year.

With vineyards in the South Valley regions of Corrales, Bosque Farms and Albuquerque, Sheehan Winery is known for their award-winning Lobo Vineyard Merlot and Chardonnay wines, as well as their Elyce Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chamborcin wines. Visit a winery to taste award-winning wines just two miles from the historic Old Town.

The Vara Wine Tasting Room has an outdoor terrace with stellar views, as well as a cozy and rustic interior setting. In addition to their award-winning wines, Vara also offers local beers from a variety of Albuquerque sources. Vara Wines is unique in its “connection to the past with an eye to the future” celebration of the history of the family’s ties to Spain and New Mexico.

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Best American Wine 2022: Two New Mexico Bubblies To Try That Break All The Rules

Taos man charged with state police seeking eighth DWI ABQnews says he had a … State police say he waived license and interlock requirements – but no interlock was installed – during … HOW BASS GUITARIST FLY first notes. “Wild Thing”, the roar of Vivác Winery’s outdoor party waits quietly to hear this song. Soon people are singing, clinking glasses and making time. More than the award-winning wine, the sheer joy of enjoying the views – the lush green vineyards on the high side of the Rio Embudo and Barrancos Blancos draw locals and visitors to this roadside hotspot.

Inside, the tasting room is buzzing again. “Can I have another maid?” asks the tattooed man in his fifties, sipping from a bottle of wine on the counter. (The wine machine offers three wines to pop for eco-friendly refills.) A girl in pigtails presses her nose to a glass of homemade chocolate, gleefully pointing out her favorite, begging her mother to buy it. Some bars are set up for wine escapes, pints of local beer or picnics, such as the Santa Fe Olive Oil and Balsamic Company. Olives and goat cheese Tucumcari Mountain Cheese Factory.

The door opens – a 30-year-old woman in a white wedding dress with a veil enters and calls her friends in line: “Could you pass me that glass of pink Sangiovese and we’ll meet at the river.” ?”

Located north of NM 68 in Española, Vivác Winery is one of three Embudo Valley wine tasting rooms that are must-sees on your way to or from Taos. “This is a place for everyone,” says Ashley Atencio, events manager at Vivác Winery. “Even if you don’t like wine, we have chocolate and beer. And the kids love to play hide and seek in the vineyard. We’re open seven days a week – that should tell you something about our all-ages, family appeal. “

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Founded in 1998 by two Dixon farm-raised brothers, Chris and Jessie Padberg, and their wives, Liliana and Michelle, Vivác Winery promotes a Jesus-style family, riding in the Padberg parental home.

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“We wanted to make European wines with high acidity and low sugar,” says co-founder and sommelier Michael Padberg. “But no one thought we had customers for dry wine, because most people wanted sweet wine at the time.”

At first, the naysayers were right. At wine festivals, often after queuing under the hot sun for a sample, revelers worry about not being able to find a sweet or savory wine at the bivouac stand. “We started putting up signs at our booths that had a red ‘no’ sign above the words ‘sweet wine,'” recalls Padberg. People loved it, so Vivác started selling stickers and graphic T-shirts. “It seems to be spreading,” he says. “I immediately found a cult following

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