Best Way To See Savannah In A Day

Best Way To See Savannah In A Day – If you’re like me, you love Savannah and are always looking for ways to get away and do something special. However, life often goes wrong. Don’t let that stop you from visiting this vibrant beach town; this is one of those Georgia vacations you MUST take. Sure, there are plenty of romantic and “grown-up” things to do….but there are plenty of things to do in Savannah No more kids!!

We recently spent a week here with our kids, mostly in the Historic District. And you know what? It was very relaxing, and STREET-FREE! We follow our steps below, so you can have a good time (and learn from some of our mistakes.)

Best Way To See Savannah In A Day

Just a tip… you can find out more about Tybee Island in this post. Travel separately or combine these towns for more fun.

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If you are coming from Atlanta, expect 3 – 3.5 hours to Savannah, via Macon. I always like to remind people that the I-16 portion of the trip is short, so don’t forget to heat up and grab a snack before you go too far that way. In fact, you can even go early… our first place opens at 9am.

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Since becoming a travel photographer, I have heard nothing but good things about the Savannah Children’s Museum and the Georgia State Railroad Museum. In fact, he is the one who inspired this whole journey…

We started our day with a trolley ride…and we were having so much fun that I decided to push the museum to ‘after lunch.’ Yes, they close at 2pm! But no!

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Visit this museum, because I want to travel. In the meantime, learn from my mistake!

Start your day at the kiddo museum. It opens at 9am, so you have cool weather and plenty of time to explore.

The museum is now entirely outdoors and is housed in the former Central of Georgia Railroad lumber yard in the lower lot and upper yard. The museum has more than a dozen exhibits designed to expand children’s imaginations, including an observation deck, a learning area and a sensory garden. –

Another part of this family of museums is the Pin Point Heritage Museum (highly recommended by Facebook followers 365, ) Savannah History Museum (We met a friend of Savannah and young children who returned – this investment recently.

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Savannah was founded and remains a port city. It makes sense if the trip includes some time on the river. A Savannah riverboat cruise is a great way to do just that, and experience history while you relax. Pro-Tip: Go on the tour at 3:30 pm, when you pass Old Fort Jackson they will fire a gun from the fort. (Don’t worry, nothing.)

How to see Savannah cheaply. Choose a 1, 2 or 3 pass that you get 2, 3 or 4 times with the PLUS section unlimited access to all regular transport. The Georgia State Railroad Museum, Old Fort Jackson and the PinPoint Heritage Museum are all part of the tour’s quality offerings. Shop here.

After the museum, it’s time for lunch. I know you want to stay as long as you can, but you can’t! Mrs. Wilkes is not open on weekends (so you have to go NOW, ) and they stop serving lunch at 2pm. Leave the museum between noon and 1pm, and look for lunch.

They serve old school southern food in the casual dining room for a flat fee (kids discount.) Hours are 11am – 2pm, and you have to wait in line, but it’s worth it.

Road Trip From Atlanta To Savannah

Fun fact… President Obama visited once. “Protected” the seat he was sitting on. No one is allowed to live there. Whatever your politics, it’s fun!

Take them out to Mrs. Wilkes and go to your hotel. We love a hotel with a pool (not that this trip won’t keep you busy in the city!) Here are a few in the Historic District:

If you’re really looking for a treat, try the Printmaker’s Inn in the Victorian Quarter. The bed and breakfast has a Master Bedroom, with a king bed, a queen bed and a sofa bed – which can accommodate up to four children.

It’s a small price per night, but it includes free breakfast, free wifi, and free parking. It also has a refrigerator and microwave, a living room, a sitting area, a private balcony/patio…not to mention it’s simply FURNISHED!

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I hope you were able to swim a little through that lunch, because it’s time for an unforgettable dinner at the Pirate House. You can walk…..but Pedicab is the BEST!

We all rode together from the hotel, the boys on our laps. It was nice to be surrounded by everyone, to have beautiful views of the city, and to feel the wind in our hair. Our hotel was a few blocks away, and the $10 ride (and we tipped him $5!) was easy and fun for the kids.

I’ll be honest: I’ve heard mixed reviews about The Pirate House….about tourists, etc. However, our experience was amazing!

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I recommend making a reservation so you can sit without waiting (You can do that on their website.) Kids will love this place! The boys were greeted with kiddo treats such as a pirate hat, an eye patch and a few “gold” coins, which were sitting in front of the food.

Hubs and I started with Rum drinks, and the boys followed with kiddos with bright colors and wild flavors.

Trout with crab was delicious…with vegetables and mashed potatoes. Hubby had the pecan-crusted fried chicken. YOOOH! If you don’t get this, someone else at the table should. It’s amazing… and there’s more than enough to share.

Afterwards, we visited the pirate restaurant (please praise your corsair) and then went upstairs to check out the gift shop. Well, we went with the hook and dagger strategy. Lol.

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If your kids are up for the night, buy tickets in advance for the Ghost City Grave Tales Ghost Tour. It starts at 9pm… that’s why I’m adding a warning.

A perfect place for kids, it takes about 90 minutes to walk through Savannah’s great buildings and historic homes, mass graves, cemeteries and battlefields. It is also one of Savannah’s most popular tours.

How to see Savannah cheaply. Choose a 1, 2 or 3 pass that you get 2, 3 or 4 times with the PLUS section unlimited access to all regular transport. There are several ghost tours as part of the Spectacle Tour. Shop here.

Most of the hotels we mentioned have restaurants, but you can go out on your own. We had breakfast on our first morning at Coffee Fox. To be honest, it’s because my son likes foxes…

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I highly recommend the frozen horchata – it was the bomb. The boys had chocolate milk and cookies. Dan went for a small quiche and I had a fruit cheese plate. A good fat breakfast.

There is no way we could have had such a great time without Old Savannah Tours to lead the way. You need tickets for the On/Off History Tour. Keep it up. Take them now, and believe me. (Kids 4 and under are free, and check for specials before you buy.)

You can call ahead and get a free shuttle to your starting point from your hotel. They only need a few seconds.

You learn a lot of history about the city from the tour, which is much better than walking around and trying to read a travel guide.

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You can hop on and off the trolley whenever you want… to check out any point you like and go back on the journey.

If your kids are going to get angry, just stop checking it. BUT, if you take our advice, you may not get away with this. Our kids are the best and they were great!

How to see Savannah cheaply. Choose a 1, 2 or 3 pass that you get 2, 3 or 4 times with the PLUS section unlimited access to all regular transport. The Trolley is part of the Prime Tour offering. Shop here.

You start at the Welcome Center (Stop 1), across the street from the children’s museum. You will love every stop with the characters and the history… and you will jump where we recommend. Let’s do it…

Best Things To Do In Savannah, From Museums To Food Trucks

Forsyth Park is home to the Forsyth Fountain. You NEED a family photo here. Now, if you’re going to visit during the summer, go to the playground and spray the fountain.

We let the boys play in the splash pad with their shirts off. It was so hot outside that everyone was dry

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