Best Vets In Billings Mt

Best Vets In Billings Mt – Oral health is a major factor that promotes general health. Most diseases that cause inflammation and disease in the rest of the body cause oral problems, which can be symptoms that require treatment.

Anesthesia is used to examine and thoroughly clean the teeth, a full oral exam is performed by our veterinarian to check for signs of disease. If a full x-ray is required, a full mouth biopsy is performed to examine the roots for any signs of disease/malignancy. In some cases that are considered important, we may perform tooth extraction or oral surgery.

Best Vets In Billings Mt

Meet our skilled doctors who work every day to ensure your loved one receives the best medical care.

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“Great place with friendly staff! Three doctors are attentive and love what they do. I never take my dogs anywhere. They have a small room in their kennels. They can play with other dogs!”

“Dr. Rob is a great vet, he is so good to our dog, Wicket, our family just loves this doctor, so kind and caring. We came to Big Sky Pet Center because of Dr. Rob. It’s amazing…”

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