Best Trucks To Sleep In

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Best Trucks To Sleep In

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Buy Semi Truck Sun Shade For Windshield And Side Windows|300t Protective Privacy And Uv Protection,earplugs Are Included To Ensure Your Sleep|best For Freightliner Cascadia ,semi, Big Rig Truck Online At Lowest Price In

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As the popularity of camping sites continues to grow, the way people enjoy this activity is also constantly changing. Gone are the days when the only sleeping option is a ground tent that takes 30 minutes to set up. Today’s campers have plenty of sleep options, including travel trailers, roof-mounted tents or, the latest craze, sleeping tents.

As the name suggests, the tent sleeps in an empty truck bed, creating a structure similar to a ground tent. Like the size of the truck, these tents vary in size, shape and ease of use. The best models have a sewn-in area for extra protection, while others have large awnings to provide extra shade or an area to keep you dry in the rain.

Even before I used it for the first time, it was easy to see their advantages. As roof tents, they help you sleep on the ground and keep you safe from animals, insects and uneven sleeping surfaces. Most of them are designed to have plenty of space inside, creating a sleeping area with enough space for vacationers to store extra gear.

Best Truck Bed Tents Of 2021

After only spending one night in a sleeper tent, I went on – it brought benefits that I mentioned above and even a few. While using it requires you to rinse out all your gear in the truck (which is a bit annoying to say), the sleeping space it creates makes you wonder why I ever sleep on the floor while camping.

If you’re still on the fence, that’s understandable. Not only is this a weird way to camp, but knowing where to start looking for your tent can be tricky – not to mention knowing all the features it should have. To help out, I’ve put together a few of my favorite truck tents that are perfect for warm weather campers, small truck owners, and everyone in between.

At the bottom of this guide, I have provided an overview of how I tested each combination of tents, as well as key truck tent specifications and frequently asked questions.

Updated 3/24/2021 by Rick Stell: Updated guide for relevance, added FAQ section including summary on how to test each tent with truck, verified availability of all recommended tents, and updated prices.

Camper Shells Vs Bed Racks

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Napier Outdoors Backroadz fits a variety of truck sizes, has a full floor, can fit in the truck’s toolbox, and has a sound-friendly design that can be set up in approximately five minutes.

While the campervan market continues to grow, no brand is better than Napier Outdoors. With Backroadz, Napier offers a tent made of high-quality materials, a well thought-out design and a fully covered floor that is easy to install. Not only is it our favorite tent we tested, it is also one of the cheapest.

The tent is 5.5 feet tall, which may not allow most people to get up comfortably, but gives the room a spacious feel. A fully covered area means it can sit on the dirtiest truck without picking up dirt and dust. It also helps to prevent rain from dripping on the sides of the tent.

The color coded poles make this extremely easy and can be done by one person, although we do recommend a second person to help. The tent is also versatile enough to be set up on the ground and moved to a truck or built into a bed.

My Easy Truck Bed Camping Setup For Better Sleep

The Backroadz comes with an integrated rain fly to keep out rain or snow, and the entrance extends to the bottom of the back of the bed, providing additional storage space for luggage, gear or a pair of shoes. The only downside, however, is that it doesn’t come with an extended sun visor that would provide better protection in extreme weather conditions.

With under $ 200 in price, spacious interior and comfortable design, the Napier Outdoors Backroadz is not only our favorite truck tent, but also one of the best on the market.

Amazon Gear beats its head when camping, but the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent is designed to withstand everything outdoors, thanks to its 100% waterproof, water-repellent cotton canvas.

Pros: Thanks to its durable outer canvas, the sunshade offers protection from the elements and can be used in almost any weather.

Best Truck Tent (review & Buying Guide) In 2022

One of the most important characteristics of any type of camping gear is durability. Whatever the application, you want it to last. In the case of Kodiak Canvas Truck tents, the biggest advantage is durability.

The tent is made of 100% cotton canvas (Kodiak Canvas known as Hydra-Shield) and is strong enough to withstand impacts. However, the heavy material does not restrict the tent elsewhere as it is still highly breathable and provides water that fits inside the truck.

The actual structure of the tent differs from the other models in our guide in that it is tunnel-shaped and less dome-shaped. This maximizes the interior space and helps to feel more spacious despite having only five feet of ceiling. It also has an extended awning that prevents rain from getting inside and creates a kind of space for entering or exiting the tent.

Inside, there is a pocket for equipment for storing headlamps, smartphones or other smaller devices. As it extends to the rear of the truck, the opening creates little storage space for a backpack or travel bag.

Living Full Time In A Toyota Tacoma

One downside is that it doesn’t have its own floor. This means that the truck is still exposed. It is also not as comfortable as a tent with a floor. We bring sleeping bags to help with this.

It’s the most expensive tent on this list, but for those who camp a lot and want something that can withstand the extreme conditions, the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed is the best choice.

Wayfair When the inevitable downpours come, the Napier Outdoors Sportz Tent provides a cover with a 6 ‘x 6’ awning and a rear door that allows you to enter the truck cab without getting out.

Pros: Features a large 6 ‘x 6’ sunroof, rear truck access door, built-in equipment and a sewing area.

Choosing The Best Truck For Your Truck Camper (updated)

Camping in the rain doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience as long as you are prepared. With the Napier Outdoor Sportz truck tent, preparation is as easy as setting up the tent. Consisting of a taped outer rain cover and a large extendable sun sail, this tent offers good weather protection.

Measuring 5.6 feet long and 5.5 feet overhead, the Sportz offers enough space for two people plus gear. It also has a built-in hardware compartment that saves valuable space. The Sportz also comes with a sewn-in floor that is considered a luxury in a sleeper tent.

The webbing fly and nylon outer surface work well to trap moisture such as rain or condensation, but still provide enough ventilation to keep it from getting too stuffy. The best feature is the 6 ‘x 6’ awning which does a great job of keeping the entrance dry while creating a kind of outdoor exposure. This is the perfect solution for changing into dry clothes or having a place outside the tent for fresh air.

Napier has color coded the tent poles to make it easier to set up, although it is much easier to pitch the tent in two. The process is expected to take 5-10 minutes depending on whether there is help or not.

Simple Steps To Make A Comfortable Truck Camping Bed

Sportz is a worthwhile investment for anyone camping in areas with frequent rainfall, or camping in spring or fall. Napier provides the best tents for trucks and Sportz is no different.

The Dick’s Sporting Goods Rightline Gear Compact Truck is smaller so it can fit in smaller trucks, but is still spacious and comfortable.

Pros: Fits a shorter truck easier than a standard truck tent, weighs only 10 pounds, has a lightweight zipper and fully taped seams

One of the biggest factors to make

Rooftop Tent Or Truck Bed Tent? What’s Best For Your Pickup

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