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Best Travel Agency In The Philippines – We are a travel agency based in the Philippines established on March 20, 1997. Since its inception, we have been committed to meeting the needs of every traveller, be it corporate or personal. Now in its twenty-fifth (25th) year of operation, Golden Sky Travel Corporation will always remain a major player in providing “quality service and affordable tour packages every time”. As we navigate the situation with the recent global pandemic, you and your business are making a dynamic decision about how to travel safely. We are in this together and moving to new heights of travel. Let us inspire you to rediscover the Philippine Islands and beyond – we can design custom travel packages based on your budget, taste and requirements. We are excited to introduce our national and international travel agencies. We are a one-stop shop for premium curated travel packages, offering only the best proven travel and tour packages as we navigate today’s market. Golden Sky Travel Corporation operates under a team of professionals who travel regularly to develop new and exciting destinations for our clients which makes the company so diverse and dynamic in a changing world. The management team works with one goal: to meet the travel needs of people from all walks of life, thereby creating a world of diverse perspectives for our customers. Our experience enables us to serve all types of markets, be it corporate travel, leisure, travel or students for exhibitions 24/7. Our mission statement is “to always provide the best products and services at affordable prices”.

President: Mrs. Rhodora Santos

Best Travel Agency In The Philippines

Domestic and International Tickets Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Special Interest Groups (Union Groups) Hotel Accommodation Both Inbound and Outbound Country Tours (Clean and Experience) Cruise Ship Tours and Day Tours Visa Assistance Educational Tours Outbound Team Building Activities Both Inbound Travel Insurance, Including Covid19 Cover Medical Tourism (Tour Medica).

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Member of International Transport Association [IATA: 28305200] Philippine Department of Tourism [DOT-NCR-TTA-00231-2021] Tourism Promotion Board – Member of International Tourism by Philippines Friendship [SCAL from 1997] Philippine Tour Operators Association Philippine Government e-Recruitment System: Platinum Phillips- member reference# 201403971731965006753 One surprising fact is that starting a travel agency business in the Philippines does not necessarily require a large amount of capital. So, apart from being profitable, it can be exciting and fun for an entrepreneur who loves the travel industry.

With people showcasing so many travel destinations on social media, it’s no wonder that many Filipinos have become more interested in travel. Therefore, owning a travel agency in the Philippines can be a profitable business if we look at the near and distant future.

Let’s take a look at the steps on how to set up a travel agency in the Philippines. We will also explore the Philippines travel franchise option for those interested in franchising options! Steps on how to establish a travel agency in the Philippines

Since your business plan is the blueprint for your travel agency business, you may want to consider including the following information:

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It briefly introduces the business and outlines its plans. For example, you can decide whether you want a Philippine travel franchise or your own travel agency (and both have their advantages and limitations). When setting up a travel agency in the Philippines, it is recommended to include a business description, target market, financial projections and solutions to potential problems.

Those who have significant capital to start a travel agency in the Philippines can apply for International Air Transport Association accreditation, which will be valuable in terms of brand trust.

*The International Air Transport Association regulates airlines, passenger agents and cargo agents internationally. Accordingly, accreditation allows travel agency owners to act as agents for airlines and sell domestic and international air tickets. The agency can rebook, reissue or revalidate tickets issued and endorse them to other airlines if necessary.

On the other hand, those who do not have accreditation are not allowed to issue tickets. So either they buy from a licensed agent or from the airline.

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This summary details the property layout and start-up requirements, such as capital and location. If you intend to have a fairly small travel agency, a capital city

More travel agencies with complex operations such as partnerships or corporations will need more space and more people, as there may be more customers. An estimate of PHP450,000+ is usually smart with this scale of business.

You will define which services or products you can provide visitors in this category. Always remember to upsell and cross-sell to maximize your business profit 😉

Business Strategy – This section describes the plan to operate and develop a travel agency business in the Philippines through the marketing and pricing of products or services.

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Establish estimates of business income and expenses. Even those, this is the last category on our list. However, some would suggest that it is one of the essential areas of business. Therefore, it is advisable to spend time studying costs, prices and any potential opportunities/threats. Philippine Travel Agency Permits and Licenses

When setting up a travel agency business in the Philippines, you must register with the Department of Trade and Industry. This is also necessary if you plan to start your Philippines travel agency business alone or at home. For a corporation or partnership travel agency, the business must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

You can see the detailed list of requirements on how to set up a travel agency in the Philippines here. You may also familiarize yourself with other legal requirements for setting up a travel agency business in the Philippines. Republic Act 14783. Location and Office Space

Homeowners must consider many factors when searching for an ideal location. The most important objective may be market accessibility. Second, the location must be convenient for them. Finally, the business owner must ensure that the space is affordable.

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Although office space can be expensive, starting a travel agency in the Philippines does not require a large office space as long as the staff can serve clients efficiently.

A space of 10 to 15 square meters can be sufficient for a home travel agency. If you are considering a commercial space with a lot of foot traffic, even 60 to 200 square meters may be sufficient to entertain walk-ins. 4. Travel agency equipment

An essential step in setting up a travel agency in the Philippines is choosing the team. These may include high specification computers, printers, fax machines, landlines, mobile phones for office use, photocopiers, CCTV cameras and safes.

Sofas and tables, desks, chairs, cabinets and tables are some of the essential elements of an office interior to accommodate clients. 5. Travel agency workers

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When starting to build a travel agency in the Philippines, one of the most important areas is hiring the right people and having the right team. Don’t be afraid if your budget is low! This is because some travel agencies’ work can be computerized, saving you time and money. (like SquareUp which can make an appointment quickly and effortlessly)

As the business grows, you should ideally have at least two employees in the office to serve more customers. In addition to serving walk-ins, it can offer a variety of other services.

To further expand the business, you have the option of hiring two clerks responsible for ticketing and booking, a cashier or counter, a receptionist to take calls and walk in, and a courier to deliver documents. pick up and drop off.

Although training travel reservation staff is not difficult, obtaining tourism graduates with experience in computer reservation systems would be an advantage. Hiring people who have experience working in a travel agency is always a good option. Travel destinations, packages and promotions

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Depending on your target market, you can decide which destinations are the most popular or profitable. For example, you can target families with children, teenagers, seniors, backpackers with different tastes, interests and lifestyles, or business and corporate travelers.

Since the destinations are different, the travel agency should collect information about hotels, flight schedules, list of tourist spots and beaches, insurance and more. But again, you can guess what information your customers will need.

You can also be open to any specific preferences customers have. You can offer travel packages to make their decision easier. Preparing packages for certain destinations can help your customers. Although brochures can be useful, owners cannot expect all customers to make an immediate decision due to considerations such as trip length and price.

As you prepare a database, you will select airlines, hotels, resorts, and tour operators to partner with. Customers who

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