Best Trampoline Park In Orlando

Best Trampoline Park In Orlando – Whatever your preference, you can test your aerial and aerobatic skills at heights with these attractions

With so many activities and attractions in the area, it’s almost impossible to do everything in one trip. With our variety of attractions, visitors will quickly realize that the Heights experience goes far beyond the typical trampoline park.

Best Trampoline Park In Orlando

A legendary high-flying adventure awaits you. Suspend the laws of attraction and serve up diversions on every visit with these crowd pleasers:

Sky Zone Trampoline Park+

With wall-to-wall trampolines, it will be hard to beat them all! In fact, make it a goal to go outside and jump on any trampoline. Thousands of square meters of fun await!

Experience a high-octane adrenaline rush. Soar on our high performance trampolines. Choose your landing zone from 4 feet, 6 feet, or even 8 feet. Climbing walls like gravity do not exist. A must for all parkour enthusiasts.

Why should the big kids have all the fun? They shouldn’t! We love to throw the kids outside and jump. Parents love that we have a special area for their little ones called Kids Court! With special court monitors and even special Junior Jumper Jams, we want kids to have a safe and fun experience like no other!

Challenge your friends to a gladiator-style duel in Battle Beam. Be the first contestant to eliminate your competition in the bubble pit to reign as champion.

Kissimmee, Fl Park Attractions

A radical return to the old game. Gather your team of friends and prepare for an experience like no other. Jump between the trampoline floor and the trampoline walls and come back. Give your body a new freedom of movement that is not possible with fixed court games.

Practice your cheerleading and tumbling in a safe and easy tumbling environment! You can flip, wheelie and show off all your gymnastic skills.

The average person can’t shoot a basketball, but in height you can be above the hoop! Bring your A-game to stand out from the crowd!

Experience some high-flying moves on our trapeze swings. Ride through the air and land safely in one of our foam pits, Have you ever tried for the circus?! Come and train at altitude!

Planet Air Sports®

Can you beat the deletion challenge? The cushioned arms of the spinning wheel try to catch you. Use the trampoline to help you get up because Wipeout won’t win!

Challenge a friend or try to beat your best score on the High 9 Reaction Wall. Jump on the trampoline and test your reaction time by hitting the red light while moving on the shoulders. Catch as many lights as possible before you move in the vertical race – just follow them!

Be the hero of your own video game with Valo Jump. An interactive trampoline gaming platform that allows players to jump into the game itself. Scale your superpowers with this new charm!

The Stunt Bag is a giant, constantly inflated cushion that lets you try out all your latest tricks. As used in the world of film and action to provide spectacular stunts. Jump off a trampoline or platform and land safely in our padded stunt bag.

Defy Orlando Review

Hold it tight like a zipper and make your way through the park, then let go and get ready to descend into the foam pit below!

No need to apply the laws of gravity here! Attach your rig to our zip line and get ready to test your wits and agility on our ropes course. With a wide range of creative challenges and obstacles at different difficulty levels, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time. *Select locations open on weekends only.*

Little ones have colorful and safe places to play and explore in this soft play area! It’s tucked away from the big kids, leaving your youngsters free to endlessly enjoy all the climbers, tunnels, tic-tac-toe spinners and sensory exploration toys found in this kids-only area.

When you’re ready to move in, rest assured that our certified cleaning program and inspections will keep the park clean and safe for the whole family! Channel your energy, bust out your best cheats and tricks, and get ready for JumpLife℠. With up to 35,000 square meters of indoor trampolines and other attractions, Hündürluk Trampoline Park is an exciting place for families, groups and individual jumpers to have healthy and athletic fun.

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Ready for dips and jams? For all your dodging dynamos and demolition marvels ready to break free and play – we’re here too! Take a leap and visit the newest park in the Heights – Kissimmee. With activities like Glo in the Park and Junior Jumpers Jam, or many programs for all ages! Boy – Kissimmee is the perfect location for any birthday or group event. Choose from a variety of party and event packages that can be tailored to your budget and can be customized to accommodate groups of any size, large or small. Certified cleanliness equals certified fun!

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It was created in 2020. One of the largest trampoline parks in the world, Altitude Trampoline Parks offers the latest trampoline rides, active interactive games and the most jumping fun the law allows! The Kissimmee location is a landmark park near Disney World and Universal Studios.

At Altitude Park, we always put the safety and well-being of our guests first. During the coronavirus pandemic, we are raising the bar for your health by implementing a revolutionary cleaning certification program called C3 (Care for Cleaning and Certification). in Kissimmee. (Patrick Connolly/Orlando Sentinel)

Visitors to the new Kissimmee High Trampoline Park will find themselves jumping for fun, exercise, or just for whatever reason, as the 37,000-square-foot facility holds its grand opening.

Located in The Loop Mall, the bouncy experience has been in soft open mode for over two months and has already attracted 2,500 monthly members. The grand opening on Jan. 16 welcomes the public with free 30-minute rides, giveaways, entertainment, giveaways and more.

Urban Air Adventure & Trampoline Park

In the expanded space, guests will find ValoJump with dozens of trampolines and activities, including a ninja course, wipeout game, stunt jump, dodgeball, ropes course and augmented reality trampoline games. There is also a “soft playground” for children.

Zachariah Victoria, 4, tries out the trapeze Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021, at Heights Trampoline Park in Kissimmee. (Patrick Connolly/Orlando Sentinel)

“We’re trying to get kids away from video games, get them physically active and really enjoy the family experience,” said Grady Hinchman, one of the venue’s managing partners. “It’s good exercise, something you can enjoy together without it being like lifting weights or being on a treadmill. Kids don’t want to do that, they don’t have to.

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Jan. 14, Kissimmee Mayor Olga Gonzalez said the opening of the facility is a positive sign for the city.

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“Seeing a new business start up in our community means continuing on the road to recovery, which translates into a positive economic impact,” he said. “In a city of more than 74,500 residents and growing, we continue to work tirelessly to provide the best quality of life to those who call Kissimmee home.”

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the park is using enhanced cleaning procedures detailed on its website while raising awareness of social distancing and implementing crowd control measures. Hand sanitizers are also distributed throughout the park.

Monthly subscriptions are available for $10 per month or $15 per month with a rope course. A one-time 60-minute session is $16, a 90-minute session is $21, and a 120-minute session is $25. Safety socks are required for an additional $3.

Special events such as “Friday Night Frenzy”, “Glo in the Park” and “Junior Jumpers Jam” are held regularly. The facility is also available for birthday parties and special events.

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Height Trampoline Park is open from 10 am to 9 pm. Sunday-Thursday and 10 a.m.-11 a.m. Friday-Saturday at 2703 W. Osceola Parkway in Kissimmee. Appeals are required for all participants. For more information, call 407-705-2123 or visit There are activities and attractions for participants of all ages – you’re never too old to have a blast with us!

Visiting has never been so cheap! now offers 2 tiers of monthly subscriptions, so even the most energetic person can burn off as much steam and energy as they can every day of the week!

All membership levels Enjoy great savings on our Cafe, discounted birthday parties and discounted tickets for parents! Ice

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