Best Thrift Stores In Santa Barbara

Best Thrift Stores In Santa Barbara – Maria Gomez at the front and Joey Borges donate clothes at the RAD Thrift Store on West Main Street in Santa Maria. The store is one of 40 on the central coast, from Lompoc to Arroyo Grande.

Vickie Garcia’s cashier checks customer purchases at the RAD Thrift Store on West Main Street in Santa Maria. Local brand stores focus on recycling and sales, and benefit various local communities and members of the community.

Best Thrift Stores In Santa Barbara

Every day in the back room at the Shamrock Thrift Shop in St. This shared room at RAD Thrift Store in Santa Maria is like a childhood dream home, and the collection at the New Image Thrift Shop on South Broadway is endless.

Secondhand For A Better Land

The large hall of 40 stores from Lompoc to Arroyo Grande is a permanent channel of gifts, organized, tagged and displayed for employees or salespeople. These stores employ local residents, rely on community volunteers, support other local businesses and remove waste from the site.

“We can provide services. We can dress ourselves, help people be beautiful if they can’t do it any other way, ”said Patty Gonzalez, director of Second Around Thrift Store in Lompoc.

Like the US multi-billion dollar industry, retail has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry with approximately 18,000 retail stores in the United States. Nationally, the industry, which includes export stores, wholesalers and antique stores, has combined annual revenues of nearly $ 13 billion.

In 2012, the country’s largest charity network, Goodwill Industries, reported a combined net worth of $ 43.8 million in California alone. At the same time, Goodwill Industries, in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, hired 423 people, hired 244 people, redirected £ 1.4 million of free electronics from municipal waste, and set up a $ 1.1 million influencer fund.

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Local thrift stores vary in size, from one Second Season employee in the Lompoc area to various convenience stores. They all focus on recycling, recycling, and recycling, and seek to benefit local communities and the community as a whole.

“One percent of the money we get from people remains in our community. We do not have a corporate office and we work with local companies to provide the services we need. We make donations to local schools, churches and fundraisers, ”said Jon Kerley, owner of The New Look Store.

Markets are a species in themselves. They often serve as a source of income for foreigners, making donations to people and meeting needs.

“We work with Home Destruction Solutions as a kind of magazine for them. Collects and organizes donated items. If they want to shelter the men, women and children who leave their homes, we will provide them, ”said Kerley.

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The second hand store RAD Rancho de los Animales benefits people with disabilities. Funds raised by Shamrock cut tuition fees and provide St. Patrick and Arroyo Grande. Both sessions benefit Lompoc Valley youth and nonprofit organizations such as Catholic Charities and Marks House and the Department of Community Services.

“We also have money for people in need, such as parents who need clothes and people who set up a home without paying them,” Gonzalez said.

New Image currently employs 25 full-time employees, some of whom will use their positions to enter the labor market in the future.

“It doesn’t affect my feelings when I move to another job. We gave jobs, vocational training, jobs, promotion opportunities, which made them progress, ”he said. Kerley.

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Other stores, such as the second season with one paid employee and Shamrock with six seasonal employees, rely on volunteers. In Shamrock, volunteers are parishioners and parents of St. Patrick or anyone in town. The second round focused on providing women and men with work experience in maintenance or testing programs.

The customers serving the store want to support the service or find a good offer.

“There are three types of customers: needy, salespeople and riders. We have people who cannot make ends meet without us, and we have people who work. they work and shop during the holidays, ”said Michel. Moreno.

Shops appear to be doing well in the economic years and downturns. People give gifts in times of plenty; buy as needed.

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“There have been a lot of new arrivals in the last few years as the economy collapsed, people who lost their jobs and people who have less money,” said RAD Thrift Store. Overseer Iris Rodriguez.

“It’s stunning to see people picking up underwear, bras, socks and you think,“ Why are they buying it here? It’s cheaper to buy it at Walmart. Why don’t you go over there and buy a new one for $ 7? ‘ But they don’t have $ 7. They don’t have them, Michel-Moreno said. Dedicated to Grace Children’s Relief, opened a second grocery store at 5949 Hollister Avenue in Goleta to promote their country’s mission. Founded as a non-profit organization in 2008, Destined for Grace focuses on giving love, hope and faith to children in Haiti, while strengthening a circular and sustainable economy. Destined for Grace recognizes the importance of early childhood education and provides funding to create a safe and healthy learning environment.

With the help of customers and philanthropists, Destined for Grace has managed to build an “École Destined for Grace” that educates, feeds and loves 220 students from Mirebalais, Haiti. The franchise stores provide a full-time staff of Haitian teachers and staff to manage the day-to-day activities of the school and oversee the day-to-day care of the children. Join them by giving these bright kids a bright world.

Destiny for Grace co-founder Lindsey Connolly explained what the new position means for the organization. Connolly said: “We are very excited to expand our business to 5949 Hollister Ave. The new site is where customers can find the great deals they are looking for as well as unique and awesome items. All sales support our work in Haiti. We hope that by adding a second location we will be able to grow and expand the opportunities we can offer our students in Haiti ”.

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Both stores (Store # 1: 5960 Hollister Avenue in Goleta and Store # 2: 5949 Hollister Avenue in Goleta) are open from 11.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday and from 12.00pm to 5.00pm on Sunday. . Donations are accepted everywhere. Check their website ( for a list of donations received. Call 805 619 0649 to organize a large donation fundraiser. Destiny for Grace thanks you for all the love and support you’ve received over the last 10 years!

Please note that this entry is not an advertising or newsletter distribution. Use this page here to subscribe The growing trend in sustainability has led to the growing popularity of helping everyday citizens protect the planet. These activities include replacing plastic straws with paper or plastic straws to “save the skskskskskin turtles” and using electric tanks to reduce sales of plastic water bottles. But the most exciting and lasting change that motivates Gen Z is real marketing.

Good shopping is recycling old clothes and reducing your carbon footprint. Creates a life saving cycle based on the assumption that “one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure.” Racing is also fashionable in our generation because it doesn’t cost a lot of money and your friends will respect you if you wear it with an old denim jacket like a 1929 Harley Davidson.

So where can you find one of those hidden caves of old and cheap vintage clothing in Santa Barbara?

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The nearest thrift store for Isla Vistans is the thrift store at B Boutique, Thrifts Uncommon (@uncommonthrifts). Founded by Erin Thomas and Kate Reid in June 2019, Uncommon is Spiderman’s closest partner in terms of discrimination against opportunities, sponsorship of pop-up events around IV. and a permanent location in the Isla Vista wax shop.

Both Thomas and Reid are former U.C. Santa Barbara (UCSB) students often buy second-hand or second-hand clothing, but now adults are making sustainable choices about clothing life. Their mission is to promote fair consumption and sustainable fashion by recycling clothes at low prices and extending the life of every item they receive. Be sure to check their Instagram opening hours!

Located in Goleta, Destined for Grace is a boutique that will make all your dreams come true. As a non-profit organization, Destined for Grace helps children in Haiti by supporting their education and business start-ups. From oversized sweaters to vintage-inspired cardigans from the 90s, it has it all

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