Best Things To Do In Akumal

Best Things To Do In Akumal – Akumal is truly amazing. It is no wonder that the port attracts travelers from all over the world, who come in search of an inspiring natural environment, encounters with wild animals, and, perhaps, some amazing surprises along the way.

The beach which is famous for being the best place for swimming and turtles in the Riviera Maya has a lot to see and do. The entrance is conveniently located along a coast full of opportunities. It also has lesser known places that will add that bit of authenticity to your trip.

Best Things To Do In Akumal

Here you will find five activities that you cannot miss. Whether you’re staying in a private villa or just passing through, these are Akumal essentials that every explorer should have on their checklist.

Best Things To Do In Akumal, Mexico

This wildlife rescue center brings visitors close to interesting species. From spider monkeys to lemurs from Madagascar, the sanctuary hosts many rescued animals, many of them taken from illegal contraband by Mexican law enforcement. These animals are very used to human contact and therefore cannot return to the wild. Here, however, they receive the care and shelter they need.

The center runs daily tours and guides that teach you about the monkeys and other rescued species. You can also choose tours that include ATV riding and visit a beautiful cenote. The experience is suitable for both adults and children, while ticket revenue offers better conditions for the animals, supports research projects, and enables environmental education programs. All in all a great opportunity to connect with nature.

Just north of the port of Akumal there is a small but not so beautiful cove. Protected by the terrain, this beach is not a beach, but the mouth of underground rivers that flow crystal clear water into the sea. It is also an almost surreal place to swim, snorkel and relax among the incredible natural colors.

Everyone is invited. Families will find here the perfect place to swim safely in the calm waters and watch the colorful marine wildlife. There are also small palapas, hammocks, and all the other amenities you need for a delicious lazy day. Remember that visitors should follow simple recommendations – such as not using perfumes, cosmetics or non-permanent sunscreen – to protect the ecosystem that would be a mistake to miss them.

Fun Things To Do In Akumal, Mexico

If you feel like taking a minute and trying some delicious food, there is no better place in Akumal than La Buena Vida. Inspired by the traditional Dia de Muertos, the restaurant serves excellent seafood and a variety of other dishes such as hamburgers, pasta and delicacies from their grill.

La Buena Vida is located on the beach at the southern end of the lake, about a kilometer from the center of Akumal. To get there, you can walk, cycle, or drive along the beautiful coastal road. There is always enough parking.

You don’t have to go far to get the real PGA experience. Bahía Príncipe Golf Course is a world-class destination for both professionals and amateurs. Designed by Robert Trent Jones II, the course is, in fact, two courses. The first is a 9 hole par 27 course that is fast, easy and perfect for beginners and more experienced players who want to perfect their short game.

Now the main fairway is 7,272 yards of golf paradise. The 18-hole course is a masterpiece that includes natural lakes, cenotes and a lush green landscape. It is also the main feature of the first center in Latin America that offers golf development programs in collaboration with the PGA, considered one of the best resorts in the Americas by Golf Digest. In short, a world-class experience for world-class golf lovers.

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Cliff jumping, ziplining, cenote snorkeling and canoeing are all part of the tour that will show you some of the hidden corners of the tropical forest. Located in the Tankah Reserve, just north of Tulum, the tourist region is a fascinating picture of the forest. Fresh water canals winding through the mangroves, sunken wells that become natural pools, and abundant green vegetation are some of the attractions.

Familiarity with the forest is easy. The experience offers private transportation, lunch, snacks, and, of course, special guides who will tell you all about the ecosystem. Snorkeling gear is also readily available. All you need is a swimsuit, comfortable sandals, and some stinky bug repellent for a family visit that immerses you in deep green.

Planning a trip to the Riviera Maya? Contact our team and get the latest news to give you peace of mind when planning your trip to the Caribbean. Call&nbsp&nbsp•&nbsp&nbspEmail&nbsp&nbsp•&nbsp&nbspWhatsApp After spending two weeks in the relaxing and tropical town of Akumal in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico, we thought up a detailed list of tempting recommendations. Follow our list of the best things to do in Akumal for details on the best places and activities to explore in this beautiful beach town.

Many people come to Akumal to see the famous sea turtles, which can be found all over the beach. That is definitely the main attraction. However, there is a lot to see and do here and we recommend staying overnight if you can. Use Akumal as a base for a relaxing Mexican vacation or a visit for a full day of exploration. The choice is yours!

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The star attraction in Akumal is undoubtedly the beach. With soft white sand, clear water and a long nose of beautiful scenery, it is widely considered one of the best beaches on the east coast of Mexico. Because the coral reef is located along the coast, the sea is calm and shallow in most places; perfect if you want to swim.

Bring towels to relax on the beach and take long walks on the sand. It can get busy especially with snorkeling tours, so make sure you arrive early in the morning, or later in the afternoon when the sun goes down, as the tour groups start to leave. To access the beach, you must pay a fee of 100 pesos per person. This includes the rental of lockers and the use of changing rooms and showers. Entry is free if you stay in one of the beach hotels.

Speaking of snorkeling, you can’t come to Akumal and not explore the amazing marine life. People travel from all over Mexico to experience the famous snorkeling here, and it should not be missed. Snorkeling is the best thing to do in Akumal! In recent years, parts of Akumal Bay have been isolated and many of the main reefs (with turtles) are only accessible through guided tours.

You can bring your own snorkel and surf the beach without a guide. Be careful though, the local tourist operators warn you not to go beyond the line of buoys, about 100m from the beach. You can still see fresh fish, sting rays and corals in this section, but you are less likely to see turtles.

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If you want to swim with the turtles (and you absolutely must!), you must join an organized tour. They take you past the buoys to the sea grass area, which is what the turtles love. The entire beach is full of tour groups and some are better than others, offering package prices ranging from 500 pesos to 1200 pesos for a private group tour. Akumal Dive Shop is generally considered the best tour option. Although it may be more expensive than other tours, it is a very reliable tour and you will have a great snorkeling or scuba experience. Check out their website here.

Have you ever paddle boarded? If you don’t have it, you miss out! Stand on a paddle board and dive into the ocean, look out for the clear waters below for a chance to see the local marine life, and enjoy the calm waves. Akumal Beach has an area full of coral reefs which is great for this beach activity as the sea is very calm. Rent a board and paddle from a vendor on the beach or borrow one from your hotel. This is one of the best things to do in Akumal if you are looking for an active beach activity. Just remember to wear enough sun protection!

In the northern part of Akumal, Yal Ku Lagoon is a freshwater lagoon that meets the mouth of the ocean. This results in a large area full of marine life! Go snorkeling with colorful tropical fish and embrace the beauty of the beach. It is one of the best places to swim with hundreds of certified tropical fish near you.

To get there, you can take a taxi, rent a golf cart or walk 20 minutes from the Akumal Beach area in the city. Admission costs 300 pesos per person, plus the cost of all the snorkeling equipment you rent. You can bring your own equipment, but you must rent a life jacket if you don’t have one. We personally chose a life jacket, snorkel and

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