Best Therapists In Hoboken Nj

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Professional Physical and Hand Rehabilitation in Hoboken is a leading provider of physical therapy and hand therapy in New Jersey.

Best Therapists In Hoboken Nj

They really helped me fix my hand. The therapist was very attentive and helped me with insurance to ensure continued care.

Courtney Glashow, Clinical Social Work/therapist, Hoboken, Nj, 07030

I went here for a professional hand treatment: Corinne excels at her job and the results prove it. Not only did the waiter and front desk make me feel so welcome, but my broken little finger was completely healed! Very good advice.

Tim and Corinne are amazing. This is the second time (the first was a shoulder injury, this time my arm)! They are smart and funny. Very nice staff and good to talk to.

Corinne helped me regain my strength and mobility for rock climbing after two broken wrists. The office staff were friendly and helpful when I had questions or when I needed to schedule/reschedule appointments.

I started seeing Susan for help with pain in my mid back and ribs after prolonged symptoms of Covid-19. Susan is amazing and I felt so much better after one session. Now I have almost no pain and my breathing has improved a lot. Thanks Susan for your help!

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I am currently doing a vocational rehabilitation level 2 field rotation in physical therapy, Corinne is a professional therapist who treats each patient with compassion while making sure they are educated about their situation. Nico … and Loraine are enjoying themselves in the office! They are very helpful and respectful when communicating with patients. This has been an amazing learning curve and I am grateful to work with such amazing people! Read more

I just had my first session to help with my shoulder pain and I can’t wait to go back! The office was clean and tidy. Susan is a physical therapist and has been proactive in answering questions about my pain and providing detailed information about therapy and exercise. I look forward to continuing… my stay here. Read more

Great place for body treatments! I came here to start PT for my thumb and it has been a great experience so far. Very friendly and helpful staff and no waiting time to start your stay. Wheelchair accessible and there is a ramp to the front door and 2 lifts.

Corinne is the best, my hands feel 100% better after this wonderful massage. I come by to see her every week. He’s getting better.

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Corinne is an excellent hand surgeon! After recovering from a broken wrist, my doctor recommended physical therapy and I couldn’t be happier that I found physical therapy with Corinne Piren. The team’s top priority is patient comfort. The team is…quick to answer their phones, consistently schedule meetings around my work schedule, and email meeting reminders. In addition to the professional staff, Corinne takes great care of her patients. First, she is easy to work with, always in a positive mood and encourages patients to be positive. He has a lot of experience and examines the patient very well. At each session, she evaluates my progress and adjusts home remedies accordingly. During my time in therapy, she mentored many new hand therapists, who benefited from Corinne’s technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. In short, it was a pleasure working with Corinne, Mackie and the entire team! Read more

I was prescribed OT/PT for a scaphoid fracture in my neck. My nurse is Corrine Piren from Professional Physiotherapy. Corrine is amazing! She is very knowledgeable and professional (she also teaches) and immediately gained my trust. I also found her to be very intuitive, … and she knew when to adjust or improve treatment strategies. She took me back in no time! She also has a great personality that makes meetings go smoothly and smoothly. Read more

I worked with Corinne on my mother’s wrist cyst/ganglion cyst. She was a pleasure to work with and helped me with some additional stretches for better posture and forearms unrelated to my original problem. Actually perfect manner and it’s nice to talk with her during the … meeting. Advice is given. Read more

The staff is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and has a great attitude. I have an injured hamstring and the appointments made the healing process faster. I’m just grateful to be (slowly) coming around again. Worth every penny!

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My daughter became a patient after a serious tibia/fib injury in her leg/ankle. The team there have been fantastic not only in helping her regain her strength, but also in slowly building her confidence. We are satisfied with the result. The office was easy to work with – meetings were organized in advance. … The therapist’s explanation/response was timely and detailed when we had questions and/or later. Read more

I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and I was back to normal after 3 weeks with Lauren’s treatment plan and care (best case scenario) Lauren = beautiful, professional, honest with good genetics! Warm advice. Good job, Sid

I love this place! I went there for neck pain and started feeling better within the first few sessions. I got more attention because of my pregnancy. Lauren is very knowledgeable, understanding and professional. She is the best doctor I have consulted. The other members of the… facilities are great, especially Kevin, who is very helpful! The center follows the Covid guidelines. Many thanks to the entire team at Professional PT – Hoboken for treating patients with utmost care, priority and professionalism. I will recommend Professional PT – Hoboken to others. Read more

Great place to work, clean, safe and best of all great staff. I have worked with Lauren, Marissa, Kevin and have had great progress with first a frozen shoulder and then a bad knee. The support I received was knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. I can’t say enough good things about these guys.

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I am a doctor and have had many opportunities to get PT there. Every staff member including Kevin, Meghan, Amanda and of course the best therapist Lauren. They are all compassionate, professional, friendly and go out of their way to meet patients’ needs. My whole family, including extended family goes there… if they need PT. I highly recommend them to others who need more PT training

Professional, professional staff who are also friendly, caring and passionate about what they do. I was lucky enough to find them over 2 years ago. Since then, all our family and friends have come there for their PT needs.

I love this place! I worked with Lauren and she was friendly and knowledgeable. They are good at following you.

Lauren has practiced rehabilitation in sports medicine and orthopedics for 15 years. She graduated with a Master of Physiology from Northeastern University in 2006. As she works out and is active, Lauren understands the physical demands that injuries can place on the body. She believes that it is important to create a treatment plan that matches the patient’s exact needs and overall goals. This is achieved through the use of manual therapy and a special exercise program.

Family Wellness: Postpartum & Infertility Care, Clinical Social Work/ Therapist, Jersey City, Nj, 07302

Corinne is a certified physical therapist dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal recovery and function. Corinne graduated from the Dominican College of Blauvelt with a degree in medicine in 2013. Since then, she has gained experience working in the field of ambulance maintenance, intensive care and rehabilitation, spinal cord injury patients and athletes. She has worked hard in all of these settings to earn her certification as a Certified Hand Therapist, and she has demonstrated continued knowledge and experience in upper extremity rehabilitation for conditions such as arthritis, fracture, pain, tendonitis, and shoulder rehabilitation after surgery. elbows, wrists and hands. . Corinne is also a professor at Pace University and Dominican College and is happy to share her expertise in kinesiology, neuroscience and OT in the field of physical disability. During your visit, Corinne will conduct a thorough assessment and work with you to develop a plan that is focused on achieving the goals that are best for you, while monitoring and making ongoing adjustments as needed. In her free time, Corinne enjoys dancing, traveling and reading while drinking a good cup of coffee.

Susan graduated from Rutgers University’s physical therapy program. As a former high school and college soccer player, Susan enjoys working with players of all ages and skill levels. Susan treats patients of all ages with a variety of orthopedic conditions, as well as pre-operative and post-operative patients.

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