Best Thai Restaurant In Toronto

Best Thai Restaurant In Toronto – Thai restaurants in Toronto can be found in many neighborhoods. Favorites like Thai dumplings and star buns are every city dweller’s go-to snack, and nothing feels more homey than good Thai food.

Mugi is a low-key place in Bathurst that specializes in vegan Thai food. Eat noodles, noodles and rice. Here everything is made from almost nothing.

Best Thai Restaurant In Toronto

Offering options such as Pat Thai, Pat Soy Sauce, curry and rice, Lipi Island also specializes in various aromatic dishes from the famous island region.

Thai Street, Sudirman, Jakarta

Siam Square Hut Bayview offers a special dinner – most importantly – a variety of Thai desserts such as fried banana with honey.

Thai Room has six locations in Toronto, including one on Bloor. The local chain serves traditional Thai dishes including chicken, red curry, mango salad and Thai dumplings.

Carlton Street Maya Bay Restaurant comes to us from the people behind Lippi Island and offers Thai dishes like chicken soup and Thai beef that other restaurants don’t have.

Si Lom is a place for Thai food lovers who like their wine. Specialties include specialties such as soft-shell crab Pad Thai, but the real star of the show is the bass drum dish.

Here’s Some Of The Best Takeout In Toronto

Sala Modern Thai may seem cheap, but the food it serves is exactly what a chef would be proud of. Noodle, duck egg and beef curry is delicious and beautifully presented.

Over the years, Sukhothai has expanded around the city center. The family-owned brand now has three locations in the city and boasts the best Thai products in town.

Luna Thai Kitchen serves authentic Thai dishes such as prawns, meatballs, mango, slushies and pao thai.

Khao San Street off Charlotte Street is home to some of the best Thai in Toronto. Among the dishes not to be missed are green curry, popcorn and rice.

The Best Pad Thai In Toronto

Nimman Thai Cuisine is available in a small supermarket in Mimico. The restaurant is an authentic Thai restaurant in Boeung Chrang.

Isan Der takes its name from the region of Thailand where the formula originates from – Isan is the northeastern region bordering Laos and Cambodia. Presentation is key here: the prawn noodles are tied in a bow and the chicken ping gai is served attractively.

Bloor Thai Nyyom sets itself apart from other restaurants by offering only two dishes a day and one more specialty. Chicken and soy rice is always available and visit their Instagram daily for their specials.

Mangrai Thai has been open since 2007, hidden on Ontario Road in the former Regal Brewery. This place does not disappoint with two options of Pad Thai.

Sabai Sabai Toronto Thai Restaurant In Yorkville

Coco Rice is one of the few Thai restaurants in the area. On the menu, order their most popular dish Royal Pad Thai with tamarind sauce and vegan red curry with rice.

For a unique traditional Thai meal, head to BKK to try soy rice (fried with beef and coconut) and spaghetti curry.

Chiang Mai is a modern Thai spot that offers modern cocktails and traditional cuisine. Presentation is very important here. Even simple dishes like shrimp are beautifully presented.

Imm Thai Kitchen is a modern restaurant that uses local recipes straight from Thailand. On the menu you can find Tom yum soup with shrimp, Tom yum lobster pad thai and paneng curry with chicken.

Thai Restaurant Interior Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

For good service and atmosphere, Bolan Thai Cuisine’s charming restaurant offers the perfect outdoor setting. This curry is served with various dishes like star shaped beautiful rice and fried prawns.

Phat Kaphrao is named after their special Bangkok street food of leafy lemon and fried egg. The rest of the menu also follows the traditional style of Bangkok street food, curries and homemade sauces.

Interest is the collective effort of the people behind Khao San Street, as well as Paris Paris and Superpoint, a charcoal grill that’s all about Thai barbecue.

Alumni of the popular Salad King also have a home in Queens. Like the prices, their second location here is reasonable and is the perfect choice for a quick lunch or dinner.

The 15 Best Restaurants Roy Thomson Hall Toronto

Those who really like Thai food should check out Scarborough’s main restaurant, Jatujak, which many will recognize as the best Thai food vendor in town. Most of their locations on Kingston Road have been removed, but Wick Gardens is worth a visit.

Designed by the same man who paved Khao San Road, Nana’s mind feels young and happy. Keeping us happy with Bangkok’s entertainment district, you’ll find plenty of dishes to try here.

The beautiful underground courtyard, Sabai Sabai, has a sophisticated menu of Northern Thai and Lao favourites. Pair it with a bottle of Leo Beer, a sweet jasmine rice beer, to offset the spice.

Bangkok Park has been a fixture on Elm Street for over 25 years. On the menu you will find your usual noodles and curries along with various dishes such as burgers.

Toronto’s Best Thai Restaurants

One of the city’s most popular dinner spots, you can’t go wrong with food from Pai. You may have to wait to eat at the restaurant, but it’s worth it.

People who live at Joy Thai swear it’s the best Thai place in the area. The Thai chicken hotpot here is amazing and they have a variety of soups like tomkha and tom yum. This post may contain free links to Toronto Girl’s Diary if you click and purchase. Thank you for supporting Toronto Girl Diary!

I’m a big fan of Thai food and I certainly don’t miss out on great Thai restaurants in Toronto.

Of course, you can always go to Thai Express and order fast food, but there is nothing like going to a real restaurant and eating real Thai food.

Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

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Food tours are another fun way to experience Toronto cuisine, and Kensington Market Food Tours, Canadian Food Tours, and Cruise Cruises are all great options!

She is one of the most famous chefs here in Toronto and has many popular Thai restaurants in Toronto under her belt!

You can find Northern Thai food at PAI and you can visit their resort or Yonge & Eglinton.

Best Thai Restaurants In Toronto

There are also great vegan options on the menu to check out my plants there!

Be sure to arrive on time for the table, the queue builds up quickly and the restaurant is very loud so it may not be your first time here.

Everything is made fresh in-house with high-quality ingredients and seasonal local produce, and all their dishes and cocktails are as elegant as their restaurant.

You can find all kinds of traditional and unique Bangkok street food at EAT BKK, with dishes like Curry Puffs and Khao Soi Poutine!

One Of The Best Thai And Vietnamese Restaurant In Hamilton

All of their locations feature cool artwork and various decorations that will transport you to the streets of Bangkok!

They have three locations across the city in Dundas West, Old Toronto and Corktown.

Kiin’s cuisine is inspired by Thai royal cuisine, both in taste and aesthetics.

You can find all kinds of traditional and exotic dishes from all over Thailand at Kiin, which means sharing with friends.

A Familiar Thai Chef Is Behind Toronto’s First Ever Multi Sensory Restaurant

Khao San Street is one of Bangkok’s most popular pedestrian streets and is where Toronto’s Thai restaurants are so popular. This is mentioned.

You can choose the amount of heat you want for your dish from 0 (no spices) to 11 (high cook with spices).

Jatujak has 3 locations, but they are all in North York and Scarborough, so my city friends have to travel through this location.

My Favorite Thai Barbeque is created by the owners of Paris Paris and Khao San Road, who serve Thai barbeque at their lovely restaurant in Ossington.

The Top 5 New Thai Restaurants In Toronto

They have an extensive wine list that includes wines from all over the world, as well as Thai cocktails like their Karal Thai Iced Tea!

I discovered Salad King when I was a student at Toronto Metropolitan University – of course it was very popular with TMU students.

Green curry is my favorite dish here as a student as well as ~islamic noodles the secret menu.

You can find their locations at Yonge & Dundas (near TMU) and Queen & McCaul (near OCAD).

Best Thai In Byron Bay (restaurants & Cafes)

Fun fact: Salad King was a salad restaurant when it first opened and gradually became a Thai restaurant over the years when it was taken over by a new owner!

OK, I’ll be honest: I’ve only been to Thai Basil’s restaurant in Richmond Hill, but I’ve visited a dozen times, if not more.

I went to high school near Richmond Hill so I would always order from them for lunch or my family for dinner.


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