Best Tequila Tasting In Cabo San Lucas

Best Tequila Tasting In Cabo San Lucas – Cabos VIP Rentals Gold Key Events offers a variety of activities, events and attractions for wealthy travelers. From shopping, trendy restaurants to great spas, Los Cabos offers a variety of outdoor activities and unique experiences under the sun.

Cabo VIP Rental’s Taste of Cabo events not only offer a taste of our guests’ incredible flavors, but also give you a personal Cabo experience surrounded by beautiful beaches. Taste of Cabo lets you stroll through historic monuments, bustling marinas, and enjoy authentic Mexican culture in the city’s vibrant markets. Best of all, real food awaits you around every corner.

Best Tequila Tasting In Cabo San Lucas

Whether it’s a group of 4 or 40, your palates are covered. This is just one part of our Taste of Cabo business. Let one of the Cabo VIP Rentals Gold Key hosts customize your Cabo trip for you and your group.

Cabo San Lucas Shopping, Tequila Tasting, And Snorkel Tour, Los Cabos

Everyone knows Cabo is famous for heels, but where are the best? Have fun and enjoy the best local flavors on this food tasting tour of the best local restaurants in Cabo. Discover the hotspots of the locals; Enjoy the most delicious flavors of local culinary gems with our friendly and knowledgeable local host Gold Key, discover the history, traditions and life of the friendly people of Los Cabos.

The Taco Time experience is more than your typical “food tour” and it’s also a way to get the place in hours. This is a gastronomic walking tour through the city center, to places forgotten and not frequented by tourists. Try eating like a celebrity, as Pharrell and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by with these taco spots. Taste your way through relaxed Cabo traditions from an insider’s perspective and great food with lots of fun along the way!

Our Taco Night is more of a modern dining experience than your typical food trip. Enjoy a leisurely pace with plenty of time to absorb and enjoy the food, drinks and atmosphere. Start a conversation and make new friends. This has always been carefully designed so that you can experience a delightful and joyful serenade.

It’s no secret that Baja and Cabo is a paradise for seafood lovers! On this Cabo San Lucas Food Walking Tour, we leave the tourist area behind and enter the real Cabo. This immersive and cultural experience will help you understand why Baja seafood is so sought after in this country and around the world. You will also learn about the history of the city and the unique Mexican culture. Our Gold Key Surfs Up host has lived and worked in food management for 22 years in Cabo and knows the best local places to take you. All our carefully selected restaurants serve only fresh seafood caught that day. The portions are huge and the service incredible. We recommend taking this trip early in your trip because we know you’ll want to return to these restaurants the rest of your time in Cabo.

Quality Tequila Tasting Experience In Sayulita

Internationally renowned chef Richard Sandoval brings his latest creations to life at La Biblioteca del Tequila.

La Biblioteca de Tequila boasts one of the largest collections of tequilas, mezcals and agave spirits in the world with over 350 to choose from, some aged from seven days to 25 years. Bottles line the walls, all sorted.

Its Latin American-inspired dishes can be paired with cocktails while enjoying the energetic night club La Biblioteca de Tequila.

What to be a VIP Gold Master Chef? From farm to table… Prepare authentic Mexican food from start to finish with this half-day cooking class. Start the day by choosing from menus that change every day of the week. So go buy fresh produce at your local market. See if you can lower that price on your fish or meat! Then get back in the kitchen and cook with our local chef while learning the techniques and recipes of Mexican cuisine. A confederation of wine and tequila can participate.

Tequila Tasting @ Las Ventanas Al Paraiso, Cabo San Lucas

This Gold Key culinary experience includes a hearty meal and is limited to 14 people for personal attention from our chef.

Half-day small group cooking classes are available to prepare a Mexican meal using fresh produce. Shop at a spice market, cook with a local chef and make fresh tortillas with lunch included. Perfect for all ages and cooking skill levels. Mexico is one of my favorite places in the whole world. I have been visiting since I was a child and this beach paradise holds a special place in my heart.

For me, Cabo has it all, from sipping margaritas by the ocean to adventure activities and some of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. Located at the southern tip of Baja California, direct flights arrive daily from major destinations, helping to make this an easy itinerary for year-round sun-filled fun.

With many different activities, Cabo San Lucas is a popular honeymoon and wedding destination, as well as a great place for family vacations, romantic getaways, and bachelor or bachelorette parties. This tourist town has this vibrant and exciting energy that I love. Although it is a major tourist destination, you can still experience authentic Mexican culture if you want to venture outside of the all-inclusive attractions.

Los Cabos: Wirikuta And Cabo San Lucas Full Day Trip

With a reputation as a hangout for Hollywood stars since the 1970s, this beach paradise is popular only with celebrities and travelers like you and me!

Whether you want to relax on the beach with a fruity cocktail or try new activities like parasailing, there is something for everyone. All that’s left is to start packing and planning your itinerary using our list of things to do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

El Arco, or “The Arch,” is one of our favorite places to visit near Cabo San Lucas. The iconic landmark is a large rock formation in the sea near the tip of the Baja Peninsula, right where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of ​​Cortez.

El Arco is also known as Land’s End and when you arrive you will understand why. Feel like you’ve reached the end of the earth, where the rocky coast of Baja California meets the sea.

Pancho´s Restaurant & Tequila Bar

You can’t get to El Arco by land, so the only way to see this incredible natural wonder is to go on a boat or kayak tour. If you’re feeling adventurous, a kayak trip is the most amazing way to experience the natural beauty and wildlife that this destination has to offer.

This 3-hour kayak tour with an expert guide will take you through all the famous rock formations. You will have the opportunity to see wildlife such as sea lions perching on the large rocks as you pass. See all kinds of tropical fish slither through the water from your glass bottom kayak before jumping into the pristine waters to enjoy snorkeling at Pelican Rock.

Don’t worry if kayaking isn’t your thing! You can also experience the beauty of El Arco from the comfort of a boat trip like this. The large boat on this tour has a glass bottom so you can see the ocean life without getting wet. Bilingual guides will take you to the most popular attractions, including El Arco, Pirate’s Cave and Pelican Rock, before taking a swim break at some of the nearby beaches. .

Feeling brave? If you’ve ever dreamed of being a marine explorer, we have the experience for you! This full day excursion will take you to the Sea of ​​Cortez for a unique opportunity to swim with the world’s largest fish, whale sharks!

Cabo Diamond Services

Do not be afraid, because whale sharks are completely harmless – unless you are plankton. Their teeth are so small that they can only eat the smallest marine life such as shrimp, small fish and plankton. They are completely harmless to humans. In fact, they rarely notice people.

Swimming with whale sharks in their natural habitat is one of the most amazing Cabo activities to try. If you visit Cabo San Lucas between October and February, you are almost guaranteed to see how they like to stay in the water near the Cape during these months.

If you’re here during prime whale shark season, this snorkeling tour is a fun way to spend a day. The tour will pick you up directly from your hotel before dropping you off at the boat. Travel through the Surdesert of Baja California before reaching La Paz and jumping off

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