Best Tattoo Shops In Connecticut

Best Tattoo Shops In Connecticut – Xavier’s art is vast and his passion and love for art has been around for a long time. His oil paintings have been exhibited in leading art galleries and he has extensive knowledge in various fields. He is currently one of CT’s most sought after artists and works tirelessly to create amazing tattoos for every client that they can wear with pride for life.

Vanessa is a licensed permanent makeup technician with extensive training and certification from the Deluxe Brows Institute in San Diego, California, and the Bow Institute in New Jersey.

Best Tattoo Shops In Connecticut

It creates beautiful natural brows to perfect every facial structure. The eyeliner is very natural and makes the eyes sparkle and shine. Lip contour and color enhance and make lips look fuller in a fashionable way.

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Schedule your free consultation today and see how Vanessa can give you the confidence and aura you deserve.

Microblading is ideal for those seeking full restoration, definition, gap filling or brow plucking. Those looking to add a bit of curvature are also good candidates, and the result is a natural, understated edge. In the microblading process, we use a special microblading pen to draw individual strokes one by one. This is a very careful process that takes about two hours. It is best to do this as the results can last up to three years. Know that Vanessa pays close attention to detail. In the first hour, we draw the shape with a removable pencil. This is the longest part and the most important step. During this time, the best custom forms are selected for each client. Vanessa advises clients to be wary of places that claim to complete the process within an hour. “No rush, can’t be in an hour.

JP has studied art for 10 years and earned a place on one of the best art scholarships in San Antonio. Immediately after graduation, he started his career in the tattoo industry. He has been tattooing in realism and anime for 3 years.

Genesis is a CT artist/tattoo artist. He exhibits his art at the Open Studio Hartford Art Gallery, where artists compete and sell their art. He attended several art schools in New York and Boston and has experience in oil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache and many other art forms. Genesis also hosted the radio show for CT’s first hip-hop/r&b station.

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Lo is a tattoo artist who loves comic/dark/anime style tattoos. Linework (anime) and traditional will be his specialties. Photography helps Lo learn to tattoo and work with stencils. Her Photoshop skills allow her to compose designs at a good speed for clients to see during meetings and even contribute to designs. The rooms are full of anime, soccer and funny references, which appeal to familiar people. Lo is also a BEYONDXSELFISH photographer and really appreciates all art. If you subscribe to Lo, you can give your opinion on everything from life advice to music to episodes of The Boys.

Michael is a black and gray artist from Puerto Rico whose passion for art is always present in his life, he loves creating high contrast realistic tattoos, animal portraits, decorations and Greek sculptures. He continues to develop his art and technique to offer his clients great experiences and tattoos they can wear proudly forever.

Taj “Taj Mirage” has been an artist all his life. He has a great passion for the arts and extensive knowledge in various media. He is very persistent and loves to tackle any project given to him. He turned everything into his masterpiece. Taj has been a henna tattoo artist, painter, wearable art designer, and body painter for many years. He incorporates all of these skills into his tattoos, creating beautiful compositions on the skin. Once inside the Taj, you will feel right at home. His warm and friendly personality will make your tattoo experience one you will never forget.

Emily has been an artist for life and has worked in a variety of media from oil to silhouettes. He studied fine arts at the Cooper Union in New York and has been obsessed with tattoos since creating his first work at the age of sixteen. Emily is passionate about tattoos and works hard to make each tattoo into a work of art that her clients can be proud of. He values ​​collaboration with his clients and makes each idea unique and tailored to the tattoo wearer.

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Jozil has been interested in art since childhood. He always thinks and uses art as a creative outlet. Prior to tattooing, he enjoyed and continues to enjoy painting with acrylic paints, gouache, and watercolors. He also likes to draw with pens and colored pencils. Jozile constantly strives to improve her artistic skills by trying new media and enjoys meeting new people and interacting with her clients.

A cake decorator turned tattoo artist, Lexis uses the decorating skills she learned earlier to create beautiful tattoos. He enjoys kayaking, fishing, nature walks and visiting art museums.

Abdiel’s interest in tattooing reached its peak when he studied pencil portraiture. He finds joy in putting the little pieces together and seeing creation come to life. She enjoys consulting with clients to come up with designs they will love and connecting with them to ensure their tattoo experience is unforgettable.

Neftali is an artist from Puerto Rico. He has 6 years experience in tattooing. His main style is custom writing and colorful work, but he can work with almost any style. Neftali’s goal as a tattoo artist is to grow more artistic and decorate clients’ bodies with art that they can cherish for life.

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Hav13r (Xavier) has been drawing since he can remember. Running away from life was a passion he never thought would benefit him in the future. His career in art actually started when he was in junior high school when he was caught by an art teacher in elementary school. “Why aren’t you in first grade?” You don’t belong in that class.” He then went on to create multimedia works that not only earned him a place in AP Art without a letter of recommendation, but also a place in the performing arts of his hometown (New Britain). In addition, there will be a meet and greet with the mayor at the city hall. After that, Javier began studying other art forms in college, from acrylic painting to pencil portraits and even learned to sew to make his own clothes. Javier enjoys anime, comics, traditional Japanese and American tattoos, but wants to grow and learn through his pure love of art.

Kay has been an artist for a long time. He has been a freelance illustrator and concept artist for 8 years, mostly creating unique and stylish works. Whether in digital art or tattoos, color matters; she likes to use pops of color to make her work stand out. Working with clients to create art that makes them happy is of utmost importance to him and makes sure everyone leaves with a smile.

Melissa is an artist who has studied illustration and painting for over 6 years. He also works as a freelancer, usually using printmaking, oil and gouache techniques, but he is also proficient in many other media. He likes to create unique artworks that reflect his style. Melissa wants to create a space for her clients where they feel comfortable and leave with beautiful art.

Amelia is a tattoo artist and art student majoring in illustration and graphic design. Educated at Manchester Community College, he has developed a broad portfolio that includes acrylic and gouache painting, as well as ink, charcoal and graphite drawing. He enjoys designing and collaborating with clients to achieve their tattoo goals. Realizing those dreams and ideas and creating masterpieces suitable for everyone gave him the greatest joy. In this fashionable world, everyone wants to get a tattoo on their body. So, if you are looking for the best tattoo shop, this article will help you find the best one. Here are the best tattoo shops in CT that you should visit.

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If you are looking for the best tattoo shop in CT, this is the one for you. They say their shop is called Studio. Because this is an ARTISTIC setting. This is not your average shop

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