Best Tattoo Shops In Boise Idaho

Best Tattoo Shops In Boise Idaho – Talon Tattoo, Boise, owned by John and Tiffany Lasko. A family owned tattoo and body piercing shop in Idaho. Their master, John, has been tattooing in the Treasure Valley for over 15 years. As a student at BSU, I am majoring in business and art. He sought a career that would allow him to utilize his passion and artistic talents.

Broadway John’s opportunity came when he signed up as a tattoo artist with the talented Dave Stone, owner of Sixth Street and Rosehill Tattoo. John spent his early years under the tutelage of Dave and a few other talented artists, each of whom learned much more than just tattooing. In 2005, John fully completed his apprenticeship and became a Master Artist. He continued to work as his mentor and worked at Studio 6th Street until the end of 2007.

Best Tattoo Shops In Boise Idaho

John’s wife, Tiffany, is a CNA; Bachelor of Health Science with phlebotomy and EMT certifications, spent 5 years as finance manager for Harley-Davidson. In 2007, John and Tiffany, with the blessing of his teacher and friend, decided to strike out on their own. At that time, their eldest son, Talon Tattoo Co., was named accordingly. His idea is to provide his clients with amazing and original tattoos while always being comfortable, The idea is to create a tattoo and piercing shop with top quality equipment and disinfectant.

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With a successful first few years; As a great team and an incredibly strong and enduring customer base, as well as an incredible community of friends and businesses who have supported Talon in so many ways. Things won’t get better. .

The team at Talon Tattoo Co takes pride in providing quality tattoo and body piercing services to the Boise area and look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.

My Gardens: My greatest passion will always be my family. My love for art and making my life and the people I tattoo happy.

Specialties: Portrait style tattoos; Electro Cauteri Labeling; piercing Digital Design and the Business End of Talon Tattoo.

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My passion: Discovering and nurturing the next generation of young artists. More than anything, I love getting to know people and what makes them tick.

My Hobbies: Family; my fur babies Friends. To make our home a dream home we always want to share with family and friends. Ashley is a frequent customer at our McNab Tattoo Shop in Boise. Having been in the shop before, I know our commitment to customer satisfaction with every tattoo our team does. This time is different.

Ashley had a great idea that she wanted to get a tattoo. Her vision is of a lifelike lion above a beautiful rose with her outstretched left hand. Knowing this, Ashley believed in bringing McNabb Tattoo and Fine Art to life.

Veteran artist Paul McNabb sat down with Ashley to find inspiring real-life photos online to use as the basis for her designs. After searching for good candidates, Paul went to work on his computer. Tweaking and adjusting every aspect to fit Ashley’s vision perfectly.

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Then the fun began. Ashley spent 5 hours putting together the black and white details of the rose. The realistic water drops in the piece give the tattoo a beautiful detail.

Idaho, There’s a reason it’s voted the best tattoo shop in Boise year after year. And the reason is simple: our customers. They trust us for all kinds of custom inks. Our family atmosphere and our commitment to our safety is paramount at our tattoo shop.

(Don’t believe us? Yes. It’s good to be aware. Check out our amazing Google reviews. The proof is in the pudding.)

But our first commitment is simple: tattoos. We pour our all into every piece of art we create in our Boise shop. We know how important it is to choose not only the right piece, but the right artist, and we are humbled by the trust placed in our community. Don’t brag.

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Ashley has one more session to finish the lion looking at her rose tattoo and she can’t wait. Paul rings the bell and says he’ll wait.

McNabb’s Tattoo & Fine Art Shop is located at 1505 S Five Mile in Boise Idaho. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm. Although their reputation gave them a relatively full calendar, Customers are always welcome to call the store at 208-375-7116.

If you don’t have it ready to book your appointment. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

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