Best Steak House In Salt Lake City

Best Steak House In Salt Lake City – Utah’s Ruby River has been named the best restaurant in the state by a regional publication. The chain has been around for over 20 years, with three locations in Utah and one in Reno, Nevada.

Ruby River’s decor is what you’d expect from a casual restaurant. You’ll find plenty of hardwood and leather accents, so this space is perfect for meetings or business meetings.

Best Steak House In Salt Lake City

You will find a lot of tapas on the menu, so many, in fact, that you may find it difficult to choose one or two for the table. That’s why Ruby River lets you create your own sampler, featuring options like coconut shrimp, grilled spears, artichokes, strawberry cheese, and steak eggs and avocado. The best thing is that they are all perfect for sharing.

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The steak, of course, is Ruby River’s main attraction. Here they are aged for 21 days and the new ones are broken every day. Cuts range from a 12-ounce New York bar to an 18-ounce porthouse. For a little taste, order the Pepper Bacon Filet, Steak Oscar, or Garlic Pepper Ribs. Each steak comes with two plates; Choose from fries, garlic mashed potatoes, iceberg wedge salad, spicy rice and more.

Not in the mood for a juicy steak? Also on the menu are burgers, grilled salmon, grilled tiger prawns and almond-crusted halibut.

Wow! It is very valuable. I had the belt and ribs and I have to say I felt like I made the right decision for once. With my meal, I was given 2 additional sides of baked potatoes and a Caesar salad. I was given a freshly baked cake to start. The atmosphere was warm. They have a deadly desire. These are steak and avocado eggs. It can fulfill you. Highly recommend.

I have been coming to this restaurant for over 20 years. My favorite one. The manager goes above and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly and you are happy with your meal. The best steak, the tapas menu is so tasty and plentiful, it could be a meal in itself. Both the waiter and waitress were very nice. You can’t go wrong with Diamond Ruby River Steakhouse 🥰💖⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💖

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One of the best experiences I’ve had. Service was great, Connor and Paul looked after me. The wait staff was amazing. The food is amazing. I recommend it to everyone. The prices are very good for the exceptional service and good food.

I went there this evening with my family. They assured us that we would be under the table when we arrived. We arrived and the only two options they would give us were a top table or a booth. In the end we had to get a booth and they had to put chairs on the road to accommodate us. Second, we ordered a lot of fries and asked if they would split it into two plates since we are next to each other in the booth because there is a large group and they brought out the fries on one plate. Then came the rook!!! See attached picture. The food is also not the best. And last but not least, the manager came and promised to take care of us because we got it all and it was only $30. It doesn’t bother your customers at all, especially for what we paid. Do not access this site!!! He went far up the hill. We will inform the Ministry of Health.

Good food and service. Seth is a great server. My fillet was very good and my husband enjoyed the fillet he ordered. Not cooked at all. The steak roll apps are also very good. We will be back.

It’s not bad. They didn’t overcook my steak, and that’s something. The tortilla soup came lukewarm the first time and barely any hotter than the second time. The soup was very good; May it be warm! (not a good sign) The food is Applebee’s or Chili’s caliber. There are a few different offers here, but nothing to keep me from coming back any time soon.

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All the food was very good. One steak came out a little undercooked when ordered, but a fresh one was prepared quickly. The servers are nice and the prices are very reasonable for the quantity and quality of the food.

I don’t know how they have had the best steak for 8 years. I don’t compare it to anything better than Texas Roadhouse. Like an old restaurant with good French bread…

How, how do you eat burnt food? We arrived two weeks ago, great service, thank you Montana. I think he would have excelled as a wine or cheesemonger in a high restaurant; He always goes above and beyond. But the food burned on the stove and the asparagus should be cooked, not thrown on the grill until green. The fried onions are moist. None of these require great technical skills. My wife and daughter and I love this place. But lately, JV seems to be popping up. Ironically, the other side of the steak had no grill marks. And the steak is Mid Rare plus. Well, I’m not Richard, I’m a French chef from the Culinary Institute of Chicago. I worked for many years with Princess Cruise Lines before changing careers. Please promote the application, especially if you are the best restaurant in UT. I don’t know how he got this award. I wanted to give you 1 star but Montana treated my family well.

Wow!! where to start The Montana server was great. My wife just gave birth to our daughter 5 days ago and she wants to eat really good food. Our server was so busy that it seemed vague.. but he didn’t let it. The level of concentration was extraordinary. Now for the food. This restaurant has been voted best steak for 9 years and they certainly deliver. The food rang the mouth and even the plate was seen. If you find yourself in Salt Lake City, I recommend you bring your family or friends to this place. Perfection like this can’t go wrong. The price is not astronomical, in fact quite the opposite. I have eaten at 5 star restaurants and paid hundreds of dollars for half the quality. Ruby River Steakhouse is a must.

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Ruby River has been my favorite restaurant for about 20 years. The menu is somewhere between Chris Roots and Texas Roadhouse. The price is closer to TexasRH. I took my husband to Sandy’s former place on our first date, and I was devastated when it closed its doors a few years later. My favorite place is Ogden. The Ogden house is simply amazing. I really wish the Salt Lake location would grow to be like this. I was very sad about what happened to me in Salt Lake last week. We called ahead to see if we could get on the list. No calls ahead. It wasn’t a big deal as we were seated at 7pm with no wait. A good restaurant on a Saturday night at 7:00pm shouldn’t be too late. KI died during the night. I am worried that they will close. The night before I left for Afghanistan, my grandfather took me to Salt Lake. One of my fondest memories.

Delicious food and good service. Our server was very nice and seemed to be having a great time, which helped make the whole dinner fun and good. I don’t remember her name but she has red hair so if you hire her as a waitress I can promise she will take care of you and do a good job. My boyfriend got a few mixed drinks and even though one of them wasn’t to his taste, he still liked it. I don’t think they have regular soda, but they do have Ruby River’s own root beer. It was perfect and came in a cloud mix. Although their steak is not cheap, I would say it is worth it for the quality of the food. Our steak was cooked perfectly, as were the other dishes we ordered. The music is not too loud and it is easy to relax a little because the level of conversation or room noise is relatively low. If you keep your receipt and bring it the next time you go there, you can get a free appetizer/starter up to $8, which is a nice incentive.

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