Best Skateparks In California

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Skateboarder and author Barbara Odanaka takes a break from skateboarding at Van Off the Wall Skatepark in Huntington Beach.

Best Skateparks In California

The religious guest who is helping me in my work cannot help himself. After all, it’s not everyday you see an old woman traveling alone with a car full of skateboards.

Of The World’s Coolest Skate Parks

I’m a few days into a two week skateboard odyssey, a free local tour of skate parks, long rides and whatever else the skate gods throw my way. Go camping with my young son (who is not a skater), Mom on board.

My plan was to hit the California coast—from San Diego to Santa Cruz—partly to escape the summer heat that turns indoor skate parks into a frying pan, partly to skate in cooler weather.

A few days ago, I cringed when I saw my acceptance letter from AARP—then briefly considered attaching a bright red club card to my skate helmet. When you’re over 50 on a skateboard, you can celebrate it.

It is in this spirit that I began hoping to recapture the magic of my skateboarding trips of 40 years ago – while avoiding the emergency room. At 52, I still feel a rush of fear and excitement when I arrive at a skate park. Now the only difference? I have a lot of protective equipment.

Best Skateparks In Hong Kong

There are 450 skate parks in California, according to, which tracks and reviews skate parks in the United States and elsewhere, and opinions on what is “best” vary widely. For me, raised on classic 1970’s surfing, I want banks, bowls and snaps, concrete waves that let you bring out your inner Gary Lopez, 1970’s style surfing. – Or

A welcoming look also helps, and the bucolic Central Coast is all about that. I felt this immediately when I entered the beautiful new SLO Skate Park in San Luis Obispo, where a group of cute street kids, usually standing in a group, greeted me with smiles.

Meandering slowly along the Bob Jones Trail, a 21/2-mile paved nature trail that leads to the center of Avila Beach, one third bird watchers, spying night owls, as I turned. The same goes for my sunset ride near Morro Rock, where beach hotels are popping up and hanging out near the beach.

Further north in Santa Cruz, known for its rugged surf-skate culture, I enjoyed the old-school flavor of the Derby Skate Park, around 1976, as well as the Ken Wormhoudt Skate Park with its 18-foot high tube, sandblasted and painted beautifully. . To see how the waves crash. Fully tubular.

A Guide To L.a.’s Best Skate Parks

Along the way, I met many skateboarding families, some from as far away as Australia, following the same path. We compare notes on skate rinks, share random pictures and marvel at the beauty around us, “breathe” being the operative word.

Over the course of two weeks, I had driven 1,300 miles and hit about 20 parks—almost without incident.

Van Off Wall Skatepark, 7471 Center Ave., Huntington Beach; (714) 379-6666, Open from 9.00 to 19.00. The daily street course is closed to skateboarders on Wednesdays. love

Cove Skatepark, 1401 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica; (310) 452-5403. Open until 10.00 pm. Every day except Monday and Thursday, when it is from noon to 4 pm. Prices vary by age and residence. phone (310) 458-2201, ext. 2020 for details.

What Is A Skatepark?

Forest Vert, Arroyo Grande; (805) 550-2306, Use of the ramp is limited to Vert Forest residents and those attending private lessons or skate camp. See below for rates and details.

Bob Jones Pathway, 6985 Ontario Road, San Luis Obispo; (805) 781-5930, Stay on the trail about 150 yards south of the Biddle Ranch Tasting Room. From 06.00 to 10.00. love Trip is 2 1/2 miles, one way. Soft (quiet) tires are recommended to avoid disturbing the animal.

SLO Skate Park, 1050 Oak St., San Luis Obispo; (805) 781-7067, From 07.00 to 10.00. love

Cayucos Skatepark, 10 Cayucos Drive, Cayucos; (805) 900-5247, Next to the Cayucos Veterans Hall. Open from dawn to dusk. love

Marin City Skate Park Reopens After Two Years

Derby Park, 508 Woodland Way, Santa Cruz; (831) 420-5270, The skate park is open from 9am to sunset. love

Ken Wormhoudt Skate Park, 299 San Lorenzo Blvd., Santa Cruz; (831) 420-5270, 09.00 to sunset. love

Vert Jungle, 368 W. El Campo, Arroyo Grande; (805) 550-2306, Accommodation ranges from tent sites to a large studio, complete with two king beds. From $50 – $75 per person per night, with minimum accommodation requirements. Rates include a 30-minute skate lesson or a 30-minute video recording of your skate session. Private skate lessons $60 per hour. For skate camp information, email [email protected]

Morro Bay Skateboard Museum, 699 Embarcadero, Morro Bay; (805) 610-3565, Open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm; From 10.00 to 18.00. Saturday and Sunday. love An incentive gift. What started as a craze in the late 1950s and early 60s has turned into a global phenomenon – and a multi-billion pound business that is now known worldwide. But the spirit of California skateboarding lives on, especially in many skate parks and large parks with pristine concrete corners, bowls and lips, and tracks, boxes and tubes. Here experts come to try their new tricks and future stars learn to ride and fly. Hundreds of parks, big and small, famous and under-the-radar, cover the landscape from north to south. But which ones are the best? We’ve scoured the state to bring you nine must-see facilities for anyone interested in skateboarding.

California City Slams Brake On Skate Park Amid Covid 19 Pandemic By Filling It With 37 Tons Of Sand

At 7,400 square meters, Cunningham’s sprawling site on the shores of Lake San Jose is California’s skate park, three to four times larger than the average park. California Skateparks, one of the best skate design companies in the world, dreamed of this masterpiece and has equipment and features to please skaters of all skill levels. One of the highlights is the 21-meter-long, 6-meter wide tube, the largest in the world. Other features include the world’s largest seat and longest cover wall, a full runway and bowls ranging from 30cm for beginners to 4m deep for experts.

Tanzanite may not win any awards for its size at only 1,500 square meters, but the design – by famous skate-park builder Wally Holliday – punches well above its weight in terms of options per square meter. Three beautiful bowls, from simple conversation blinds to advanced depressions of great depth, pool transitions and attractive purposes, offer a wide range of aerial options. Where Tanzanite really shines, however, is in its exterior, with its many stairs, begging corners to hit and journeys it hopes to take. It’s not a small place at all.

The magazine named Kurt Pernice the best skate park in California, and they weren’t wrong. The park, located in the Central Valley city of Ripon (about 80 km east of San Francisco), is known for its epic lake, the fountain that occupies most of the 2,800-square-foot space and that it is not compatible with any other. the state or the wall. Skaters can choose from a variety of pyramids, boxes and steps with rails and a sweet half pipe. The environment is cool, welcoming beginners and tourists as well as the die-hard crowd that frequents the park. The surrounding area is beautiful but treeless, so make sure you get plenty of sun before venturing into the jungle.

A must see since its opening in the late 1990s, this indoor park was the first to use Finnish spruce, considered an extinct tree, for its ramps. The 1,850-square-foot, two-bedroom space includes several half and quarter pipes, ventilation systems, cabinets and vanities. Professionals in the team have up-and-coming sponsors like Jackson Stern and Gage Boyle, and you can see famous faces from Tony Hawk to Rodney Mullen putting on the top and riding. When you get tired of skateboarding or just need a break from going, head to the free Skateboard Museum located within the venue. Learn about the history of the sport while checking out the memorabilia, including more than 5,000 vintage boards, and the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

West Coast Skateparks To Try Before You Die

When the Z-Boys of Dogtown’s Zephyr Skateboarding Team popularized the sport of skateboarding in the 1970s, they did it in sunny Santa Monica. Cove Skatepark has played an important role in helping legends like Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacey Peralta apply what they know from surfing to concrete. The beating heart of skateboarding lives in this park, which was renovated in 2005 but maintains an old-school feel and an important place in the sport’s history. Today there are four areas where you can skate, including a road course with many smart lines and a large bowl with a two-meter square limit, a two-meter round, a three-meter deep oval and a four-meter . Go hole Create a new date.

If skate parks could win awards for location, this is it

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