Best Shopping In Venice Italy

Best Shopping In Venice Italy – Of course, there are many famous shops in the city and you won’t need our help to find them. But what about the exclusive boutiques run by local designers? From glass jewelry to expensive handmade shoes, here’s a list of the city’s specialty shops.

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Best Shopping In Venice Italy

Located in the heart of the San Marco district, this store is light and airy with a selection of women’s and children’s clothing. Complete with colorful shoes, silk maxi dresses and long coats, you’ll find boho chic at its best.

Top 10 Souvenir Shops In Venice

Banco Lotto is a one-of-a-kind clothing store that offers a variety of casual women’s clothing, from 1950s style cocktail dresses to fall jackets. Materials also feature vibrant colors and patterns, including fabrics from Bevilacqua and Fortuny. It is run by a social cooperative called “The Circle” (Il Cerchio), which works to provide inmates with useful skills and perform traditional crafts such as sewing. Everything sold here is handmade by the women of the Giudecca prison.

Fashionable glasses are a staple of Italian fashion. This store is unique because it stocks a unique collection of frames in a variety of styles and colors that you won’t find anywhere else. Designed by owner Mariela Carlon, these frames steal the spotlight.

This is one of the best craft boutiques in town, featuring Murano and Senegalese glass jewelry. The artist behind the beads is Moulaye Niang, who trained under Murano masters. She buys amazing beads from the shop with amazing colors and never makes the same bead twice. The chain was then designed and built by Emanuela Chimenton, the proud lady of punk. Together, they create unique pieces that express bold statements.

This department store has been around since the 1970s and has always been run by the charismatic Aldo. Strasse is for Venetian clothing, but you can’t find clothes here. All the clothes have a vintage quality, from button-down shirts to cashmere shirts to simple dresses.

Things You Need To Buy When You’re In Italy

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All the shoes here are handcrafted using traditional Tuscan vachetta leather. While most urban shoemakers aim for wealth and high fashion, Kalimala’s shoes are practical and comfortable, in all reliable ways, including sports. Prices are also reasonable, from 90 to 180 euros.

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Two of the most popular and best things to buy in Venice are masks and glasses. Finding quality is not as easy as you think.

Distinctively Italian Things To Buy In Venice

Many stores seem to be selling bad imitations from China, but the real thing is still available…if you look carefully and know where to go.

The best little shop in the picture. When I entered the Casin dei Nobili I felt like I had entered Aladdin’s cave full of wonders. Although my husband was angry, I could have spent years here.

Sometimes, the soul of a city resides in its fountains; in many ways it is in Venice.

Venetians still gather in the shops and on the surrounding streets – young and old come together to get a taste of Venice before the tourists invade.

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Older people use market day as a time to catch up with old friends from the neighborhood and share the latest gossip. Tourists chat with vendors, while children and dogs happily run around and try to beat everyone.

For health and beauty, no market in Venice beats the Rialto Market, and no market in the world has a better atmosphere. Here, in the shadow of the Rialto Bridge, the morning ritual has been performed for almost a thousand years.

It starts with the arrival of the barge in the morning, and when they are unloaded, there is an absolute chaos of shouting, laughing and hard work.

It all seems like chaos to me, but there is method in the madness and at 6am the market is running smoothly.

Best Places To Go Shopping In Venice

Oh, and if you want to buy fish, vegetables or fruit, this is the best market in town.

Via Garibaldi is a main street with great shops, but the market is really the cherry on top.

It only happens in October – the same weekend as the Venice Marathon. If you are here, one of the many shops selling antiques and unique candies is a great place to pick up a unique souvenir.

The oldest antique market in Venice is San Maurizio, held four or five times a year. Check the market website for dates ( It is in Italian, but the dates are clearly visible on the right side of the page.

Days In Venice Itinerary: Best Itinerary For First Time Visitors

I know I’m Italian and I’m supposed to love designers… but I don’t. However, if you are like most Italians and need designer clothes as your everyday staple, head to Calle delle Mercerie or Calle Larga XXII Marzo. Both are close to St. Mark’s Square and have enough expensive boutiques to satisfy even the discerning soul.

Buying leather bags in Venice? Almost every second store sells them. Most of them are actually made in China, with the final assembly being made in Italy, so they can be strong

Bags visited Balducci Borse in Cannaregio in 1593. Franco has been making bags by hand in his small atelier for decades and selling them in his small shop. Bags are not just bags, they are works of art and labor of love.

Shoes: Venice has many world-class shoe stores. For handmade men’s shoes, try the world-renowned Gabriele Gmeiner in Campiello del Sol, San Polo 951. This small office/shop is located in a small square accessed by a small street. Finding it is difficult. Is it worth the effort? Makes sense!

Tips For Venice Italy

Do you like Venetian shoes? Visit Piedàterre in Rialto, S. Polo, 60. Shoes that really feel like wrapping your feet in silk and floating in the air. They also make many bags that are of good quality, very stylish and popular among locals. Bags sell very quickly, don’t think about it – if you see something you like, buy it right away. It disappears the next day.

Flags: They sell Venetian flags everywhere, but don’t buy cheap imitations that start to crumble and fade once you get home. Instead, visit A. Santi di Moschini in Castello, Calle delle Bande 5276, their flagship is real – absolute quality and very useful.

Burano is a small, colorful island known for its fishing nets and sailing from Venice. It is worth visiting the fishermen’s houses painted in all the colors of the rainbow and enjoying the distant atmosphere of Venice.

If you like high street, you’ll be in heaven here. The pipes they make are the best in the world and they have been perfecting their technique for over 500 years. They even have a lace museum in Piazza Gallup that is worth a visit.

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In terms of shopping, Martina Vidal in Via San Mauro 309 is one of the most popular, albeit very expensive, stores. There are other small shops and ateliers, but anything authentic and locally made is very expensive. Considering that everything is handmade and the best in the world, the prices are reasonable.

For an unparalleled experience, all you have to do is visit the Acqua Alta bookstore at 5167/B Sestiere Castello.

It’s not a bookstore, it’s a great experience. You’ll feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into a magical world.

They are in the bathroom, gondola, floor to ceiling. A channel runs through the door and well-guarded cats watch over the bookshelf.

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I can’t explain it – you have to visit it yourself. If you visit, please purchase a book or any book to support this Venetian institution. You can see more photos and find more information here.

If it’s books in English

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