Best Shoes For Walking In Scotland

Best Shoes For Walking In Scotland – Thinking of what to wear in Scotland? I’ve created this guide so you know exactly what to pack, whether you decide to visit in the summer, spring, fall or winter! I have also included links to the clothes and products I wear and use throughout the year in Scotland. Read on to find out about packing for your trip to Scotland!

Knowing what to pack on a trip to Scotland is essential for those visiting lochs, bagpipes and haggis.

Best Shoes For Walking In Scotland

It can be very scary! I completely understand; After planning my first trip to Scotland, I was a little apprehensive about setting foot on Scottish soil.

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Analyze the weather. And they love to complain about it. The subject of the weather is so popular in Scotland that it seems scary to non-Scottish people.

Before I moved to Scotland, I lived in a ski resort in Canada where the temperature could drop below 30°C [that’s 22°F], so I thought I would come to Scotland equipped.

I usually dress for the weather here. Read my personal tips on what to pack for your trip to Scotland!

I’ve also created a printable Scotland packing list that includes everything you need in your suitcase! You can find it at the end of this article.

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You can find my favorite clothes, Scottish books and essentials in my Amazon store. These are all items I have purchased and recommend.

A good backpack is always a good idea when traveling in Scotland, especially if you plan to spend time exploring the outdoors.

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I love Osprey as a brand; Their packages are of high quality, designed with comfort and style in mind.

For a little something big, I recommend this Osprey Tempest bag for women. This is my package; perfect for a day trip or spending the day exploring.

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It’s a good book to have on your packing list for Scotland. I’m a self-confessed Scottish librarian; The history of Scotland is very interesting!

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If you want to find out about Scotland, I recommend some of the best books about Scotland:

History of Scotland | Great Scotland | Witch Light | A Journey to the North Coast: The High Gaelic Magic of Northern Scotland

The best answer to the question “How do I dress in Scotland” is to wear layers. The weather changes and sometimes you can experience four seasons in one day!

How much to pack will depend on how long you’re visiting Scotland and whether you have laundry facilities, so I’ll leave that up to you.

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These are items that I wear all year round and I recommend you pack them when you visit Scotland at any time of the year.

What to pack in Scotland for all seasons. What to pack in Scotland in December, January and February

The winter months in Scotland are certainly cold! Combined with rain and wind – well, you have to be prepared. You may have the odd day when the temperature rises to 15°C, but winter is the coldest season in Scotland, so expect cold temperatures and rain. It usually snows in Scotland from January [more often the further north you go] and expect a few days of light snow around January-February in Edinburgh. Daylight also decreases significantly, leaving you with only 6 to 8 hours of daylight.

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My favorite time of year in Scotland is the spring months, especially April and May. Although March still feels like winter, the daylight is generous and you will start getting your t-shirt days from April. Spring colors burst through May, making it [in my opinion] the most beautiful month in Scotland. From time to time in early spring there is a little snow. The key to spring is layering with a warm winter jacket to throw on when the temperature drops.

Summer in Scotland can be just as confusing as winter, if not more so! Scotland usually has a few days a year when the temperature reaches 30-33°C [Scotland had record heat waves in 2018 and 2019]. Also, the temperature can drop, storm and rain!

The sunshine hours are also good – expect the sun to rise around 4am and set around 11pm!

Winter and autumn are the wettest months in Scotland, so good drainage is important. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in Scotland, so you’re sure to want to spend time outside. The daylight is really starting to wane and so are the temperatures. This season you will probably layer, remove, layer and so on!

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The footwear you bring depends a lot on what you will be doing in Scotland. I suggest you take at least 2 pairs of shoes: comfortable shoes for walking in towns and cities and a stable pair for walking and playing outdoors.

If you’re traveling in the warmer months and want to explore towns and villages, I recommend bringing a pair of sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Cities can be a bit dirty, especially in parks. If it rains, there will be markets due to uneven roads and streets. Make sure the soles of your shoes are waterproof.

My favorite lightweight summer sneaker is the Skechers sneaker. They are good for airplanes and walking around towns and villages. They are breathable and dry quickly when wet. It is also very easy to wash in the washing machine. However, they don’t have a good grip, so I wouldn’t recommend them for hiking or anything too heavy.

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If you’re traveling in the colder months, I highly recommend investing in Wranglers or Timberlands.

They are suitable for walking on cobbled roads in small towns and cities, and for short walking tours. They hold up well, they are waterproof, they are warm, and most of all, they are stylish.

For women, I recommend Timberland Women’s Premium Waterproof Boots, and for men I recommend Timberland Men’s Premium Waterproof Boots.

Whatever shoes you bring to Scotland, make sure they are waterproof. Until I moved to Scotland where I discovered that my shoes were in the soles!

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If you are planning a hike in Scotland, I love and recommend my Scarpa Terra hiking boots.

I wear these shoes all year round. I pair them with merino wool socks when hiking or walking around Scotland. Merino wool regulates your temperature, ensuring your feet don’t get too hot or too cold.

If you’re visiting Scotland in the colder months, you’ll be moving a lot between indoors and outdoors where the temperature can change dramatically. I have some Smartwool ankle socks with sneakers and a few long pairs for walking.

If you are planning on walking in Scotland, I strongly recommend that you put on your hiking boots before you arrive in Scotland. Every time I buy new hiking boots, my feet always get blisters – I don’t want that to happen to you while on holiday!

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Skechers Women’s Sneakers | Timberland Premium Women’s Waterproof Boots | Scarpa Terra Women’s Hiking Boots | Smartwool Hiking Socks | Scarpa Terra Men’s Hiking Boots

So what do I wear when I go out? I usually wear jeans, a nice top and a jacket. Sometimes I wear a dress with black leggings when it’s cold. I like to dress well. I feel free!

If you’re used to dressing well in the city, you won’t look out of place in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Anywhere you can turn a few heads!

Personally, I like to wear a 3/4 length skirt, paired with a tank on a warm day or a turtleneck when the weather is cooler.

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To give you an idea of ​​what to wear for dinner, take a look at the following image for inspiration.

As well as what to bring, it helps to know what not to wear in Scotland. Here are some tips on what you can control:

As I said before, Scottish clothing is very comfortable. When I go out

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