Best Seafood Platter In Perth

Best Seafood Platter In Perth – Tuesday nights at Prenthall Bar is Oyster Frenzy, when Perth oyster king Jerry Fraser shucks Australia’s finest oysters: $18 for half a dozen, $30 for a dozen and $50 for two dozens. My regular readers and friends know how I feel about oysters, but they also know how much I love Jerry’s.

Seafood is on the menu at Print Hall Bar every day: you can enjoy cold seafood specialties on cooked-to-order plates, served with homemade sauces and dressings, lemon bakers, lime bakers and in small print and crunchy sodas from the rotisserie are served with bread.

Best Seafood Platter In Perth

Jake and I met his friend Karen after work for a seafood dinner that started with a cold pint or two.

Fresh Fish & Seafood Delivery — Fins Seafood

Choose from three seafood platters: The Jerry with Blue Crab, Tiger Prawns, Clams and Jerry’s Oysters (AU$50), The South Western with Blue Ridge Chestnut, Cambinata Yabbies and Albany Oysters (AU75) and The Print Hall, The whole chain that we shared between the three of us. It was a wonderful arrangement prepared by Jerry Fraser himself with raw ice cream, Western Rock Lobster, Blue Ridge Maroon, Blue Minna Crab, Tiger Prawns, Cambinata Yabbies and of course Jerry’s Oysters – that night There, Sydney Pacific Oysters. Seafood is easy to cook, crustaceans in all their glory with red eyes, long legs, tender meaty parts and tough bones. House dressings and sauces included horseradish, cocktail sauce and magnet. I guess the bibs don’t quite fit the dress code of the place, but they came in handy when we were turning heads, splitting feathers, and plucking and sucking meat from tails. Get dirty or go home hungry.

Otherwise, if you don’t like seafood, there are other options on the menu. The lunch menu is larger than the dinner menu – see the lobby bar’s printed menu.

I’m not an alcoholic, but something brings me back to Print Hall and gold records. Bad service is something we complain about a lot in Perth, but here at Printhall Bar and Apple Deli I have had nothing but great service. And Jerry is always nice to be around. I haven’t eaten in the Print Hall dining room yet… I’m having too much fun in the main bar.

Dress code: business casual or business attire. Men must wear a shirt or jacket. No flip flops (thongs) or shorts.

The Cray Seafood & Grill Restaurant

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