Best Scoliosis Doctor In New York

Best Scoliosis Doctor In New York – June is Scoliosis Awareness Month, and Brain and Spine Surgery New York, or BSSNY, is taking this opportunity to highlight the condition and offer you state-of-the-art non-invasive, non-surgical treatments.

“Everyone is familiar with the normal spine; it’s straight and low, says scoliosis expert Dr. Krishn Sharma, an orthopedic surgeon at BSSNY. “Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature and curvature of the spine in the body. back.”

Best Scoliosis Doctor In New York

While some cases of scoliosis occur in children, most scoliosis occurs during puberty before the child reaches puberty. In general, most childhood illnesses are mild and do not require immediate medical attention.

Non Fusion Corrective Scoliosis Surgery

However, spinal deformity may worsen over time as the patient ages. This can lead to advanced scoliosis, which usually causes symptoms such as pain and stiffness in the lower back, pain, pain in the lower legs, or fatigue from muscle weakness in the back and legs. Scoliosis in adults can also occur due to joint conditions. Scoliosis can be disabling and can narrow the space in the chest, making it difficult for the lungs to function properly.

Most children may not need braces or surgery because their line is not critical. However, they may need to be checked every four to six months to see if any changes have occurred. If the curvature of the spine is significant, surgery or braces may be needed to correct the curve and prevent progression.

Scoliosis is progressive, so adults with scoliosis usually have more symptoms than teenagers due to disc degeneration. However, most adult scoliosis can be managed with simple, noninvasive measures, including strengthening exercises, braces, and pain relief. The procedure can be performed when surgery is indicated.

Dr. According to Ezriel Kornel, BSSNY psychiatrist, even if the symptoms of scoliosis in children or adults are severe, treatment does not always require surgery.

Frank P. Cammisa Jr., Md

“Whenever possible, nonsurgical treatment is the treatment of choice, including physical therapy, chiropractic, exercise, and sometimes injections,” Cornell says. “The decision to proceed with surgery requires a lot of thought, as well as a good understanding of the patient’s needs, lifestyle and overall health,” he said.

When surgery is the right procedure, top facilities like BSSNY carefully select the type and type of surgery that best suits the patient’s needs. At BSSNY, physicians work as a team. They get valuable feedback from other people in their group.

“Dr. Sharma has extensive experience in the treatment of scoliosis and is one of the most experienced pediatric scoliosis surgeons in the New York and CT area,” said Dr. Sharma. colonel. “That’s why I feel so fortunate to be able to constantly and quickly seek his advice when trying to determine the best surgical options for my elderly patient with scoliosis.”

Dr. Galeno, also a BSSNY surgeon, trained in scoliosis and spinal surgery at the University of Ontario and Dr. It was directed by John Kostwick. He served as a surgeon for more than 30 years and took a leading role in educating the public and colleagues. Dr. Galeno is trained in all major procedures in this type of surgery.

How A Diversity Program Enabled A Childhood Orthopaedics Patient’s Research Dreams

Because of the simplicity of endoscopic surgery, experienced doctors like Sharma, Korneland Galeno can realign the spine using a technique that helps reduce tissue damage while reducing pain and speeding up recovery.

“I like to think of simple (surgery) as a way to reach the gold standard through non-invasive methods,” Sharma said. “Ultimately, this means faster patient recovery with outcomes very similar to the gold standard,” he said.

With offices in White Valley, New York and Stamford, Connecticut, BSSNY is a leader in medical and surgical practice.

“I tell patients, I practice in New York, and there’s nothing they can do in New York that they can’t do in their backyard,” Sharma said.

Scoliosis Brace Innovation Can Spare Kids Pain

In addition to the latest treatments, another benefit of choosing BSSNY is that patients can communicate face-to-face with their doctor during pre-operative and follow-up visits.

“My attitude is that I think I’m a caring person,” Sharma said. “I will try to answer many of your questions. I’m not trying to drive people away. If you have surgery, I will do it, I will treat you later in the hospital, and I will see you in the office to monitor you. »

A direct and patient-centered approach has become a hallmark of BSSNY physicians such as Cornell, Sharma, and Galeno. This method helps scoliosis patients to understand all their options and their advantages and disadvantages.

Appropriate surgery and proper treatment can correct spinal deformities and manage disease progression to prevent spinal deformities.

Dr. Baron Lonner, Innovative Procedures For Scoliosis In Children And Adults, With Dr. Derek Lee

For more information on the latest scoliosis treatments from New York brain and spine surgeons, visit

USA TODAY news and editorial staff were not involved in the creation of this content. Doctors at Morristown Medical Center are the first in the US to use minimally invasive vertebral body fusion (VBT) and the first video to correct flexible scoliosis.

You are given only one body in this life. You can turn it off at any time. Of course, you should take care of yourself no matter what.

Indeed, some types of damage can be repaired through the body’s miraculous healing mechanisms. However, other issues require time and/or the skilled hands of a handyman.

Scoliosis Surgery Recovery: After Discharge (first 14 Days)

In the last 100 years, there have been great advances in medicine. We understand the human body better than ever before. We are built on foundations that stretch back thousands of years. However, despite this, we are only scratching the surface when it comes to spine surgery. After all, this is a relatively new place. As new technologies emerge, you want to invest in someone who is at the forefront.

Enter Dr. Jason E Lowenstein. Dr. Lowenstein of Advanced Spine Center is one of the top spine surgeons in the world – especially when it comes to treating scoliosis. Honestly, you can’t trust good people when it comes to health.

It’s easy to tell if someone is good at something. In the real world, these claims should be verified by carefully examining written evidence and testimonials. This is especially true for health care. Because again you trust those people with your body. Now let’s look at the evidence in more detail:

Dr. Jason Lowenstein, MD is a geriatric and spine surgeon. In addition, he is the interim director of scoliosis and spinal deformity at Morristown Medical Center – an achievement he achieved after years of success. (10+ years to be exact.) There really is no substitute for experience. This is one of the most important qualities any surgeon can possess.

Standing Tall After Scoliosis Surgery

On the industrial side, Dr. Lowenstein was known as Castle Connolly’s doctor and was elected a senior doctor

Such as senior doctors, senior surgeons and senior doctors in pediatrics. Not only that, but

Honestly, the list goes on. Dr. Lowenstein graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania, studying neuroscience and becoming a Dean’s Scholar. His medical degree is from the prestigious University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, where he also studies gene therapy in the treatment of neurological diseases.

In short, finding a good orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey can be difficult.

Dr. Sean E. Mccance

Do you have scoliosis? If you do, then Dr. Lowenstein, one of the nation’s leading scoliosis doctors, is here to help. Of course, not all cases of scoliosis require treatment, but there are severe cases where this method is the only solution. Why before diving Dr. Lowenstein can work for you Let’s review the basics: What is scoliosis and should I know as a patient?

For starters, scoliosis is best described as a curvature of the spine. As mentioned above, most scoliosis is not severe enough to require surgery. In general, scoliosis is easily corrected with conservative measures such as physical therapy or anti-inflammatory medications. However, this is not always the case. This is especially true for pre-adolescent children.

Rapid growth can make scoliosis a progressive disorder. If left untreated, scoliosis can be debilitating or mismanaged. With surgery, you can solve this problem early

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