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Best Scoliosis Doctor In Houston – Around the world, back pain is one of the leading causes of disability, preventing many people from working and enjoying their daily activities. It is also important to note that:

Disability due to back pain has increased by 54% since 1990. The cost of lost wages due to back pain is over $100 billion and rising. When all other options for help and treatment seem to have failed, it can be easy to think that spine surgery is the only option that will help you feel better about your back. Although surgery is often the preferred treatment for some conditions, there are also non-surgical options: regenerative medicine.

Best Scoliosis Doctor In Houston


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We live in exciting times for medicine and those seeking non-surgical recovery and pain relief. Thanks to advances in technology and research, there are options for patients suffering from back pain and injuries. Although surgery is often the next step for many patients, the use of regenerative medicine is also available and a treatment option for back surgeons.

Regenerative medicine is an umbrella term for several procedures that involve using the body’s own healing mechanisms to target injured areas of the back. Stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, platelet lysate, and MSC injections for back pain are restorative medicine techniques that allow back pain and injury victims to return to their daily lives faster than those who have undergone surgery.

Regenerative medicine offers a non-surgical solution to back pain. This allows many patients in Houston and beyond to not only be free of pain, but also to return to their normal lives – sometimes even after years of pain and disability. Although surgery is sometimes the only recommended treatment plan for various conditions, regenerative medicine such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection therapy, platelet lysate, and MSC injections for back pain is becoming an effective and popular non-surgical solution. in suitable patients.

This treatment method has recently become popular after many celebrities have undergone the treatment with impressive results. In addition, caution and concern should be exercised when treatment is administered without proper medical supervision. Because PRP is relatively new to orthopedic surgery, the clinical trials that have been conducted have been small and some with mixed results. For this reason, insurance often does not cover PRP therapy. It is important to get an unbiased, informed and medical opinion as to whether this is appropriate for your situation.

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Today, a growing number of physicians, including the nation’s leading spine surgeons, are offering regenerative therapies such as PRP, platelet lysate, and MSC injections. The fact that the top spine surgeons in the country recommend non-surgical treatment is a testament to the potential success of this treatment plan. Why do so many people recommend resurfacing procedures to their patients?

My name is Dr. Ra’Kerry Rahman and I want patients to understand all the treatment options for their back pain. In addition to minimally invasive surgery and spine surgery, the office offers a non-invasive regenerative medicine procedure that takes less than 1 hour.

Many patients who undergo this procedure report an 85% reduction in pain within 28 days. Within 6 months, their disease will almost disappear. They can play with their children and grandchildren, sleep through the night and are generally happy.

This is a bit of bad news. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Most of you will need surgery.

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However, by answering the simple questions on the form below, I can determine if you are a candidate for regenerative medicine and review your case online.

Typically, an MRI exam over the phone costs $399. However, if you qualify as an applicant for the procedure, the cost of the assessment check is free.

Many patients have avoided surgery with the help of regenerative medicine. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy has been very effective in back and neck pain patients who have completed other treatments.

Regenerative medicine has become available as it becomes increasingly popular in many applications. It is now administered by many healthcare providers and back pain specialists in the Houston area. Who should be trusted when choosing regenerative medicine?

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It is important to choose a doctor with medical experience who can give you the right advice for your condition.

Dr. Rahman is one of the most skilled spine surgeons in the Houston area. With specialized training and extensive experience in complex spine and scoliosis surgery, minimally invasive and general adult and pediatric procedures, he can offer patients a comprehensive perspective on the best way to treat back problems. This often involves advising patients not to have surgery.

Patients can rely on best practices to choose the most appropriate procedure for their specific situation, from non-surgical, minimally invasive or open surgery.

Your doctor’s expertise is the most important factor in choosing a back treatment plan. dr. Rahman is unique in the Houston market as one of the nation’s leading spine surgeons. Patients can rely on best practices to choose the most appropriate procedure for their specific situation, from non-surgical, minimally invasive or open surgery.

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The rise of platelet rich plasma injections is seen in many treatments offered in the health and wellness industry. Professionals in many fields, from orthopedics to cosmetic surgery, use this restorative approach. Before undergoing any medical procedures, patients are advised to research the qualifications and experience of the provider entrusted with their care.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and uses the patient’s own blood to stimulate healing. Our body has different departments responsible for regeneration. One of them is blood platelets. These cells are full of powerful factors such as growth factors and cytokines.

When we are injured, these factors wake up the surrounding cells and signal the site of injury to speed up the healing process. When these cells work, they can heal and regenerate all kinds of tissue, including tendons, bones, and even blood vessels.

Growth factors in our cells are responsible for the entire healing process. Platelet-rich plasma is chosen to stimulate healing because of the concentration of platelet-associated growth factors in the blood. These factors are responsible for cell regeneration to heal the affected area. Cytokines are responsible for organizing the healing process; they are essentially the foreman of the medical “construction crew”.

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Many surgeons, physicians and back specialists are excited about the potential benefits of regenerative medicine in spine care because:

Although medical procedures such as open and minimally invasive back surgery are necessary in some cases, non-invasive treatments are recommended because:

Many world-renowned athletes turn to regenerative medicine to recover from serious, potentially career-ending injuries. However, celebrities aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this treatment. Today, anyone with back pain or injury is a potential candidate for regenerative medicine.

The best way to find out if non-invasive regenerative medicine is the best option for your recovery and recovery is to take the survey below. dr. Ra’Kerry Rahman can evaluate your case for free.

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Dr. Rahman is one of the top lumbar spine surgeons in the country. He has trained with the world’s leading spine and scoliosis doctors and has performed countless surgeries on both adults and children around the world. Patients from all over the country come to our Houston Spine Center to get the treatment and pain relief they need. Ra’Kerry Rahman M.D. to learn more about Visit our About page and read stories from patients just like you. The Scoliosis and Spine Institute of Houston and Drs. Rahman looks forward to helping you. 1. Surgeons at Morristown Medical Center in the US will use minimally invasive spinal fusion (VBT) with enhanced visualization to flexibly correct scoliosis Read more

You are given only one body in this life. There is no way to replace it with another. Of course, you should take care of yourself in any case.

Of course, some damage can be reversed through the body’s amazing healing process. But other issues require the craftsman’s time and/or fewer hands.

In the past 100 years, great advances have been made in the field of medicine. We understand the human body much better than ever before. We are built on foundations that have been at their best for thousands of years. However, we have only scratched the surface when it comes to spine surgery. After all, this is a relatively new field. And when new technologies emerge, you want to rely on someone at the forefront of their field.

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Enter Dr. Jason E. Lowenstein. dr. Lowenstein of the Advanced Spine Center is one of them

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