Best Romantic Resorts In Washington State

Best Romantic Resorts In Washington State – Look around Washington State and you’ll find plenty of romantic getaway spots for a week or weekend. Check out our recommendations for comfortable hotels and accommodations, events and restaurants.

Best Time to Visit Washington State: The best time is from mid-April to the end of September. Winter from November to February will most likely mean rain and/or snow across most of the state, but with the right preparation, this can be a very romantic time to spend romantic time relaxing on or above the coast.

Best Romantic Resorts In Washington State

You will fall in love with the traditional town of Bellingham with its unique shops, bars and cafes. Don’t let a strange downpour stop you from exploring the area, including beautiful Whatcom Falls.

Best Hot Springs In Washington (2022) You’ll Love I Boutique Adventurer

This corner of Skagit County comes alive every April during the Tulip Festival, but we recommend planning your visit at other times of the year to avoid traffic and crowds and really get to know this little gem of a city. With its 1800s storefronts, bars, boutiques, and bed and breakfasts, you should visit this place at a leisurely pace.

Whenever you vacation in Western Washington State, you know that I-5 is part of everyday life. So if you’re looking for a romantic hotel or honeymoon suite close to I-5 and heading to the freeway, here are 3 very close options (less than a 5 minute drive, but still far enough that you can sleep at night!):

√ COVID Safety Plan: Identify hotels and hostels that clearly demonstrate measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure that this website is as accurate as possible. However, Brilliant Romance Vacations is not responsible for any loss, injury or inconvenience caused to anyone as a result of this information. You should check all travel documents, important health and safety, customs and transport information with the appropriate authorities and agents before traveling. Local writer Erin Allen recounts eight romantic trips to Seattle, Washington, from modern times to whale watching. Orcas Island.

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As I leaned against the emerald fence, the wind blew through my hair, the sun warmed my face, and my husband’s strong arms hugged me. We watched closely as the tall black fins of the killer whale returned from the water. “Here!” We pointed excitedly and he held my hand.

This was not the whale watching trip we paid for; killer whales accompanied our ferry as we glided between the tree-lined San Juan Islands. Everyone was silent.

Eventually the killer whale disappeared into the sapphire waters and my husband and I chatted again. Orcas Island comes into view as the ferry makes a turn. His first impression is delightful: towering evergreens rise behind quaint white buildings with cheerful red roofs. I’m already very attractive.

Some women want a diamond necklace, a dozen long-stemmed red roses, or a box of heart-shaped chocolates. But this is what I love: spending time with your loved one on a quiet island surrounded by nature. We take a deep breath and let the fresh air of Washington fill our lungs and release our stress. In my hometown, we don’t need to book a flight to Paris to enjoy a romantic getaway. Instead, we have these eight romantic getaways in Washington DC.

Most Romantic Cabins In Washington State (& Best Cabins For Groups)

The Chrysalis Inn & Spa is located across Bellingham Bay, overlooking the waterfront in Bellingham’s historic Fairhaven. The three-story lobby is elegant and luxurious, and a curved staircase leads directly to the third floor. Spacious room with stunning views of the bay, cozy fireplace, large bathroom for two with separate shower, aromatherapy and modern design.

But the big draw is the luxury full-service spa. From the relaxing lounge and eucalyptus steam bath where you can unwind and enjoy a refreshing pre-visit drink, to the “digital detox” policy that encourages you to turn off your devices, every detail has been carefully considered. and enjoy the moment.

Choose from their extensive list of massages to experience as a couple, from a classic Swedish massage to one of the most exclusive treatments, such as the Japanese Ashiatsu barefoot massage, the traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, or the relaxing hot stone massage with essential oils. Their sophisticated organic facials are also delightfully relaxing: Special, award-winning facials contain highly concentrated and active levels of organically grown herbs, fruits and flowers that enhance the skin’s ability to regenerate.

After a leisurely day at the spa, unwind with dinner at Keenan’s Pier Hotel’s restaurant. Simple yet elegant Pacific Northwest dishes (capinos with scallops, shellfish and fresh market fish) pair beautifully with fine local wines and panoramic views of the Bellingham Bay sunset.

Washington State Vacation Packages

Historic Davenport has been the epitome of my childhood love. When I first entered the opulent interior, I felt like I was transported to a 1920s palace. A balcony surrounds a two-story lobby with carved ceiling beams, while a glittering grand piano and a babbling indoor fountain sit on the marble floor. Tall potted plants, vibrant floral arrangements, a gold leaf fireplace and Damascus steel furniture complete the look. Climbing the front stairs, I looked out at the ballroom with marble columns, one more elegant than the other, crystal chandeliers glittering from the frescoed parquet floor ceiling.

With towering architecture, a rich history dating back to 1914, and sumptuous interiors, the Davenport Hotel remains Washington’s grandest hotel. Famous guests such as Amelia Earhart and John F. Kennedy add to the hotel’s vibrant history. Luxurious and well-appointed rooms with handcrafted mahogany beds, large marble walk-in showers and deep soaking tubs, fine linens, original oil paintings on canvas and great views of downtown Spokane.

On-site restaurants are popular with locals and hotel guests, from the Palm Court Grill serving upscale American cuisine to the stylish Peacock Room Lounge serving handcrafted cocktails. Sunday brunch is a sumptuous buffet (a feast for the stomach and eyes) featuring cascading chocolate fountains, sparkling mimosas and cold cuts. The lobby espresso bar offers Starbucks coffee, cinnamon rolls, muffins and other homemade cakes to start your day with ease. Made on the spot and sold at Davenport’s Home Store, the signature soft peanut shortbread is particularly addictive.

Davenport Spa offers a variety of treatments such as stress-relieving massages, detoxifying seaweed leaf wraps, rejuvenating sugar scrubs and hot spicy mud wraps. They also offer coloring, waxing, nail care and hair styling. Their courier service (for her and for him) packs the best in 30 minutes to get you ready for the night. Each service includes a glass of champagne and an aromatherapy steam room.

Best Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations In 2022

Six beautiful ground treehouses nestled in dense mossy forests – a trip worthy of the Evergreen State. The house is built around tree trunks and features twisted branches that form a suspension bridge and balustrades leading to them. It seems otherworldly and surreal, like something out of a fairy tale or a Tolkien novel. Each treehouse is a unique labor of love built by the series’ passionate owners.

TreeHouse Point is very different from a typical hotel. From the moment you step foot into this peaceful forest hotel, you will have an unforgettable experience. These cabins are beautiful and your presence in the forest makes them even more special. You can experience a connection with nature on a camping trip, but unlike camping, a treehouse has heating, linens, towels, shampoo and conditioner. Only one treehouse has its own sink and toilet, while the other five share two separate cedar-lined bathrooms. The bathrooms are warm, bright and clean, with luxurious showers and modern fittings.

On the outskirts of TreeHouse Point, there is a cozy nook with a blazing fireplace and shelves of books and board games. Treat yourself to hot coffee and complimentary snacks, and warm up by the fire for a more competitive game of chess.

If the weather is nice, the four-acre lot is a great place to take a walk. It’s refreshing and refreshing, with a babbling stream flowing through a forest of green ferns dotted with ancient trees. For those looking for more adventure and scenery, these trails are only minutes away from some of the best hikes in the Pacific Northwest.

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The white colonial building has black shutters and symmetrical windows, twinkling lights around an expansive porch and tall French doors that overlook Fisherman’s Bay. It’s like being in a Nancy Meyers movie: a classic posh house sets the scene

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