Best Restaurants In Watertown Sd

Best Restaurants In Watertown Sd – The world of travel is starting to feel crowded. The “locals’ secret” continues to reveal the next headline, and big cities lose their charm as they become stylish, visible places. Who wants to go where everyone else has been?

Some days it’s hard to believe there are any secrets left. And yet, Watertown—an idyllic spot in eastern South Dakota—is one of them. It’s a town of 20,000, confused by the big city, with dreams (and secrets) to deal with. No list in London, New York or Paris can surprise you, but this one? Just wait.

Best Restaurants In Watertown Sd

Like all of South Dakota, Watertown has a colorful past. Wild Bill Hickok was shot during a card game in Deadwood, Calamity Jane roamed the Black Hills, and Watertown had ties to the Mafia. Al Capone used the Watertown Railroad for his “business,” and during Prohibition, drivers took advantage of the town’s underground thermal tunnels—tunnels that still exist today.

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The past may need more unpacking – the legalization process has a stalker trail – but the essentials are there. One of the best stops on the menu is the Glacial Lakes Distillery, and if you want, they’ll mix you up with life’s simplest cosmetics. The high plains, glacial waters and mixed lowlands make South Dakota’s brews unique.

When we say batches are “handcrafted,” we mean it. Look at the bottles. It starts at the back? Maybe Phil. Or Cindy’s. Every ounce is processed in small batches and every bottle is filled and labeled by hand. Since each piece is small, guests can eventually come in and make their own. Fingers crossed that DIY ultimately means “do it yourself.”

As the craft beer movement takes the country by storm, the challenge of creating a quality product that stands out from the crowd is immense. Fortunately, Watertown Brewing Company makes it easy. They grow their own hops, brew their own beer and even make cookies from ground grain.

Walk into their downtown and you’ll instantly forget where you are, even if you’ve been on Untappd for years. Craft beer novices should start with Codington Cream Ale (described as a “Lawn Mower” beer), and area connoisseurs opt for Not So Bitter and Kampeska Kold Press. If you’re not sure which way to go, just ask – you’ll probably talk to someone with a beer ID.

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While everything about Watertown Brewing so far may seem strange to the West Coast, their charcuterie plates (yes, they cook, too) are a healthy mix of European and Midwestern. Cheeses and meats that you’ll find in every cafe in Paris, bread made from wheat like their beer, and pickles made in-house… but the portions? They are truly Midwestern and they do it

Kampeska Lake is located on the western edge of Watertown and is a residential only area. You won’t find many accommodations or restaurants here, although the size of the lake warrants it, with more than 13 miles of beach to get your act together on the water.

It’s the perfect place to while away the hours. Start with Prop’s Garlic Burger and add your business card or dollar bill to the roof before heading out to boat, ski, swim or fish for this nationally recognized excellence. (Note: No one can blame you for sitting on a bench and waiting for the sunset.)

And get this: There are two golf courses, a disc golf course, state, county and city parks (all with beaches, boat ramps and playgrounds) on the water, and 30 miles of lake-connecting trails. in the city. Even if you don’t want to go in the water, you have as many places as possible to be as close as possible.

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This is correct? Almost every town seems to have one, and unfortunately most of them aren’t spectacular, except for April the Giraffe and Mei Xiang the Giant Panda. But when Dan “Zooman” Miller is directing, rubbing shoulders with top animal experts, you know you’re in a different league. And so it is at Watertown’s Bramble Park Zoo.

Take a look at the facilities at Bramble Park and you’ll see why Miller is rocking the big wigs. There are 800 animals including 130 species including kangaroos, spider monkeys, tigers, sloths and some hungry ostriches. At $9 for teens and adults, it’s a classic afternoon steal.

Walking into the Globe Theater is an incredible feeling. San Diego’s Balboa Theater also produces words that can’t hang around. The world is full of amazing theaters, but you’ve never seen one like Goss.

The Goss Opera House was built in 1888 and has never been restored. You know that feeling you get when you’re in a real place and you feel like you’ve stepped back in time? That’s what happened to Goss. 100% original, right down to the floor-to-ceiling seating area that would have suited people in the 19th century. It’s almost like the unsinkable man on the Titanic. You will not get a quality product. You get the real deal at the Goss Opera House.

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Oh, and the bottom line? There is a bar, a cafe and a restaurant with a rustic, old town and brick look. This place is huge – and it can be closed.

Let’s face it: some art hurts. Of course it’s really fun. But no one has ever said anything about Terry Redlin and never will. Even his university art teacher looked at his first work and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t teach you anything.”

Walking into the Redlin Art Center is like walking into an all-purpose branch of the Louvre – that’s how good the art is. It only gets better when you visit here

. Before Redlin, a Watertown native, died in 2016, he made sure the arts center got it all. Years before his death, he donated a large percentage of his earnings directly to the center, resulting in a multi-million dollar experience for everyone in the same city where he was born.

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But Redlin and his son made sure the art center wasn’t just about the love of art. His work focuses on nature and as such the landscape. There’s a large patio where you can relax and unwind, walking paths and gazebos for shade (and photo opportunities). Obviously, it’s not just his art that makes him famous.

In the words of Sean Dempsey: “If you want to know everything about pizza, you go to pizza school.” He’s the only certified pizzaiola in South Dakota, and everything he does proves it: Dempsey’s is highly rated on TripAdvisor and Yelp, and his pizza won #1 in his state at the International Pizza Show, placing 10th.

Despite the awards, everything is family at Dempsey. The tables are covered with sheets from Ireland and Austria, postcards and photos from family trips. There are flags on the walls and every square you can think of (Sean’s dad comes in every now and then with bags). The restaurant has been in the family for years, and Sean’s is the latest in a long line of diners.

As for the menu, non-pizzaheads should go for the wiener schnitzel (it’s actually Oma’s recipe) and everyone else, well… You were paying attention, right? But Italian pie or not, if you see Sean walking around, ask him to tell you what it’s like to get 20 pounds of flour through airport security.

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Most chocolatiers stop at good chocolate, most lovers stop at good wine – Watertown Confectionery has combined the two and “Ghost Town Winery” is code for the magic that goes down.

There is a barn, and visitors to the bakery can try their hand at making it. Watertown Confectionery offers wine boxes and bottles, and after fermentation you design your logo – they take care of the printing – and add your creation. Who said you can’t make your own wine?

And what is the best pair of handmade liquids? Handmade Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. But you probably knew that.

Harry’s Haircuts & Hot Towels isn’t just a catchy bar name – it’s exactly what it says. The door on the right leads to a barber chair made of black leather with a film ready for shaving (you can try sitting on the gray and red plane if you want), the door on the left holds straight hair.- this barber. You are welcome to do one or the other, but why both?

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Pro tip: The chislic here is the best in town. If you really do South Dakota, order a South Dakota martini. And since that sentence is lost on you, chislic is basically stuffed, served with minced pork.

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