Best Restaurants In Sutton Coldfield

Best Restaurants In Sutton Coldfield – Home to one of the UK’s largest parks, Sutton Park, covering 2,224 acres, it’s no wonder Sutton Coldfield is a stop for many. Another big attraction is the city’s Kingsbury Water Park, where visitors can enjoy boating, sailing and even flying!

All of this will whet your appetite, so you’ll be happy to know that Sutton Coldfield has many great restaurants, ready and waiting to please you.

Best Restaurants In Sutton Coldfield

Because we know the place well, we have to share ten of our favorite Sutton Coldfield restaurants with you. Whether you’re craving a classic British lunch or a perfect meal, we’ve got you covered. Eat well!

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If you have a train in Sutton Coldfield, the station will be one of the first places you see.

Near the train station, this rustic bar and restaurant offers a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere. Their menu includes staples like nachos, homemade pizza, mac n cheese, and fish and chips. They serve a variety of craft beers and it’s impossible not to indulge yourself here.

Of course, vegetarian and vegan options are also available, perfect if you have a diet.

Open every day from noon to late, you can have lunch or dinner here and stay longer than you want. It happened while we were gone! Sutton also has a lovely beer garden to take advantage of the sunshine.

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Fun is one of the reasons we spend most of our time here! If you visit on Thursday or Sunday, you can enjoy a few drinks and participate in one of their quizzes. Live bands and DJs are always on the beer garden stage, as is the night of the show.

Great food, great drinks and a fun atmosphere – it’s no surprise that this is one of our favorite restaurants in Sutton Coldfield.

In the heart of historic Sutton Park, where you will spend a day exploring, come here for dinner and watch the sunset and enjoy a unique meal. Sutton is one of Coldfield’s most popular restaurants and no wonder.

Good food is seasonal, so it can change every year. Well, what we can guarantee is that the chefs only use the freshest ingredients. After all, food is seasonal.

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Regardless of the season, you will find all the menu items and steaks. With different types of fish, pizza and desserts. The friendly staff adds to the great location and view here, and if you want to drink coffee and relax to see, you are welcome too.

There are two areas where you can enjoy your meal: a more indoor area overlooking Bracebridge Pool and Park, or a more outdoor area where you can dine under the light like a star.

This is just the best restaurant in Sutton Coldfield for a rainy day! This microbrewery is located in a historic building with a beautiful fireplace and tall Edison bulbs on the red brick wall. Instagram is valuable in every way.

Of course, if it is sunny, you can take advantage of the large beer garden of the building. The beautiful wood and brick are still there, too, and there is another beautiful fireplace.

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As for the food, the food is mostly American and British cuisine. Try the recipe – home-marinated roast chicken, pale ale and moist preserves! It’s as good as it tastes, trust us.

When it comes to food and beer pairings, we can’t recommend Brewers IPA Battered Fish and Chips enough. There are also vegan and vegetarian options and small menus to ensure that there is something for everyone.

Some people don’t come here for the food. There are ‘Knowledge Days’ held throughout the year. These include brewing classes, whiskey and beer pairings, gin masterclasses and beer masterclasses.

It is easy to spend a day here if you choose their experience and delicious food.

New Hall Hotel & Spa

If you’re like us, even if you’re away from adventure, you need a place to hide for the little things. A friendly cafe with an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and attentive, but not in a hurry – it’s just what you need. The window box is just a restaurant.

Here you will enjoy a variety of dishes with fresh beans, small loose leaves and many vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner, the focus is on simple, healthy service. For what we recommend, try the autotoast – sliced ​​avocado, poached egg on toast with chilli sauce or haloumi pitta with pomegranate.

There are cakes and desserts – especially the very popular banana bread.

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Whether you’re coming for breakfast or brunch, this is a great option. There are also tables outside, so you can enjoy it when the weather is nice.

Where can you find mouthwatering burgers, steaks and the best Sunday roast in Sutton Coldfield? With a small size, Funky Bear is one of the best in the area and you will really get your money’s worth!

The whole feeling here is laid back, dim, and the interior lighting just adds to the atmosphere when it’s dark outside. Like many of our favorite restaurants in Sutton Coldfield, Funky Beer has a lovely outdoor area for al fresco dining.

We tried the BBQ burger, which came with pulled pork, and the vegetarian beer calzone with vegetarian cheddar, marinated tofu, red onion and sweet pepper. Both are doing very well. There is also a drinks menu with a variety of wines and cocktails.

Ryder Grill: Sunday Lunches At The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield

On Sunday, everything is chicken, beef or pork, and it’s all rich red wine gray. It looks as good and tastes as good as it sounds! When it comes to cooking, this is one of the best restaurants in Sutton Coldfield.

The locals know how good this place is, so it can be a lot of work. Don’t get stuck in line – the staff are helpful and don’t make you wait long. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they always make sure you are satisfied.

We all want every bite to taste as good as the last – that’s why Bean Green Kitchen is one of our favorite Sutton Coldfield restaurants.

If you’re like us, you try to support local independent businesses when you visit – you know it’s not a chain as soon as you walk into Bean Green. Here you will meet good employees who contribute to a good environment for customers.

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The menu is full of healthy options and options, including daily soups, protein shakes, beetroot wraps and sandwiches. If you have afternoon tea or coffee, try the homemade cookies.

All main dishes are made to order using fresh ingredients. Therefore, there may be a short wait for your meal. But it’s worth it because the food is always delicious.

Here’s a lesson we learned at the Old School House – Sutton Coldfield might just be the best place for English food. Expect good British food here, always good.

But you’ll get a camera when you get there! The building was built in the 1800s, so there is a lot of interesting architecture together with many modern decorations. Hardwood floors, gray and white walls, wooden tables and old school windows put this restaurant in the center of light and a natural atmosphere that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Bk Sutton Coldfield

The staff is eager to make you feel at home and settled in right away. Grab a few of their delicious drinks, then grab the ‘Daily Menu’ and browse. With so many choices, it takes time to choose.

If you start with something small, there is a lot in the “pool” department. We recommend trying the delicious Biltong or Veggie Sliders. Fish and chips, steak and ale pie and chicken nuggets for mains were expected for us, but you can enjoy fries or wings.

If the weather is nice, grab a local ale and sit outside

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