Best Restaurants In St Sauveur

Best Restaurants In St Sauveur – Saint-Sô, as it is affectionately called by its residents, is a working community that, in recent years, has welcomed many young families and businesses looking for a real community spirit. Welcome to the humble city!

To discover the little treasures hidden in Saint-Sauveur, you should take the main shopping street, rue Saint-Vallier Ouest. Every now and then you’ll find great neighborhood restaurants, cafes, bakeries, pubs, bars, great independent shops… Or, on the corners of the surrounding streets you’ll find Asian shops, handicrafts. Shops and businesses that stand the test of time and trends!

Best Restaurants In St Sauveur

A strong community spirit that unites the residents of Saint-Sauveur can be seen in their events that aim to bring together residents and others who want to enjoy a happy atmosphere. On Saturdays in the summer, do your grocery shopping at the Durocher Park Public Market, a civic initiative featuring more than a dozen vendors (fruits, vegetables, flowers, food).

Menu Of Le Rio, St Sauveur, Montreal

Due to the residents’ desire to come together, several open spaces are designed for them to meet and transform into a truly local town: a refreshing break from the sidewalk, litter boxes, terraces and “conversation areas” where people talk. You can’t visit Saint-Sauveur without making new friends!

In the mid-19th century, French-Canadian workers working in Saint-Roch settled in Saint-Sauveur. For a long time, it was a working class and residential area outside the city walls. Now, inspired by the energy of young people setting up shop on rue Saint-Vallier Oest, Saint-So is on the rise!

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