Best Restaurants In Southend

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Southend, England, hasn’t shaken its reputation as a dirty and run-down seaside town, but dine in Southend’s best restaurants and you just might change your mind. The best of Essex just keeps getting better, especially around the western borders of Westcliff, Chalkwell and Leigh-on-Sea. Like Margate, it also attracts a wave of young families and creative types, and its burgeoning food scene reflects this new demographic. In addition to the inevitable Italian and seafood spots, there’s also a new generation of vegetarian and international comfort food and ambitious seasonal spots. They are all less than an hour from London. Start planning your next meal now with our guide to the best restaurants in the South End.

Best Restaurants In Southend

Restaurant concept. Sinister, huh? Not so here. This little place in Leigh has a short menu that changes daily, which is like a hymn to smart seasonal cooking. Behold, summer peas and pods with cream. Fennel kimchi with pork belly. Variety of peach, apple and raspberry butter. At £45 per person for four meals plus snacks, that’s a bargain too.

Year Old Loves Oysters !

It would be easy to miss Osborne Bros, sitting in the shadow of the Crooked Billet pub next door, but it’s worth seeking out. The grocery store is located in converted barns, with a picnic bench sitting out back and front facing the ocean. Most people here will choose between a plate of escargot, which you should definitely choose. Alternatively (or, well, why stop at cocktails?) you can have some delicious pots of prawns, eels, oysters and other pickles.

The restaurant at this stylish boutique hotel is a testament to Southend’s rising stock. Fresh from The Langham in London, chef Simon Webb has created a fish menu full of exquisite and innovative details. Colchester oysters with pine nuts and sorrel? Scallops with pickled apples and alexander? Hoggetts with pickled roses? oh oh

It might not look like much from the outside, but The Pipe is on: a sawdust-and-candle filled wine shop that also serves wicked pies and other delicious, smoky British classics. Also, the excellent wine list is 150 bottles strong, with 40 taps per glass or carafe. So put hangovers on the search.

If the Olivers were any closer to the water, they would sink. Fortunately, that’s not the case: this little place on the estuary offers a good variety of high-end coffees, from breakfast to lunch. It’s kind of a cool inspiration: anywhere that serves a can of sardines with sourdough and aioli, along with fresh coleslaw and fries, and old-fashioned desserts is fine.

Pavillion Fish & Chips Emporium

The plant caterpillar does not have to mean beans and despair, as the oak proves. This trendy cafe and restaurant, all with gray paneled seating and seating by Farrow & Ball, serves a variety of vegetarian dishes on culinary classics: curry satay, mac and cheese, homemade waffles, and a fake ice cream in the middle. Has the sun risen? Make the garden complete the green dream.

Navana only opened in 2017 but has quickly become a local favorite. The decor is quite opulent and the menu is sushi, so try the smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls or the tiger prawn gonkan nigiri and kewpie mayonnaise. But the tapas-like small plates and entrees are where things get really fancy. Test your culinary skills with Thai Shetland mussels and British green ramen. The bento lunch boxes are also a nice touch.

The first thing you’ll notice about San Fairié Ann is the decor. A fancy upscale junk shop can be understated. It’s elegant, charming and a bit messy. And what about the food? Cozy and heavy food in the French style of the Dauphinois, you will not leave the genre. There are cocktails to start with and strong coffees to wake you up after all the greasy, meaty drinks in between. Oh no no.

Every city needs its evergreen Italian restaurant and Piccolo’s is Southend’s. You know the drill: busy ATMs, bottles of wine on the walls, and a surprisingly extensive list of antipasti, pasta, pizza, and meats (plus a very reasonable Italian wine list). It even sells some import-only Italian wardrobe staples.

The Royal Hotel Restaurant, Southend

Bidayna. It’s a folded flatbread sandwich from the Emilia-Romagna culinary region of Italy that comes filled with all kinds of cream cheese, salty meat, and spicy salads. You don’t see them around here often, which makes the fact that they’re a specialty of this little restaurant in Westcliff a welcome surprise. Be sure to leave room for one or three sweet cannoli.

It may be an unassuming chest, but its French-inspired menu and salty views of the Toulouse sea make it a local spot. except for a few

Audio material – Sea urchin mayonnaise, anyone? The menu elegantly sticks to reliable flavors like grilled oysters and lamb chops with cranberries and lavender. good wine list too.

Even perusing the menu at Legend Deli requires calories, but who could resist things like buttermilk chicken burgers with sausage, flat steak, kimchi “big bowl” ramen, halloumi fries, and honestly, bites of fried lasagna? None for your vegetarian friends.

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We’ll be specific: head straight to the cafe at the timeless Essex icon. All about homemade fudge ice cream. Tomasi makes the towering, creamy, cherry-filled sugar bombs that are pretty rare in 21st century society. He is the glorious Knickerbocker.

Why You’re Going For blaring local music and interesting vegan fast food in a smart stack.

You can tell a pub has character when its sign is a picture of local blues rocker and “Game of Thrones” performer Wilco Johnson. But the allure here goes beyond music: The 100 percent animal-free menu includes jackfruit burgers, jungle tofu curries, seitan Caesar salads, mac and cheese, and a stack of vegan pizzas. Veganism: It’s the new rock, after all.

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Best Takeaways In Southend According To Tripadvisor Reviews

But while we all have a favorite place to eat in the city, where is the best place to eat?

TripAdvisor has compiled a list of the best restaurants and cafes in the South End, based on the number of customer reviews and ratings.

So here are the top 10 places to eat in the city according to TripAdvisor and why reviewers think you should visit:

“And I will definitely be back. Not only a great host, but also the most amazing food. Like anything you would normally get in the UK.”

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It may not have as many reviews as other places on the list, but Cubanos comes in second with 153 out of 169 reviews to give it five stars.

The cafe, on Elmsleigh Drive, Leigh, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is a place many reviewers say is a must-visit for foodies.

“Food is great as always. Helpful staff. Hands down the best sausage I have ever eaten.

One five-star reviewer says: “My husband and I visit Southend at least once a year, if not more, and when we do we always dine at Padrino.

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What can I say? From the moment you enter the restaurant to the moment you leave, the service is fantastic from all the staff.

It also has a high five-star rating (174 out of 199) and has a variety of lunches and dinners to choose from.

Explaining why they thought it was the best Italian restaurant in town, one reviewer said: “We have been to this lovely Italian restaurant since it opened and cannot recommend it highly enough.

“Every time we go we are never disappointed and we have started to work on the menu that we love with each dish.

Our Food — Smokey’s Meat Shack

In addition to classic Mexican dishes like fajitas and tacos, it also serves classic dishes like steak, pizza, and pasta.

One reviewer said: “We drove to Southend from London for the day and googled this restaurant. OMG it was amazing.”

“We went with our three picky kids but they loved the food, they are large portions.

“Well worth a visit, good value for money. We even took a doggy bag home and picked it up the next day, which was absolutely delicious.

Shook Kelley: Projects

In sixth place was Revolution Bar on Queens Road, Southend, with 696 out of 848 five-star reviews.

Cucina Italian restaurant on West Broadway, Lee, is seventh on the list, with one in 763 people giving it five stars and saying it deserves a higher rating.

Barru’s Turkish restaurant, on Hamlet Court Road, Westcliff, came eighth on the list with 318 five-star reviews out of a possible 386.

Legend Deli, in Sutton Road, Southend, came in ninth place and The Bellhouse in Rayleigh Road, Leigh, came in tenth on the list.

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