Best Restaurants In Footscray

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Footscray has quickly become a place for foodies in Melbourne as new restaurants and cafes are always opening. From American roasts to Vietnamese, fish and chips, and fine dining, here are some of our favorite Footscray restaurants.

Best Restaurants In Footscray

And if you want to dig deeper, here are the 50 best restaurants in Melbourne right now.

Where To Eat In Melbourne: 65+ Delicious Restaurants

Dong Ba on Hue may not have the flavor of bo bun, but it is one of the best examples of this noodle soup in Melbourne. Lemongrass-based beef broth contains unique lemongrass (like real lemongrass) and is balanced by thick rice noodles and soft chili with slices of rare or overcooked beef, bloody jelly, pork loin, and tangy raw onion slices. . Not surprisingly, locals flock to Dong Ba from early morning to enjoy a spa hot soup.

A shipping container turned creme caramel, Rudimentary has grown like a metal mushroom from the site of a former Footscray parking lot. Yes, this is coarse Footscray, an area that was once famous for its cheap Vietnamese street restaurants rather than bustling breakfast-goers. We wish we were one of the lucky locals living here contentedly with our MacBooks and a few grilled latte. Locals have 7-day access with Chef Shane Donnelly (owner of nearby Yellow Ledbetter Café, former Duchess of Spotswood). Anyone serving steamed pork for breakfast is fine. Especially when served with pork-scratch-style pork ear flakes, two perfectly fried eggs, and slices of sourdough with red chili and sweet and sour tamarind sauce. Mixture. But with Shane who loves pork, there’s beef. How do you choose between sourdough toast with gypsy ham, homemade waffles with crunchy pancetta, or bite-sized pork belly? Chewing caramel pork then?

Diego Portela Carreno (former Lake House and Annie Smithers Bistrot) and his wife Beck Howell are behind Small Graces. Carreño’s fine dining is central to authentic, healthy brunch dishes made with ingredients ethically sourced from Victorian farmers. The café has an intimate community feel that symbolizes the events. Antique furniture, cozy padded banquet halls, plenty of green space, stacks of books to keep the snarling kids entertained, and plenty of outdoor space for pets. The menu is seasonal and everything is handcrafted, from sriracha, peanut butter and sourdough to pickles.

Pho Tam is not the trendiest restaurant in Footscray, there are some restaurants that brazenly show their shabby feel. But that means it’s one of the most beloved Vietnamese attractions in the suburbs. Pho’s perfect takeaway is marinated sweet beef and chicken broth garnished with a selection of chopped or boiled meats, herbs and spices in his kitchen, but he’s far from the only dish he’s good at. Vietnamese congee is a popular and well-balanced order with po la lute (beef roasted on betel leaves), nook mam cham, and banh bot lot (tapioca dumplings wrapped in banana leaves and stuffed with caramelized shrimp and pork). And anchovy soup, my mother’s bread. It may seem strange that Pho Tam opens its doors from 8am every day, but that is just a testament to its loyal local followers.

Up In Smoke

On Irving Street is Café Kongo, which serves bowls of curried pulses on plates of sponge and sour injera. Chopped peas, red lentils, green lentils, cabbage, and beets are cooked with spices and served on a plate of traditional Ethiopian bread for just $14. Traditionally, coffee is served in a clay pot and poured over the table with ribs. Vegetarian buffets and festive evenings are regularly held, as well as hot tea and coffee parties.

We start with the dessert, as we may not get the inside information that one of the servers gave us. All three desserts on the Up in Smoke list are desirable, but Highlander said, “There can only be one!” FASHION – This banana cream pie is uncompromising. Now we know why. The sturdy crumb base, velvety banana caramel filling, and creamy filling are amazing. A sweet, yet painless, refreshing sip will have you screaming “God bless America!” So save your precious stomach space. Although Footscray seems rare in American BBQ restaurants, the place is full of gangs on Sunday nights.

Locals and steak lovers can choose from a menu offering premium Australian grass-fed and grain-fed steaks, including the 300g Great Southern Pinnacle Porterhouse and the 200g Sher Wagyu. Modern and creative specialties do not stray far from the world of beer, and main courses are well suited to pub cravings with tandoori and juicy steaks. Thoughtful beer notes are engraved on the chalkboards around the bar, six taps for Carlton and Europayles, and four local craft beers for fashionistas. The station willingly embraces the old and new Footscray app.

Co Thu Quan can serve up more familiar Vietnamese dishes like rice noodles and rice paper rolls, but Melbourne Vietnamese Restaurant specializes in less well-known northern dishes. Co Thu Quan’s signature paper rice salad, in which rice paper is simply seasoned before being mixed with dried meat, herbs, peanuts, dried shrimp, oranges and boiled quail eggs, is the hallmark of Co Thu Quan. Charcoal grilled pork dishes became a popular dish as they became more sophisticated.

Royal Footscray Cafe, Footscray, Melbourne

If you ask Footscray locals what they eat for lunch, they usually ask you to bring banh mi. and where? Our recommendation is Nhu Lan. The photo shows Banh Mei with the pig’s skin removed. It’s also cheaper than the train tickets you buy to get there.

During the day, this Footscray bakery serves five-pound cakes with jaffles (mac and cheese, bacon, eggs or meatballs) and a variety of spreads. But at night, they take their cocktail shakers, make lemon pie cocktails, and drink old brews. They also add a little bit of alcohol to their baked goods and some rum to their pecan and vanilla pie. They use local bread, milk, butter and eggs and make their own barbecue and tomato sauce. And if your loved one deserves a treat, you can order a tray of eight giant cookies, a chocolate cake tray, or a birthday chess cake. And because Melbourne is so inclusive, they have vegan bagels and vegan cheese spreads. Everyone wins.

Slice Shop Pizza offers 18-inch pizza slices and costs $5 per slice. Steve Kimonides and Raphael Guthrie, co-owners of Burn City Smokers, have turned smoked meats into giant homemade pizza on a project. Executive Chef Tanno Pinnino has spent several weeks developing the pizza base, carefully making sure that the slices don’t lose their structural integrity while rolling.

They spoil Malaysian curry and some laksa at a pan-Asian restaurant, but we’re all about roti. A thin, napkin buttery cake flies quickly and loosely around Footscray. Occasionally, team members come out from behind the table and roll dough in the air like nuns.

Good For Groups

Ebi makes great Japanese British fish and chips and it works perfectly. Don’t shout “Banzai!” (Yes!) Dried seaweed in a plump, rectangular blue bottle in a bronze beer mixture, topped with crunchy flakes and sweet Kewpie mayonnaise. Order a vibrant green salad with Japanese pickles, lotus root, and sesame dressing to help eliminate the greasy feeling. This small shop also sells bento boxes, tofu cheesecakes, and legendary bouncy vegetable balls, making it a prime brunch spot for local hospital staff. If taken by medical professionals, would it be a green light for all of us?

The crowd is testament to the dinner and can be found at 8 Bit, a video game-style burger restaurant on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. This place is for business and the burgers are made straight out of the box, as fast as you can say “pacman”. Burger makers carefully stack the toppings, retracting for a moment before whisking the top of the ingredients, wrapping them in pixelated paper, and serving them straight up in cardboard containers. Double Dragon is the way to go. Double the meat, double the meat

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