Best Resorts In Tasmania

Best Resorts In Tasmania – The tiny island nation of Tasmania has plenty of attractions lined up by magazines, but the accommodation available along the way is a luxury experience in itself.

Some of the lodges are so stunning that people travel to Tasmania just to stay in lodges, but there are plenty of great natural experiences outside of the luxury lodges. Read our article on what not to miss in Tasmania here.

Best Resorts In Tasmania

There are many options when it comes to types of accommodation, from luxury resorts to private islands. Some of the accommodations below also offer unique experiences, from dining on fresh oysters from the sea on a table in the shallows to beekeeping.

Strahan Accommodation: Wheelhouse Luxury Apartments

Pumphouse Point is located in the Central Highlands, 100 minutes from Hobart. Pumphouse Point is an industrial building located in the middle of Lake St. Clair has been converted into a hotel, accessible by jet. There are rooms and restaurants inside the industrial building on the lake and also on the ground floor next to the beach.

It is one of the best places to stay in the country, with 18 rooms, 2 restaurants (and rooms with storage rooms), amazing lake views and local gourmet food.

They also have an adults only policy, so just expect to hear the sound of the pool blasting through the building. Rates range from $350-$720 per night.

The Captain’s Cottage is a one bedroom cottage originally built for a ship captain in the 1800’s. It has been renovated into boho chic accommodation with free wifi and Netflix. Located near the city’s CBD and Salamanca area, it costs $227 a night.

Richmond Tasmania Accommodation

Freycinet Lodge is one of Tasmania’s top hotels located in Coles Bay National Park surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains.

It has more than 8 different types of rooms of different sizes and features ranging in price from $270-$700 per night.

The location is 2 hours 40 minutes drive from Hobart and has 3 restaurants to choose from. They offer bay cruises, scenic flights, sea kayaking and even the chance to enjoy oysters straight out of the water while eating at a table in the shallows.

Saffire Freycinet received awards from the Luxury Travel Magazine Gold List in 2018 and the QANTAS Australia Tourism Awards. This luxury property is located on the stunning east coast in Coles Bay, 2 hours and 40 minutes drive from Hobart.

Hotel With A Heritage Building, Modern Rooms, And Delicious Food

They offer a spa and activities for local products such as beekeeping. The three suites are priced from $2,100-$2,800 per night and come with a variety of amenities, including spectacular views and private pools. There are three ways to eat, from upscale restaurants to dine-in.

On the east coast of Tasmania, Piermont is a hidden gem near Swansea (1 hour 40 minutes from Hobart), overlooking Great Oyster Bay.

It’s a peaceful escape, with private beaches and a restaurant serving local produce such as oysters and wallabies.

There are five deluxe suites and a restaurant stocked with fresh local produce. Rates range from $295-$495 per night.

Thousand Lakes Wilderness Lodge

Satellite Island is a private island in the southern part of the region with a private residence. This is great for experiencing the Tasmanian sea up close and personal.

This island is located in the south of Tasmania and can be reached by boat, helicopter or car (1 hour 40 minutes by car). To rent the island alone, prices start at $250 per night and go up to $300 per night, the price includes gourmet dining and utilities.

The perfect way to experience Tasmania is to combine the local flavors with the beauty of the desert, making it an Australian travel bucket list. Tasmania is truly a blessing for us locals – from the range of gourmet products to the famous markets and rugged wilderness, is there anything apple cider can’t do well? Another area where Tassie excels – great places to rest your head.

From desert hideaways to fun deco hotels and resorts, we’ve done the hard work for you and found the ultimate list of Tasmania’s best hotels. Plan your next vacation and thank us later.

Breathtaking Stays In Tasmania

Secret, peaceful, mysterious. This is Tasmania on its plains. Launching on the Tassie tourism scene in 2017, Pumphouse Point quickly became a sensation and is often booked months in advance. This adults-only desert retreat is mysteriously nestled in the middle of a glacial lake, embraced by bushland and invites you to connect with nature. In contrast to the rugged desert, expect fine touches such as a farm-to-table restaurant, a house with the best local produce, a full wine cellar and locally made goods that reflect the beauty of the lake. Do you like? You must do so. Check out one of Tasmania’s best hotels for your dream getaway.

If you’re looking for a unique stay with a historic feel, you can’t go wrong with Peppers Silo Launceston. Bringing history to life on the banks of the Tamar River, a beautiful hotel is built in a heritage grain silo 1960. The beautiful place has been transformed into a nine-story hotel, combining the original silo into a renovated look with well-decorated, modern rooms. Expect lush interiors and earthy wood tones to complement the natural surroundings, breathtaking river views and private balconies to soak up the Launceston vibe. Sample world-renowned Tasmanian produce at The Silo Cafe’s Grain or explore Launceston’s thriving dining scene, conveniently located on your doorstep.

In South Hobart, you will find the Islington Hotel located on Davie Street. With 11 rooms, the Islington is housed in a building from 1847 – which has been modernized – and offers spectacular views of Mount Wellington. In the corridors and rooms of Islington you will find an ancient and interesting collection of interesting works of art. Even better? They have an amazing restaurant on site that celebrates only the best local, seasonal produce. Treat yourself and order a tasting menu from $65 per person. The Islington Hotel ticks all the boxes as one of Tasmania’s best hotels.

We couldn’t write about Tasmania’s best hotels without including the cream of the crop. Stunning from every angle, Saffire Freycinet has recently been named the best luxury boutique hotel in the world. Enough said. But we will resist, because, well, we are in love. This is as luxurious as it gets – three delicious meals cooked during your stay, drinks from the hotel’s generous cellar, full minibars, private pools and an eclectic mix of traditional and modern furnishings. View the stunning mountains of The Hazards, lit up in a spectacular display of sunset colors every evening. Saffire Freycinet encourages you to experience all that the Tassie East Coast has to offer and it definitely deserves a place at the top of your list.

Luxury Hotel In Tasmania

Imagine staying in a luxury hotel, surrounded by amazing art right outside the museum. Mona Pavilions is calling your name. The famous Tasmanian Museum of Modern Art has a small collection of boutique hotel rooms that will bring your artistic dreams to life. As well as the kind of sophisticated service you’d expect to enjoy in a five-star hotel, Mona’s long list of extras includes themed rooms inspired by great Australian artists, breakfast at the Source restaurant, your own private wine cellar, a hot tub, a modern kitchen (not that you’ll need it), and a microbrewery. and a winery on the property. Just 15 minutes’ drive from the Hobart CBD, this stunning location on a secluded peninsula on the Derwent River will make you feel like you’ll never want to leave.

Bruny Island is a secluded pocket of natural paradise, with stunning cliff-top views, thriving wildlife and next-level gourmet local produce. Of course, you expect any hotel to match the amazing location and 43 Degrees Bruny Island certainly does. Located in Adventure Bay, these custom-built villas are furnished to the nines with a private patio, garden, hot tub and a famous breakfast, ranked as one of the best in the area. Despite the beauty of nature right outside your door, these modern and spacious homes are one of those places that are so relaxing that you don’t even want to leave. Whether you’ve escaped to Bruny Island for a romantic holiday, a walking holiday or a family holiday, 43 Degrees has your back as one of the best hotels in Tasmania.

If your idea of ​​luxury living leans toward timeless elegance rather than modern minimalism, you’re about to fall in love with this modern mountain retreat. Located on the edge of Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park, Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge puts you in the heart of the mountain wilderness—with luxury amenities, of course. Enjoy your hot tub as you look out over the Tasmanian hinterland of primeval forests and roaring rivers, with your private fire roaring and vino in hand. This is what we call sad. Enjoy a visit to the Waldheim Alpine Spa, which offers a range of rejuvenating treatments, perfect for soaking up after a long day exploring the country’s stunning scenery. Peppers Cradle Mountain easily ranks as one of the best hotels in Tasmania.

The Henry Jones Art Hotel has been a staple of Hobart’s hotel scene and has recently undergone a major refurbishment of its 52 rooms and 4 suites. It was put in

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