Best Resorts In Chile

Best Resorts In Chile – When summer heats up in the Northern Hemisphere, this South American country is a great choice for skiers and snowboarders.

Beginners and pros alike fly from all over the world to experience the feel of a southern winter at world-class ski resorts.

Best Resorts In Chile

Chile has 17 ski resorts, more than 350 km of trails and 121 ski lifts. They have great terrain for all abilities, from soft beginner trails to professional backcountry and off-piste trails.

Best Resorts In The World

If you don’t want to wait another six months to hit the slopes, we’ll show you the best off-season ski and snowboard resorts in Chile. In addition, you will learn the following:

So get ready to explore the ski resort with amazing snow trails, bluebird days and stunning views of the Andes. While you’re at it, don’t hesitate to try some great wine from a Chilean vineyard after your fun on the slopes.

It is the oldest ski area in northern Chile and offers you the opportunity to ski. In 2022, the ski resort will celebrate its 73rd anniversary.

It is a destination for top skiers and snowboarders because of its high mountains and advanced terrain. Beginners and intermediates are welcome, but there are a few gentle slopes.

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This is the best place if you want to avoid the crowds, as it limits the number of lift tickets available for sale per day. Skiers will enjoy the stunning views of the Andes Mountains and the emerald surface of the Laguna del Inca.

This resort is located in the beautiful area of ​​Valparaiso, 160 km from Santiago, the capital of Chile. The nearest town is Los Andes, and this resort abuts the shores of Lake Inca.

Guests arrive at Santiago International Airport and take a bus, taxi or rental car to the resort, which is a two-hour drive from the city.

The resort has 23 out of 35 lanes served by 14 lifts. “va et vient” (to and fro) lifts are called “Slingshots” because they travel vertically.

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Guests enjoy the resort’s relaxed atmosphere and stunning views of the Andes. They also love the ski showcase featuring the Chilean red wines offered during Wine Week.

When you’re ready to retire after a full day on the slopes, you can relax at the tan Hotel Portillo. It is a dedicated hotel with excellent accommodation and dining options. You can also find more affordable accommodation options than resorts.

It is the smallest of Los Tres Valles de Los Andes (Three Valleys of the Andes), which includes the states of El Colorado and Valle Nevado. The resort features mountain villages and snow-carpeted scenery.

La Parva is a popular ski resort for luxury condo owners in Santiago. It has trails for all abilities, from beginners to professional skiers and snowboarders.

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La Parva is located in the mountains of Barnechea, 50 km from Santiago. It takes 1.5 hours to reach the resort from the capital, but the travel time depends on the road conditions.

Winners will arrive at Santiago International Airport, rent a car or use a shuttle service to the resort.

La Parva has more than 106 kilometers of unbroken roads. The trail includes advanced ski and snowboard trails. Together with their sister resorts in Tres Valle, they offer the most diverse range of thrill seekers in South America.

La Parva Resort is known for hosting snow events such as PowderQuest Women’s Freeride Camp and Eye of the Condor. In addition, downhill skiing is sanctioned by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and often attracts international teams from France and the United States. For this reason, it is not unusual to meet people who ski and ski.

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The resort consists of two ski areas: El Colorado and Farellones – both located above the two interconnected villages of Villa Colorado and Villa Farellones.

Unlike its sister resorts, this ski resort is more accessible to locals. It’s very popular with Gen Y, who love the stunning scenery and vibrant Farellon nightlife. This resort is more convenient as it is close to Santiago.

El Colorado is 54 kilometers from Santiago. It also takes 1.5 hours to reach the resort from the capital of Chile. From Santiago, the G-21 is the best route, and after a steady steep climb, it will take you to Farellon.

Guests arrive at Santiago International Airport, rent a 4×4 SUV or take a bus to the resort.

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The resort is 3,333 meters above sea level and receives plenty of snow throughout the ski season.

The ski area consists of 22 trails covering 1,110 acres and is served by 16 lifts. Paths can accommodate all abilities and are defined as follows.

The ski resort has a dedicated area known as Santa Teresita for experienced professionals who like to push the limits.

Located in northern Chile, Valle Nevado is the highest ski resort in the Latin American country at nearly 10,000 feet above sea level.

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Also part of the Three Valleys Resort, it is accessible as it is the closest ski resort to Santiago. In addition, the resort is known as one of the most modern destinations in South America, with plenty of snow and extensive skiing.

Valle Nevado is modeled after a French resort, so it resembles Les Arcs in France. In 2001, it became the first ski resort in Chile to open a FIS approved terrain park.

As an IKON card holder, you can get a 10% discount on lift tickets, ski rental services and hotel services.

Guests arrive at Santiago International Airport, rent a 4 x 4 SUV or take a bus to the resort.

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The resort offers 2,200 skiable acres and 45 spectacular runs with 18 state-of-the-art lifts. The routes are defined as follows.

Due to their high altitude, the ski resorts have the best snow, which lasts longer than their sister resorts.

This unique ski area is located on the southern slopes of the Andes and offers skiers a variety of terrain and beautiful views.

This ski resort is home to Las Tres Marias, the longest ski run in South America, which stretches for about 13 km. It includes three active volcanoes and is a feast for tree skiing and hot spring enthusiasts.

Best Hotels In Chile

The resort is located in the Bio Bio region of southern Chile, six hours from Santiago. You can also take a three-hour flight from Concepcion, 194 km away. A tour of Santiago takes visitors through spectacular views of vineyards and mountains.

Nevados de Chillan has 23 pistes covering 34 km of ski area served by 13 lifts. Medan supports people of all abilities. However, there are great off-road and hiking opportunities for experienced snow enthusiasts.

After a fun day on the slopes, you can visit the legendary Thermal Water Park, which has four pools with volcanic hot springs.

From skiing past steaming volcanoes to rappelling down the very slopes of Portillo, the Chilean Andes are the perfect winter escape.

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The country has a variety of skiing and snowboarding terrain, making it a great winter sports destination. The world-renowned ski resort offers fun activities for all abilities with excellent accommodations, dining, and great ski-in/ski-out views.

When you retire after a fun day on the slopes, don’t forget to taste the world-famous Chilean wines and gaze at the stars in the clear sky.

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