Best Psychics In Pittsburgh

Best Psychics In Pittsburgh – Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — The actor who played Miss Cleo, the Jamaican psychic who 15 years ago claimed to know visitors’ futures in infomercials and ubiquitous TV ads, has died of cancer.

The Psychic Readers Network commissioned Harris to take on the role of Miss Cleo in the late 1990s – embracing her family’s Jamaican heritage for the role – to encourage viewers to call in for free psychic readings.

Best Psychics In Pittsburgh

But these “toll-free” calls cost consumers nearly $1 billion because customers who called the toll-free number were redirected to a 900 number that charged $4.99 per minute. About 6 million people made such calls, spending an average of $60, the FTC said.

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The parent company of Psychic Readers Network offered clients a $500 million settlement in a 2002 settlement. After the settlement, Harris voiced a character in the video game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” where she advocated for gay rights after coming out. a lesbian.

In 2014, she appeared in the documentary “Beolíne” about the lives of telephone psychics, telephone sex workers and suicide prevention experts. Tony Schaaf, the film’s producer, described her as “warm, welcoming and larger than life”.

Although Harris claimed to have paranormal abilities, he said he didn’t like being called a psychic or a tarot reader because she believed her powers were much broader than that. How many people can say they have left a party and been informed about their future? Now your guests can! Book a psychic to offer a reading at your event: birthdays, themed parties, social gatherings of all kinds. Choose your favorite vendors in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

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