Best Private Schools In Tasmania

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The Middle School (Grades 6 to 8, from 2022) provides a strong and engaging curriculum that interests, challenges and engages boys who are ready to look beyond safety and boundaries. It is specially designed for boys who grow fast, for boys who need a lot of physical activity, for boys who can use more freedom and for boys who respond warmly to smart rules.

Best Private Schools In Tasmania

Secondary school is an important part of boys’ education. The high school program differs from the structure and curriculum of middle and junior high schools, while providing an important link between the two. The Middle School provides a positive, exciting, safe and stimulating environment for students as they transition from primary education to secondary school. The Middle School provides a comprehensive and challenging curriculum designed for boys of a specific age and developmental level; education designed to encourage students to reach their academic, social, physical, spiritual and creative potential.

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The transition from primary to secondary education is an important stage of life for all students. It is at this moment that they go into the very familiar territory of a new beginning, where much more is expected of them; independence and the associated responsibility are actively supported. Students arrive at high school feeling a combination of excitement and dread. We work closely with all our students, encouraging independence and developing organizational skills and instilling in them a concern for others. We ask our students to take risks in their learning, work to their strengths and take responsibility for their learning.

Helping students develop a ‘connection’ to their school will enable them to develop resilience. Our sons build this connection through extensive involvement in the school system. We want our students to experience art, drama, languages, sport, outdoor learning and find interests and develop passions that will last a lifetime. We appreciate that all students have different skills and abilities that need to be addressed. The curriculum we teach is what binds our school together. The curriculum must be challenging and relevant, and the assessment must be interesting and informative. However, the pastoral program is also paramount because only when a boy is happy, safe and connected can he fully engage with the curriculum. We have a multidisciplinary pastoral care program led by teachers and head of year. Pastoral care is part of every interaction a boy has with every teacher, every day.

Moral development is at the heart of what we do. Our aim is to support boys to reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves.

Our Character Development Program camps provide an opportunity for Year 7 boys and their fathers/significant male guardians to spend some time together thinking and talking about important areas of development.

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Camps are supported by the Rites of Passage Institute and our dedicated staff and focus on community development and building. Camps create a safe environment where boys can be vulnerable, but more importantly, there are mentors. These stations reinforce that there is strength in vulnerability and honesty. We hope to develop a more positive sense of masculinity where boys feel supported and supported by others.

The goal of these camps is to prepare boys and their families for the transition from childhood to adulthood. The development of a boy’s character is not a linear development and should not be left to chance. In order to keep the community informed and informed, there is a need to support and guide the boys in their journey to become a good man in the future. Watch the video above.

The Stephens Elementary and Middle School Library, named after the former principal, is for boys in grades 7 and 8. All students have at least one lesson a week in the library. There is a wide range of fiction and non-fiction available with computers to access internet accounts and personal computers.

Chapel of St. Tomáša, consecrated and opened in 1971 by Bishop Robert Davies, occupies an important position in the campus and in the life of the school. The chapel is open for private prayer and quiet contemplation every day during the school year. Each year, the chaplain offers preparatory services to help students decide whether they want to be baptized and/or confirmed. All students and families are welcome to participate in any activity announced in the school calendar. All boys from pre-school to 12th grade attend regular church activities as part of their school life and it is emphasized that students have an important role to play in these activities.

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The secondary school opens from 8.15 a.m. Parents are asked to use only the methods listed in the bulletin to send information about absences. The daily schedule at the high school is:

In secondary school, assessment of all subjects is done continuously as part of the regular curriculum. Several types of assessment are used. They know that boys can have very different skills or ‘skills’ and that they should be given opportunities to learn and express that learning in ways that play to their individual strengths. Students may encounter many types of assessment from traditional written tests to projects or assignments, oral presentations, computer-based presentations and video recordings. Appropriate emphasis is placed on individual work and cooperation, which requires team skills.

The instructions given at the beginning of each unit will determine how that unit will be assessed. It is important to replace the idea of ​​success or failure with a more practical goal in educational management that encourages all students to do their best.

Progress reports are made frequently and are always student driven. All reports are diagnostic and strategic, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and providing recommendations for action.

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Teachers report on progress through face-to-face meetings with family teachers with students and parents present and through written reports sent home to boys. Parent conferences are scheduled three times a year, but we encourage parents to come to the discussion at any time.

Above all, homework increases time spent on individual subjects, engages and informs parents, makes subsequent lessons more relevant and useful, allows time to reflect on work, develops work habits without teacher supervision, and enables research that cannot easily be done in class. .

High school students are required to complete 60 to 90 minutes of homework Monday through Friday. If your child is spending more or more time, talk to your teacher as this may indicate a need to adjust the schedule to meet your needs.

During the year, the secondary school participates in several intramural sports events. Students enjoyed a day of fun, house spirit and competition in the Inter House Cup. For summer sports and winter sports days, there are a number of sports on offer at various venues around Hobart. Participation in intramural and extramural sports is mandatory. The sports program offers a wide variety for students with over 30 sports to choose from. There are also opportunities to participate in international schools and international competitions. Students are encouraged to participate at a level that suits them, while challenging their abilities and developing their skills. Sportsmanship and fair play are essential. they are regularly represented and recognized at the state, national and international level through various sports.

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High school boys have the opportunity to participate in many co-curricular activities. These activities are particularly linked to aspects of our core statements, such as helping boys achieve their personal best by providing them with a ‘world of opportunity’ as they allow boys to develop their co-operative skills, widen their circle of friends and have practical experience. another source of pleasure associated with the school experience. As a result, high school boys are encouraged to participate in areas such as drama, music, music, dance, chess, tourism, leadership development and various other activities.

To find out more about the opportunities we provide for boys to improve please contact a Registration Assistant, submit an inquiry form online or call 03 6221 4236. We recommend booking a trip with our manager as this is the best way to have a look. in us School in action. Read more… The school uses cookies to collect anonymous summary statistics about the use of our website. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy or the Google Terms of Service.

The school is an Anglican day and boarding school for boys from preschool to 12th grade, all on one campus. Founded in 1846, it has a long tradition of developing men of character with a strong focus on the welfare of boys. Find out more about us

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