Best Popcorn Place In Chicago

Best Popcorn Place In Chicago – How Chicago-Style Popcorn Became a Holiday Cheese Classic and ‘Garrett Blend’ Caramel Popcorn Is a Chicago Staple

When it comes to the classic Christmas foods and drinks, we have to prepare or buy the old standbys – ham, mulled wine, eggnog and maybe fruitcake – and then some that just appear, during the 12 months out there waiting. to choose at your leisure: good chocolate from colleagues. Homemade sugar cookies from a neighbor. The lollipop you’re sure is of unknown origin is last year’s leftovers. If you grew up in the Chicago area, family-sized cans of cheddar and caramel popcorn.

Best Popcorn Place In Chicago

Since Garrett Popcorn (commonly known as “Garrett Popcorn”) has been serving up delicious popcorn in downtown Chicago for over 70 years, the salty-sweet concoction has become a staple around town, especially during the holidays. The popcorn chain is now a Windy City institution, but its origins can be traced back to Milwaukee, where the Garrett family held a contest to see who could make the tastiest candy corn. This gave birth to the recipe now known in stores as CaramelCrisp, which officially debuted when the family moved to Chicago and opened the first store at Madison and the Loop in 1949.

How Garrett’s Makes The Best Popcorn In Chicago

While Garrett Mix (also known locally as “Chicago Mix”) is a handcrafted blend of CaramelCrisp and CheeseCorn flavors and is the company’s most popular flavor, it is not featured on the menu.

“Garrett Mix was created by fans,” said Adrienne Kardosh, senior vice president of marketing for Garrett Popcorn. “Customers will buy a bag of caramel chips and a bag of cheese corn, then ask for a third empty bag. They shake both recipes together. We wisely put it on the menu in 1977, and the rest is history.”

Since then, Garrett Mix has inspired a slew of copycats around town and his popularity has grown in Global Development. But it’s still a Chicago favorite, and like the Italian beef sandwich, the maltose, or the Chicago-style hot dog, it’s a local delicacy that residents are proud to show off out of town.

“There is no combination of sweet and salty,” says Kardosh. “When you taste it, you’ll be amazed: Who knew real Wisconsin cheddar and homemade caramel could be so delicious? Introducing Garrett Mix to others is a badge of honor. They’ll always remember it as a gift.”

Wells Street Popcorn

But what makes Garrett Popcorn a Christmas classic? People eat popcorn all year round, but this crunchy treat has become associated with the Chicago holiday. Cardos said fans tell her about the romance and ritual of warm food in cold weather. (“He remembers the cold, chilly days in the Windy City and the relatively warm days with friends (both old and new) waiting for hot fudge in the kitchen,” he said.)

But other than that, it’s an easy gift. Everyone loves popcorn, right? You can buy it in holiday decorative jars, so there’s no need for packaging, and all three Garrett Popcorn stores at O’Hare airport attract a lot of visitors this time of year – ex-Chicagoans, current Chicagoans and people from all over the world. just passing through the city on the way to the last place – home for the holidays.

In recent years, Garrett Mix won the competition with its newest invention—a seasonal dry caramel hot chocolate mix—that combines dry caramel corn with Belgian milk chocolate and dark chocolate popcorn, Kardosh points out.

“We’ve seen an uptick around the holidays, especially in recent years, as customers discover amazing chocolate recipes,” she said. “This is the third year we’ve offered our Hot Cocoa CaramelCrisp mix. It sold out the first two years and has become a unique holiday tradition.”

Homemade Chicago Popcorn For Holiday Gifting

Of course, every holiday tradition is very different this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and while most people can’t go home for the holidays, many want to be reminded that they are home. As a result, Garrett Popcorn’s business is booming, with more people ordering from their online store and delivering the Chicago staple to loved ones in other cities who won’t be home this Christmas. The company is also selling small packages of Garrett Mix snacks for the first time – usually reserved for the various parades in the cities the company attends, many of which have been canceled due to the pandemic.

“We’ve seen an increase over the past year, and for that, we’re very grateful to our customers,” said Kardosh. “Our kitchen in Chicago, where we deliver snacks across the country, is now staffed with chefs 24/7 so we can make sure we have enough Garrett Popcorn to eat through the holidays. Happy moments, yes, those are usually in the cupboard. It’s a delicious and special snack.”

Sign up to get the best content delivered to your inbox every business day. Free Good. With 10 stores in Chicago and 17 worldwide, Garrett Popcorn proudly advertises itself as a Windy City tradition. Popcorn shops are often just walk through stores that only sell a few different varieties of delicious popcorn. Outsiders will be confused as to how a popcorn maker can grow to operate in multiple locations and be fully operational at its main location. These underdogs are in for a pleasant surprise. This is not the popcorn you buy at the farmers market. This is not your kid making popcorn for the market. It lives up to its name. There are five main flavors on the menu, an original, a butter, a caramel, a cheese, and the so-called “Chicago Mix,” which is a hand-blended combination of cheese and caramel. Chicago Mix should be your first introduction to this delicious popcorn. the caramel corn is crunchy and covered in a sweet, non-sticky caramel glaze. A mild but richly flavored variety of cheese. more like cheese sauce than cheese powder. Together they are a perfect combination of sweet and salty. This is a great snack.

Candy corn is also the basis for several additional varieties. In fact, four flavors have been added to the sweet and delicious Caramel Chips: one with the addition of almonds, pecans, cashews and macadamias. So it’s a luxury project in the desert with serious savings. The quality of the ingredients contained in this popcorn is a secret. It’s not the most creative popcorn preparation or the strongest flavor, but where these guys really shine is good old fashioned snacking. You can almost feel the quality as if it were an ingredient. That being said, I really wish there were more popcorn flavors or other types of cheese. Some kettle corn. More variety will only benefit brands that already have quality.

Cookistry: Is This The Best Chicago Mix Popcorn Ever?

The popcorn is made in the shop daily and I mostly eat it fresh the day it is made. However, the company sells popcorn in many decorative jars for corporate events and weddings. In fact, you can customize the tin to order. It’s a nice idea. I recommend doing this during the week of creation. All the popcorn went bad, but Garrett’s popcorn was especially noticeable. Dries and hardens quickly. Always in the head.

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