Best Pools In Palm Desert

Best Pools In Palm Desert – The California desert city of Palm Springs offers many lodging options, including many swimming pools.

Located in the Sonoran Desert of southern California, Palm Springs is known for its hot springs, elegant hotels, golf courses, designer shops, wineries and luxury resorts. For those living in the city, warm weather means choosing a hotel with a pool is important. So we’ve researched and picked 5 of the best resorts in and around Palm Springs that offer new diving.

Best Pools In Palm Desert

More than two miles southeast of downtown Palm Springs, the Saguaro is one of the city’s most famous hotels, thanks to its bright exterior painted in 14 different floral colors. At the center is the hotel’s sparkling blue pool surrounded by lounge chairs and cabanas that come with private servers, mini-fridges, personal menus, televisions and more. With pool parties and other fun poolside events, there’s plenty of excitement here. The pool is reserved for hotel guests only.

Top 20 Palm Desert, Ca Vacation Rentals With Pool From $75/night

Located in the heart of Palm Springs’ design district, this hotel combines unique technology and mid-century modern design with fun and relaxing spaces. Guests can enjoy the oasis atmosphere, and once inside, they can enjoy the beautiful view of the San Jacinto Mountains from the bar, restaurant and pool garden. Speaking of the pool, it is undoubtedly one of the best features of the hotel and the main area for guests, with food and drink available and a DJ on Saturdays. Poolside fireplaces are the perfect place to watch the sun set over Palm Springs.

As the name suggests, all aquatic life is at the center of this elegant Palm Springs hotel in South Palm Springs. Originally a mid-century motel, it has been transformed into a 176-room hotel that appeals to hipsters, couples and families and is a favorite among festival and weekend visitors. in LA. With a boho and retro feel, there is live music and DJ pool parties on the weekends. The pool bar keeps the drinks flowing as you cool off in the pool or relax on the lounger. If you’re looking for a quieter place to soak in the water, there’s also the Zen Pool.

Incredibly cozy, Sparrows Lodge in South Palm Springs is cozy, intimate, and guest rooms feature beautiful details like wood ceilings, exposed beams, and stone floors. The most beautiful rooms are the ten that open directly onto the hotel’s central, large swimming pool, which also includes a private hot tub, open fire and vegetable garden. Tennis courts and free use of bicycles add to the many amenities.

Boasting a landscaped garden and stunning mountain views, this adults-only ski hotel offers a blend of daytime tranquility and evening entertainment. Painted in tropical citrus hues, all 11 rooms boast 1950s decor and open onto lush grounds. At night, tea lights surround the spacious pool and lights twinkle from the trees. The 24-hour pool is heated to a comfortable 33°C, and there’s a hot tub surrounded by a small fence, a fire pit and a hammam.

Best Way To Turn Your Palm Desert Pool Into An All Safe Pool

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In Palm Springs, To Pool Hop Is To Time Travel

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Find The Best Hotel Pools And Beaches

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Best Palm Springs Hotel For The Perfect Desert Break

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Our signature pool is elevated with stunning mountain views. The large pool deck on the second level offers lounge chairs and a hot tub. Relax with private cabanas and all-day food and beverage service.

Adding to the tranquil atmosphere is our Hideaway Pool, with food and beverage service, sun decks and a heated Jacuzzi.

Best Time To Visit Palm Springs

The Well Spa is our most secluded, private garden at The Well Spa. It’s a cool pool, kept at a comfortable 82 degrees.

The River Bench is a 102 degree pool also located in the courtyard of The Well Spa. It boasts private waterfalls and nooks for privacy and relaxation.

The Pool and River Bar is exclusive to spa guests and is open during pool hours. Get a day at The Well Spa for just $45.

* Food and beverage minimum: $35 per adult on weekdays and $45 per adult on weekends. A surcharge of 20% is added to taxis.

Palm Springs’ Top 5 Spas

Is your refreshing swim or morning in the sun making you lazy? Our pool bar offers a variety of food and beverage menus available at the pools. Enjoy snacks, drinks and more

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