Best Pool Hotels In Palm Springs

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Best Pool Hotels In Palm Springs

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Best Palm Springs Hotels For Coachella

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Filled with a retro, retro vibe, it’s like a time capsule that pays homage to its heyday when the city was a hotspot for Hollywood stars. With such big ambitions, the city should be more tacky than it is. But it works. There’s an authenticity that makes weekend getaways as enjoyable as the Frank Sinatra and Liz Taylors of yore.

As a result, Palm Springs has seen an influx of hotels, including designer boutique hideaways, large chains of modern brands, villa-style resorts and poolside entertainment.

I’ve been visiting Palm Springs for years, and whether you’re a Coachella fan, an art lover, a nature seeker, a design purist, or a family looking to enjoy what’s so special about Palm Springs, here are the best place to stay. .

Palm Springs Boutique Hotels With Amazing Pools, Pillow And Perks

Pros: This hotel has well-designed rooms, a fun pool area, and low prices even in high season.

Cons: DJ’s playing by the pool on weekends, can be noisy if your room is facing the pool, and the atmosphere can be intoxicating, which might not be great if you have kids.

Buying a Sonder condo at the local favorite, V Palm Springs, provides an affordable base for your luxury extended stay hotel stay.

The building offers excellent value year-round and is a forward-thinking, comfortable living space even during peak hours. Travelers range from people who just want something beautiful, to discerning Instagram influencers who don’t want to sacrifice appeal or style.

Amenities & Services

Also, while Margaritaville or Ace might be out of luck during the high season, we never had a problem at V and it has held up well. Somehow, the masses don’t seem to have caught on yet.

Pros: The Margaritaville is a renovated hotel with updated rooms, a large pool, a large spa, and a fun vibe never seen before in Palm Springs. This is an excellent choice for families and those not looking for a classic boutique hotel or luxury.

Cons: Casual entertainment makes guests restless, and while the resort has been renovated, some aspects of the rooms have not been fully updated. Tourist tax is expensive.

Margaritaville Palm Springs is one of the newest additions to the hospitality scene, and it’s a perfect fit, taking over the iconic mid-century former hotel with Jimmy Buffet’s signature style.

Hotels In Palm Springs, Downtown

Beach wicker mixes warm tones in common areas and rooms, however, nothing enhances these resort vibes more than a floor-to-ceiling flip-flop sculpture in the lobby, next to a chandelier made from margarita glasses.

Rooms are bright and airy with washed wood furniture, green accents and crisp white beds stitched with delicate parrots. Open balconies overlook the lake or landscaped grounds, many with mountain views.

As expected, Jimmy Buffett features prominently, from the video playing on the lobby screen to the text plaque that decorates the hallway, and the aptly named 5 O’Clock Somewhere Somewhere Pool Bar, which pours a variety of frozen concoctions to help you stick to it .

There’s also a large spa and salon, two swimming pools, an outdoor restaurant and a fun, relaxed vibe you won’t find in more upscale Palm Springs hotels. While it’s not your typical Palm Springs style, it’s one of the best options in town for families or those looking to hang out by the pool, as well as for margaritas.

The Best Hotel Pools In La, Mapped

This Spanish church-style hotel in California has just 14 rooms and is set in a green courtyard with swimming pool. travel advisor

Benefit: Enjoy a peaceful and peaceful stay with well-appointed spacious rooms and useful facilities such as a shared kitchen.

Cons: There is no restaurant or spa on site, and the hotel’s address is on a busy street away from most of the city, making it impossible to walk. The room was comfortable, but no exaggeration. Don’t expect the same sleek look as other options in town.

In addition to being widely regarded as Palm Springs’ premier hotel, the California hotel feels like a local secret. A hotel is similar to a hostel or guesthouse, but has all the privacy and facilities you need in a resort. It is small, with rooms arranged around an inner courtyard and a pool full of leafy plants, cooling fountains and a fountain.

New Or Updated Palm Springs Hotels, $114 And Up

The rooms are traditional but updated; no fancy decor but plenty of space to be comfortable. Most rooms have private patios, and upgraded rooms have kitchens.

I enjoyed my stay here, I remember it being extra quiet. Many hotels on main roads can be noisy due to traffic. I didn’t hear any noise so I highly recommend the upstairs room. The swimming pool is quiet and there is a shared kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals.

The Mediterranean-style Triad is a peaceful spot near downtown Palm Springs. Emily Hochberg/Commercial

Pros: Elegant rooms with comfy beds and Mediterranean flair, and well-appointed suites at great value. Great location, within walking distance to the city center.

Best Pools To Chill In Greater Palm Springs

Cons: Startup room can be small, there are some noise complaints. The area might be too quiet for some, with limited facilities like swimming pool and gym.

Triad Palm Springs is a favorite for Marriott Bonvoy loyalists who want a quality night out without sacrificing Palm Springs’ signature style. I love the peaceful square with its Mediterranean-style buildings overlooking the mosaic-studded courtyard with fountains and bougainvilleas.

The basic room is on the small side, about 250sqm, but I recommend upgrading to King Casita. With a kitchen, living room and private backyard, it feels like the Palm Springs mansion you want to build your second (or first) home. And usually cheaper than other similar villas.

The atmosphere is calmer and quieter than other hotels in the area. I was alone in the pool most of the time. You won’t be in the public eye, but you’ll be more comfortable in an adult setting than the other options on this list.

Aqua Soleil Hotel & Mineral Water Pool

Cons: The holiday home supports shared environments, which means no TVs, children or anyone under the age of 21, which may not be suitable for everyone.

With just 28 rooms, Holiday House is a true boutique hotel with a bright blue and white pattern. The way forward includes art by David Hockney, Roy Liechtenstein, Herberitz and others and garden sculpture by Donald Sultan.

Rooms are named “Good”, “Better” and “Best” and include a Nespresso coffee machine, plush bedding and bathrobes, wet bar, outdoor shower and balcony with stunning mountain views. As the name suggests, upgraded rooms include more indoor and outdoor space.

Pantry is a poolside bar serving cocktails and snacks, and an impressive buffet breakfast every morning for all guests, included in the room rate.

Best Hotel Pools In The U.s.

Pros: ARRIVE has a clean, modern aesthetic with a fresh new look, comfortable rooms, great local amenities and a convenient downtown location.

Cons: Small crowds may be bad for some as it can lead to loud party-style events, especially on weekends.

FIKA is only a few years old and already making noise outside of the pool party scene, but that’s about it.

Combining mid-century style with a modern, almost-industrial look, the hotel attracts a younger crowd with its ever-changing programming and excellent local food and drink, including delicious cafés and ice cream.

Best Palm Springs Hotel For The Perfect Desert Break

Past guests can enjoy well-designed rooms and air conditioning, a new interpretation of Ace Hotel’s contemporary style. Look forward to Egyptian cotton sheets, plush robes, marble bathrooms with rain showers, Apple TV, Malin and Goetz bath products, and plenty of natural light.

Pros: An innovative approach to hospitality that differs from other services in Palm Springs, offering table-to-table and shared meals at a luxury summer camp for adults.

Cons: The social atmosphere may not be for everyone, including those who like to watch TV or have children.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Palm Springs in this former Hollywood star’s residence, which has been reimagined as an intimate adults-only 20-room hotel. The hotel was originally built in 1952 by MGM actor Don Castle and his wife Zeta as the castle’s red barn, where actress Elizabeth Montgomery is rumored to be married for the first time.

The Sleek Ace Hotel In Palm Springs Was Once A Denny’s Diner

The rooms are located in industrial and rustic cottages with wooden beams and stone walls.

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