Best Podcasts For Women In Their 20s

Best Podcasts For Women In Their 20s – Being young but immature is a common feeling for women in their 20s, and being in an environment where they can interact with similar women is a great way to experiment now. Demystified discussing mental health, work, relationships and sex, these podcasts are important for women in their 20s.

Co-authors My Favorite Murder, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark bring more to the table than murder. The horror stories they tell inspire personal painkillers and work advice, mental health, addiction, family dynamics, friendships, and more. Karen and Georgia are not afraid of vulnerability, and their loyalty is remarkable.

Best Podcasts For Women In Their 20s

Podcasts are inspiring, especially for women in their 20s. We listen to two strong and successful women who always remind us of our civility and advocacy for ourselves and our well-being. Hearing their struggles makes me feel a little lonely because I am not the only one struggling at this point in my life.

Podcasts Hosted By Australian Women Of Colour

The 30 founders, Melissa Urban, started this podcast to solve the (mostly psychological) problems that people encounter on their journey to life to the fullest. It covers topics such as increased confidence, overcoming imperfections and fraudulent symptoms, and examining your inner conversation as an act of self-care. I discovered this podcast when I was 29 years old, but I feel it has greatly boosted my personal growth. I look forward to reaching my 30s and experiencing the part of life I always struggle with. Every woman in her 20s can benefit from Melissa Hartwig’s action strategy for getting your mind right.

60% of women are adults of reproductive age, but this is not often said. Host Jen McClellan is committed to this change and has created her podcast to create a place where plus size women can access all the pregnancy, motherhood and romance information they need. When Jen became pregnant with her son, she immediately realized that there was a lot of misinformation about plus size and pregnancy, which was often the case that large women struggled with infertility, miscarriage, and complications. Pregnancy.

On her podcast, Jen shares a plus-size birth story to facilitate experiences and discussions with experts, as well as advice on things like boosting the body, breastfeeding, and exercise. And more.

Sarah Annie interviews creative people about their processes, and her conversational style leads to honest and thoughtful revelations about the work and processes of her guests that transcend the media. More. Think of it as Longform Meets Bullseye, but from the point of view of YA women writers who bring us in detail in the lives of her guests and make them talk about their work in a way they have never shared before.

Binge Worthy Podcasts We Guarantee You’ll Love

The Freedom Lifestyle Podcast features features that inspire thousands of women to live and work flexibly on their own terms. Great for women in their 20s who are interested in how to create their own independent lifestyle as an independent telecommunications entrepreneur or digital creator.

Wishbeads podcasts have a fun, honest and wonderful conversation with customers, friends and fans. We talk about their desired story for the real story, the discovery and the inspiration to move forward and wish BIG.

And another fun story. This podcast was recorded in a short clip of my 1961 Shasta Airflyte revival, and we post a video of the podcast on YouTube if you are a more visual learner. What I hope you get from the Wishbeads Podcast (and how it differs from other self-help podcasts)

I hope you find yourself and your desire in the stories we share. Of course you will hear tips to help yourself, how to express your desires and how to use the rules of attraction. But beyond that, I want you to see proof of what is possible.

How To Choose A Great Podcast Name

Seeing and hearing the inspiration of others can help you move forward. I want you to see positive signs and believe that anything is possible.

The new podcast is produced by the Backstage Chats Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to eradicating gender inequality in the music industry. We expand women’s voices and careers in music and raise funds for scholarships to help the next generation of female songwriters.

Each episode is designed to help women unleash their inner rock star. The stories of struggles and achievements discussed in this program are about 20 stories that struggle every day, not only with gender bias, but also with mental health, beauty ideals, breaking away from expectations. Parents, facing the unknown and more. In addition, listeners can meet rising stars (and those behind the scenes) and add their music to playlists for ongoing entertainment and inspiration.

Influencers have taken over social media and are global. I think this podcast is really interesting because it looks at the influencers through the business marketing mirror and many of the guests are really encouraging and smart and good at what they do.

The 20 Best Finance Podcasts 2022: Must Listen Podcasts

I dream of turning my creativity into my full-time business so I can have a more flexible lifestyle and work from home. This podcast prepares two women for doing so and shares their tips as well as the dirty facts about living this dreamy life.

This funny podcast is just 2 normal girls talking about anything and everything from reality TV to the best makeup to use. Must listen!

Robert Farrington, better known as the Millennial Money Expert, talks about money in a way I’ve never heard of before. Instead of cutting costs and living frugally, he prefers slowness and entrepreneurship to earn extra money to meet financial goals. He was very attractive and lived the fairy tale so he touched the youth where they were and taught them great financial principles. Very useful!

Jeff Rose, the host of this popular show, is an attractive speaker on solving your personal financial problems. Most of his shows take what you think you know and you do not know and give you good advice and practical information. He has a lot to teach young people to help them avoid problems in the near future and start with the end in mind so they can reassure themselves in the long run.

The Best Podcasts For Female Entrepreneurs

This podcast is a great resource for inspiring life journey and achieving goals, as told by guest Achievement Meredith (an inspiration in her own right) and “What They Do “In their 24 hours that makes them draw. Different.”

This is a great podcast to listen to on many topics related to women, discussed by women and created by women.

You will laugh, you will cry … Strange with the voice of the host. It’s like chicken soup for adults, but less acidic.

Rachel delves deep into topics such as avoiding conflicts together, building your reality and self-awareness. Drawing on her personal life experiences as well as subject matter experts, she shares powerful tips for 20-year-old women who want more life. Her podcast is a powerful resource for anyone who has ever felt left out because they want more or think differently.

The Best Personal Development Podcasts

Living with anxiety? Of course you are, this podcast explains why. Want to feel less stressed, anxious and anxious? You are in the right place. Your Vicki landlord, anxiety coach, serial manager, financier turned entrepreneur on a mission to teach you how to live your best life in the face of anxiety. Avoidance does not work. Negative self-talk and judgment do not work. If you are ready to deal with anxiety and get Sh * t, then this podcast is for you. With this podcast you will learn the tools that can act to gain control over your mind and anxiety, stop procrastination and feel confident, calm and in control. It will blow your mind. Literally.

The Fashion Craving is a conversation podcast where two sisters discuss fashion from “old to new to interesting”. Fashion Desire gives listeners a fun, feminine and sometimes ugly way to learn about fashion.

With a combined social following of over 28 million followers, best friends Alicia Marie and Remy Cruz welcome you into their daily lives for special help you do not get from their channel. Think about sleeping with your best friends, enjoyable and open conversations about what it really is like to be a YouTuber, behind the scenes from their filming and of course a lot of guys.

Perfect for women in their 20s who want to find out more about what it takes to become an influencer and social media creator. Creative Influencer is a weekly podcast where we discuss all things creative with an emphasis on Influencers. The podcast was hosted by John Pfeiffer, an entertainment lawyer in Santa Monica, California. John interviews influencers, innovators and professionals who work with them.

The Best Podcasts For 20 Somethings That Every Girl Should Listen To

This is a weekly show about positive news and good things happening in the world in 10 minutes.

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