Best Playgrounds In Toronto

Best Playgrounds In Toronto – Yes, there is a stadium in St. James Park in downtown Toronto. This park was never meant to be a place for children. Sure, you can see birds, put your hands in a small fountain, or listen to live music in the summer months, but there is no playground for children. That all changed in the spring of 2019, when the City of Toronto opened a new playground. It’s not just any playground – it’s a really big playground.

St James’s Park is huge, so where is the park? You can find the playground at the corner of Jarvis and Adelaide (ie on the northeast side of the park). Now about the features.

Best Playgrounds In Toronto

Located two blocks from St. Lawrence Market, the venue is appropriately food themed. Foods are the biggest portions, kids can skip ice cream and balance carrots.

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Most of the playing surface is domed rubber (the rest is a mix of wooden chips). It’s a nice change from the old-school playground, where parents (cough, myself included) can scrutinize the sand downtown, looking for “things” that might hurt their kids. A note about “rubber” surfaces: Winter can bring slippery conditions. When it was December (no snow), both the boy and the father disappeared. So, be a little cautious, maybe at certain times of the year.

The main attraction of the playground is a long slide that shoots children at a good speed. But children have to work to participate in the slide. At the bottom of the slide, you can climb on a climbing rope or climbing wall. Or a less long option via the sea bridge. From here, a wooden staircase leads to the top – where the slide adventure can begin.

At first, we were hesitant to send our three-year-old son on the slide – not only because of the speed of the slide, but also because of the wooden stairs leading up to it. Of course we were very careful. He took this issue with his closest parents. After a few rounds of shaking. One thing that parents notice (and no, it’s not just us) is that when kids get on the slide platform, there’s an opening behind them, and if they fall, you’d think it would be a big fall. . to the ground As far as I can tell, the roof of the staircase is larger than it looks from a distance, and this is not possible before.

By the way, the recommended age range of most playgrounds is between 5 and 12, but – as we said before – your 4-year-old will probably outgrow it in no time.

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Essay, on sunny days, parents want to feel the exposed part of the slide to see if it’s hot (yes, it can be hot!). In such cases, pants can be the right way for kids who want to have fun. slide

Oh, and if your little one is too young for the big scary slide, there are two smaller slides in the playground. Yes, your kids can hook themselves up (2 drops full).

Another quick thing is the carousel (or loop if you prefer). This could be a good clip. Kids of all ages seem to love this feature.

Back to the ice cream cone: Perhaps the best part about the cone is that the kids love to climb up the side of the cone (on purpose, I think). Note that the inside of the cone (the wooden floor) can be very slippery on cold days.

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How was the parent-guardian meeting? That’s great. There is a raised grassy area with a short cliff face – a great place to watch the kids. On the other side of the road is a large wooden stage, which is a good setting for children to watch and watch. It is also a good place for a picnic.

However, skaters have stumbled upon this feature and sometimes the “advantage” or group thereof. A picnic table near the gym, and of course lots of grass (and a small hill) – all in front of the gym.

In addition to the wooden platform mentioned above, there is a small storage board (well, maybe more of a ‘spray board’) to help keep the kids cool. In terms of water, there are two systems: regular spray or rather soft spray. The latter is good if you don’t want the kids to be cold, but a little cooling would be nice. This area is not very large, but it does not seem to be a problem during the first summer of operation.

Some of the newer studios in town have toilets. This is not the case. The nearest “public” toilet is St. Lawrence Market is two blocks away from Jarvis. Therefore, the opening hours of the market do not correspond to the playgrounds. So you can turn your bathroom break into a coffee/snack/jelly: there’s a Starbucks across the street [edit: sorry, closing October 2020], and a nice pizza/pasta/jelly place across the street. . If you want a decent pint, the AAA bar across the street or a quick walk down Front Street offers options like The Corner, Jason George’s, and this writer’s personal favorite, C’est Kini. ? (yes, you can bring your little one to all of these – just don’t expect high chairs and such).

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Safety Update: We recommend that children not be allowed to play in the backstage garden. In July 2021, a large needle was found in this garden. The park is very safe, but children should stay where they can see what is happening on the ground.

Here’s an overview of St. James Park in downtown Toronto. We hope to see you there! If you’ve been here and have something to add, please post it in the comments below. Staying in the city this summer? Then you’ll want to check out Toronto’s wonderful parks and playgrounds. The city oversees more than 1,500 parks, which are home to more than a hundred community playgrounds. You can find a full list of playgrounds, here are 15 parks that Toronto parents told us they love.

Pack a suit if you plan to visit this downtown green space. Here is a brand new stocking board with a fun boat-themed design. And then there’s the outdoor pool where all the older kids are drenched. There is also a playground, a skating rink and an ice rink in winter, which also includes an outdoor curling rink. There is a library next to the park if you need a little refreshment.

Since opening in 2014, the park along the Don River has quickly become a favorite of Torontonians. Its new playground features nature-inspired slides, swings and balancing machines. There is also a good sized storage shelf. Be sure to check out the park when you arrive, as the Corktown Common is also home to a wetland with a variety of wildlife, including turtles.

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It’s one of Toronto’s most famous parks, and here’s why: it has pizza ovens that are used to make hot bread at the park’s weekly Wednesday farmers market. It is also one of the few parks in Toronto where fireworks are allowed (previously established). Other amenities include a playground, swimming pool, and an outdoor ice rink that turns into a skate park in the summer. Dufferin Grove is just a stone’s throw from Dufferin Mall, which is great if you need to run errands or need a caffeine fix.

Known by locals as a ‘local secret’, Earlscourt is full of things to keep children entertained. It has many sports facilities, including a multi-purpose field, basketball court and baseball diamond. The park has a swimming pool, while the nearby Giovanni Caboto Pool is aimed at all ages and has an outdoor water slide. The playground should be built in 2019.

This park may be small, but it’s a lot of fun. In the summer, it features not only a farmer’s market and flea market, but also a weekly live music series, as well as local food, vendors and family-friendly events. Ice skating and sledding await guests in the winter, and a fantastic playground awaits guests year-round. Note: Unlike the other parks on this list, this park does not have restrooms, so plan ahead.

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