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Best Plastic Surgeons In Dallas For Bbl – Brazilian ass lift | Lipo 360 Surgery offers BBL Lipo Brazilian Butt Lift 360 procedures to clients near Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas, TX

Dr. Thornton safely performed a 360 Lipo Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL or Buttock Augmentation with Fat Grafting at Mansfield Medicine Surgery Center. We are happy to serve Brazilian customers in Texas and the DFW Metroplex including Mansfield, Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Kennedale, Grand Prairie, Burleson, Corsicana, Ennis, Midlothian, Red Oak, Waxahachie, Duncan, DeSoto, Prisco and Plano.

Best Plastic Surgeons In Dallas For Bbl

B. By combining these three surgical techniques, Dr. Thornton safely allows toy augmentation using a two-in-one surgical procedure called the 360 ​​Brazilian Lipo Butt Lift – BBL.

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The Brazilian toy lifting procedure requires three separate steps. 1) Your own fat is collected using MicroAire Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) from the abdomen, sides and back, narrowing the waist, 2) At the exit the living fat cells are filtered and processed to remove water and waste 3) At the exit of the fat. The cells are finally moved, thus providing greater projection and fullness.

Transferring your fat cells to the buttock is located in the upper layer of soft tissue and fat above the buttock muscle. These two in one procedure, 360 liposuction and fat transfer, the buttocks become rounder, fuller and firmer, as well as the slimmer waist, thus giving the hips a feminine aspect.

The 360 ​​Lipo Booty Sculpt is a special procedure that Dr. Thornton Art patients who desire full body liposuction 360 and contouring without fat transfer. Fat grafting is usually not necessary in patients with well-disposed and well-shaped muscular hips. And so when Dr. Thornton’s sculpting method 360 Lipon Booty, gentle and artificial suction on the abdomen, sides, back, upper thighs and presacral area, to sculpt and sharpen the natural features of the hips. No fat is transferred to or attached to the hip area. The end result is a waist, side and belly with a deep sculpting that gives the impression of a curvier figure.

The purpose of the toy lifting procedure is to create a better waistline for the Brazilian waistline. According to many studies, the figure-to-hip ratio of attractive women is about 0.7 (70%-72%). Therefore, board-certified plastic surgeons who understand these proportions and anatomical factors to enhance the important anatomical points of the female hip can restore their clients to a younger and more beautiful female figure.

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The symbolic word hourglass or referring to the figure of a woman who fits the measurements (36-24-36), invokes the image of a young, attractive and sexually attractive woman in our modern society. This image of the ideal female body shape is based on important biological and hormonal factors. A widely used technique that measures the reliability of a woman’s figure is the waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). The normal waist-to-hip ratio range for healthy, attractive, premenopausal women has been shown to be 0.67 to 0.80, with the ideal being 0.7. – Dr. Michael Thornton

It has recently been reported that many deaths are related to Brazilian fat embolism (fat particles in your lungs). Unfortunately, all of these deaths are related to improper surgical technique and inadequate surgical training when performing the fat transfer procedure. It is important to remember that your safety is important to Mr. Michael Thornton.

First Dr. Thornton selects only healthy candidates who can tolerate general anesthesia and who can tolerate stomach positions during the procedure. It is also important to choose people who are not obese and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or below, because obese patients are not suitable candidates for 360 lipo and fat grafting. Second, he completes everything and follows the rules of safety through the procedure of fat transfer, which uses surgical instruments (non-sharp) to penetrate the deepest veins. Third, according to strict safety protocols, Dr. Thornton only pours fat into the buttock fat area and just above the gluteus maximus muscle. Placing fat directly into the deep gluteal muscle or deep adjacent to the pelvic bone is dangerous and can lead to serious complications and death due to the possibility of fat embolism. Finally, the fat is collected by injection techniques in your hips using the MicroAire PAL system with transverse flow, which expands the tissue and allows the fat to be evenly reduced, reducing complications and increasing safety. Mass security.

All of these skillful techniques and precautionary measures reduce accidental punctures and reduce the risk of fat embolism. It is recommended that you find a board certified plastic surgeon or a surgeon who performs a large number of Brazilian facelift procedures and is familiar with the safety measures listed above. Dr.

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More information about the safety of Brazilian butt lift surgery can be found on Dr. Thornton. Please click the link below to be redirected. Health in Brazilian Buttock Lift and Gluteal Fat Grafting Surgery

Image above. A true customer of Dr. Thornton points out that both “before” and “immediately after” the BBL. About 500 cm of fat was transferred to the hips. A small bandage is placed over the area and the scar is hidden in the natural wrinkles of the body. Swelling and skin color are common and normal.

Image above. A true customer of Dr. Thornton demonstrates precise lipo sculpting of the abdomen, hips, buttocks, back and upper body using MicroAire Power-Liposuction and precise fat grafting. Scars are hidden in natural wrinkles.

Image above. A true customer of Dr. Thornton demonstrates precise lipo sculpting of the abdomen, sides, rear and upper thighs using MicroAire Power-Liposuction and precision fat grafting to the hips. Scars are hidden in natural wrinkles.

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Increase #4. 360 Lipo Booty Sculpt before and after (360 Liposuction and Booty Sculpt only. No fat transfer)

Image above. True customer Dr. Thornton demonstrates precise lipo sculpting of the abdomen, sides, back, and upper thighs using MicroAire Power-Liposuction. Fat grafting is not done. “360 Lipo Booty Sculpture”

During your consultation, you will meet personally and exclusively with Mr. Michael Thornton, where you will discuss your needs, density and personal expectations. Although eligible, we choose not to use patient coordinators, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants to conduct your consultation. Dr. Thornton will take a complete medical history and conduct an investigation to determine if you are a candidate for a Brazilian sports lift.

“A good candidate for Brazilian tumors is a patient with a slim figure and a flat bottom, who is slightly overweight but not obese, with a body mass index below 30. The patient should have excess fat located in the abdomen. Low fat enough to harvest, otherwise not fat enough to to transfer the clunium area.—Dr. Michael Thornton

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Due to the high popularity of BBL consultations and the possibility of unexpected cancellations, our office is waiving the $50 (fifty dollar) consultation fee for those procedures in Brazil. Payment is made to our office staff at the time of booking. This fee is non-refundable and guarantees your spot on our calendar.

The answer is: NO. Michael Thornton does not “ask for arrows” for safety reasons. Injections of liquid silicone or other “black magic” chemicals injected into a toy are considered illegal, unethical, improbable, and can cause injury or death. Beware of inexperienced people and/or non-physicians who practice or sell such false techniques.

Average, Dr. Thornton’s professional surgeon’s fee for a Brazilian butt lift is $7000 to $9000, and includes 360 degrees of suction of the upper and lower abdomen, sides, backfolds and presacral region. The cost will increase if you need additional liposuction around your thighs, arms and breasts. Dr. Thornton uses the most specialized and state-of-the-art equipment, including MicroAire Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL), vessels, proprietary farm harvests, and liposuction machines to provide you with better results that will maximize recovery. There will be an additional operation/surgery center fee and a general anesthesia fee which will be provided to you for your opinion at the time of your consultation.

After your Brazilian lift surgery, you’ll spend a few hours quietly recovering in the PACU in the surgical center with board-certified nurses. After adequate recovery, your carer will welcome you home or accommodation, and it is important that your adult carer stays with you for the first 24 hours after surgery to ensure your safety and support. Our service will provide a

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