Best Places To Stay In Tulum On A Budget

Best Places To Stay In Tulum On A Budget – On the shores of Playa del Carmen, an undeveloped part of the Riviera Maya, lies Tulum, where spartan backpacker style meets mysterious, creative energy, and small hotels and resorts are wild and authentic but equally luxurious and spectacular. Average. Discover twenty of the most amazing boutique hotels in Tulum!

Nowhere else in Mexico evokes thoughts like Tulum. While we can admit that its charm made it so popular, we still find it as glamorous and fun as it was ten years ago – thanks to the luxury hotels now in store.

Best Places To Stay In Tulum On A Budget

Today, tourists can easily find the glitz and basslines of beach clubs as well as the exotic beauty, delicious food and tranquility of boutique hotels. But if they choose Tulum as their next destination, they’ll be looking for boho-chic style, new-age spirituality, and a carefree vacation vibe, along with the shoes.

Riviera Maya Guide: The Best Places To Stay In Tulum, Cancun & Puerto Morelosb

There are plenty of hotels on our list that embrace all these trends, but we’re starting with one that guarantees the highest level of classic luxury—and it’s far from Tulum.

Sitting on 50 hectares of beachfront land amidst lush greenery, Hotel Essentia is intimate and exclusive. It is really located away from the hustle and bustle of Tulum. Ocean views, a romantic beach and pools with interesting bars create a sense of detachment from everyday life. Hotel Essencia is probably our favorite hotel in the entire Riviera Maya. Are you staying with us on Instagram?

We loved our experience at this Caribbean resort, not least because of its unique design. Esencia combines a bright white and white interior theme with elements of ancient Mayan style with minimalist luxury and modern conveniences. A favorite with honeymooners and families (and the occasional celebrity), this beautiful beach resort offers great privacy and serves amazing food – perhaps the best we had in the Yucatan.

Nomad Tulum is the luxurious boho vibe of Tulum incarnate. “Conceived as a living space that awakens the soul,” this beach hotel offers world-inspired guest beach huts, luxury tents and jungle huts in a spiritually awakening environment – especially at The Yan Wellness Energy Spa. The spa is shared with sister hotel Be Tulum (also on our list!). Nomade’s main restaurant Maconda is a real eye candy, with its communal area designed like a semi-Moroccan “tent”, decorated with patterned rugs, period cushions, fixtures and low tables. (As evidenced by this Instagram photo we took!)

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Located in the most attractive part of the “hotel zone”, and right next door to sister Hotel Nomade, the uber-chic Be Tulum is designed for the design-conscious traveller. Here, the decor combines a modern international feel with a simple BoHo-chic aesthetic, creating refined, sophisticated luxury and a unique atmosphere for adults only.

Rooms are equipped with hammocks, swimming pools or jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor showers and modern amenities. The hotel faces a tranquil stretch of ocean, and among its best amenities is an alluring glass-sided infinity pool. A grill restaurant, two mezcal bars and the Yäan Wellness Energy Spa are across the street.

Alternatively, you can book Be Tulum Beach & Spa Resort: Tablet Hotels | Speed ​​up or see what other people are thinking on TripAdvisor.

Hotel NEST Tulum was one of the first places we chose to stay in Tulum. Open to Tulum Beach and surrounded by tropical greenery, NEST has created an environment of “natural simplicity” – thanks to its sophisticated rustic style and original architecture. This boutique hotel has nine guest houses and a four-bedroom private villa. Designed to be cozy and romantic, the interior feels authentic and intimate, creating a unique atmosphere of relaxed tranquility. The staff’s unique service is based on Mayan culture – and contributes to a sense of complete harmony of comfort and luxury. (Check out our photos on Instagram: this one in our room or this delicious breakfast!)

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La Valise combines the best things about Tulum and makes it sound like it was easy to get together: the hotel offers a unique comfort and simplicity on the ground floor, and its sophisticated design combines the authenticity of the place. Spirituality and memory of the wilderness. Detached beach front bungalows with thatched roofs feel rustic and open to their surroundings. The interior is filled with comfortable furniture and light fabrics. Hammocks sway in the sea breeze, while comfortable daybeds await on the beach. The design of the resort is a fantastic version of the story of Robinson Crusoe. There are two restaurants here, one serving breakfast and lunch (with a local Mayan-influenced cuisine theme), and the other, NÜ Tulum, open for dinner. Its team consists of seven chefs from Mexico City.

HABITAS Tulum is the first in a small portfolio of chic hotels designed to fit an exotic location (like Tulum, but also Namibia and Bhutan). Habitats philosophy is centered on the concept of “building communities”. Hence, the hotel excels at collaborative activities such as outdoor film screenings, yoga classes, live DJ sessions and “unplugged” concerts. The glass and steel floor at the heart of the residences is designed as a central guest space, with a Moorish-style restaurant, mezzanine and roof terrace. Stylish, air-conditioned guest tents ensure at least 500 square meters of private space and feature private gardens and outdoor showers. The decor favors a bohemian-inspired mix of kilim rugs, raffia lamps and animal skin chairs.

Tulum is virtually cut off from the rest of Mexico, not least because of the lack of national electricity. It’s easy to disconnect from civilization, and the Papaya Playa project makes it worth it – as we discovered during our stay here (click the links to our photos on Instagram). With a boho backpacker style, this hotel is like a cross between a beach community and a “true luxury” boutique. Although it does not have special hotels, it is organized to cleanse the spirits. Papayan invites his guests to relax, unwind and get as close to the real Tulum as possible. The buildings are well designed, there is a unique social atmosphere in the air and the variety of rooms meets the expectations.

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The 10 Best Tulum Beaches

Once owned by notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar, the beachfront Casa Malca is an art-filled hotel, masterfully designed and curated by NY-based art collector Leo Malco. Malco has created an open, eclectic environment where art is a way of life. Elegant and unique, Casa Malca combines modern elegance, ancient Mayan culture and the bohemian spirit of Tulum to create one of the best resorts we’ve ever seen. While the common hotel areas are magical with their amazing installations (which we photographed or similar), the rooms are beautiful and luxurious as befits a boutique hotel. As elegant as it is relaxed, Casa Malca embraces Tulum’s laid-back culture while creating an effortless beach experience.

If any hotel in Tulum can be called an icon, it has to be the Azulik. Its villas are like indigenous works of art – or sculptures woven through natural growth. They are designed to create a relaxing atmosphere and connect visitors with the local Mayan architecture and heritage.

Azulik does not have much of a beach. Beach villas are located on the lower cliff, and the bottom is narrow and rocky, but the higher level guarantees a good view of the sea. Bright wooden houses like Azulik Residences come with outdoor baths, lodges and swimming pools, making it one of the most unique places in Tulum. The rustic off-grid experience is coupled with an adults-only, clothing-optional concept, and Azulik mainly attracts couples and solo travelers.

This barefoot luxury hotel is designed with a minimalist aesthetic and wellness concept, including “crystal healing” and “craniosacral therapy”. Even the meaning of the hotel’s name (Sanara means “he will heal”) is a reflection of the hotel’s philosophy.

Top 20 Best Tulum Beach Clubs

Guests are accommodated in luxurious, all-white beachfront “lounges,” each with a private garden or deck, with an emphasis on outdoor seating. The yoga studio is an airy, glass-walled space with ocean views, and the authentic coconut restaurant serves healthy, conscious cuisine.

Keva has five beautiful cottages, designed as private accommodation for solo travelers, small groups and families, and resembles a small town – albeit a luxurious one. In keeping with Tulum’s themes, the hotel caters to the “health-conscious traveler” and focuses on restorative well-being. The design of the hotel captures the relaxed atmosphere of this beach resort while offering a spa

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