Best Places To Stay In Savannah For Bachelorette Party

Best Places To Stay In Savannah For Bachelorette Party – I had the best bachelorette party in Savannah thanks to my girls amazing planning! Here’s what we did, where we stayed and what we ate to make your single life more fun.

Do you want to hold your bachelor party in a city where you can drink freely in public, walk around the city with ease, eat delicious food and see beautiful historical sites? Then a bachelor party in Savannah is the right way to go!

Best Places To Stay In Savannah For Bachelorette Party

After my bachelorette party in Savannah, Georgia, I can’t help but cry from ear to ear every time I think about it. Every minute was spectacular! Here are the details of my amazing weekend so you too can have the perfect bachelorette party in Savannah.

Your Guide For Savannah Bachelorette Party Panning

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Going to Savannah for a hen weekend depends on the wedding date, but if you and the rest of the girls can make it, I recommend going between March and July when the weather is warm and the azaleas are in bloom.

Mid-September to mid-November is the best time to go when temperatures cool and most summer residents die off, making hotels cheaper.

I went to my bachelorette party in Savannah the third week of March because my wedding in Connecticut was in May. The weather was perfect! It was about 70 degrees and a lot of sun, except for one morning when it was a little rainy and cold.

Savannah Bachelorette Party Blog

Where to stay in Savannah for a bachelorette party depends on how many people you have in your party. You can find an Airbnb that hosts everyone or take some hotel rooms.

For a bachelor party in Savannah, I always recommend Airbnb first and because having everyone under one roof, instead of spread out in different hotel rooms, means a lot more quality time together!

You can use the living room as a common place to share stories, play games, drink and wait together for the descendants to get ready –

You don’t have to choose someone else’s room as the party venue. Everyone’s room will be safe from spilled drinks and the stench of alcohol!

The Best Airbnbs For Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties In North America

When choosing an Airbnb, try to find one that is as close to the historic district as possible because it has a place where you can drink outside in public! There are also many restaurants and bars in the area, saving you the cost of a taxi and the pain of walking in heels.

For my bachelorette party in Savannah, you bet I have an Airbnb. I loved it because we had a kitchen where we made drinks and cooked breakfast together. One evening my friends organized a hen party which we played in the living room. If we had a hotel, we wouldn’t have all these banquet halls and so many places to organize together.

The only downside to our Airbnb was that it was longer than we wanted. Little did I know that my bachelor week would be on the same day as St. Patrick, so many accommodations were already booked.

It worked out because Airbnb was so cheap, shared between the five of us. We spent less money on this Airbnb and taxis than we would have booked a place nearby, and best of all, we had a lot of space in this beautiful, clean Airbnb.

Airbnb Savannah Georgia: Historic Stays + Neighborhood Tips

If your party falls on the same weekend as a public holiday, be sure to book! But if you want to save money, finding a place just 10 minutes away by taxi from a popular place and calling a taxi is a good option.

This is an Airbnb I stayed in that is suitable for six adults. If this is your first time using Airbnb, you can get $30 off with my code.

If you have a small group or Airbnbs aren’t your thing, Savannah has beautiful hotels ready for bachelor parties! Here are the two hotels I want:

Whether you’re an Airbnb or a hotel-style group, make sure you bring party favors that won’t take up too much room in your suitcase.

Hotel In Savannah

It’s always fun to dress up for a bachelor party. You can keep it simple by having all the girls wear black while the bride wears white, or you can take it and create a theme for the whole week.

For my bachelorette party in Savannah, my friends chose the theme “Through the Decades”. Each day we dressed in a different decade: 20s, 70s and 80s. But for part of the day we honored St. Patrick is wearing green!

I don’t usually go on vacation because strangers come to my hometown of New York and ruin it, but Savannah is different. It was good!

We made drinks at home, brought them in reusable plastic cups with straws, and spent most of the afternoon in the grassy yard getting fake tattoos.

Eat And Drink Bachelorette Party In Savannah Georgia

By the way, fake tattoos are a great way to spice up your bachelorette party in Savannah if you don’t like dressing up. It’s very convenient because you don’t have to change clothes.

Savannah is one of 11 cities in the United States where you can drink freely downtown. Obviously this is one of the reasons I chose this place for my party.

Using this “bring beer/alcohol” rule (perhaps better known as the open container rule), buy a few bottles of booze from the liquor store and bring alcoholic beverages in plastic containers into town to walk around. .

At my bachelorette party, my bridesmaids brought reusable cups and straws to drink in our Airbnb or on the street. We loved the variety so we always knew whose drink it was.

A Perfect Savannah Bachelorette Party

Forget the usual night at the bar for the city’s tourists. Get a password from your local to go to the House of Mata Harispeakeasy in Savannah and enjoy an evening without crossing the street. You will be transported back in time as soon as you walk through the door with its 1920’s decor and fun.

Tip: Try the speakeasy itself. If you like alcoholic beverages, this is for you. There is absinthe!

If you and your girlfriends love to shop, you can drink champagne and eat fries as you take a guided tour and hop from store to store.

You get a special discount at each store and a souvenir to take home, which will help you during your stay in Savannah, as you can drink outside in some places.

Where To Go For A Bachelorette Party

Finally, the tour ends at the Peregrin Rooftop Lounge, which is the perfect place to take a photo with your girls in Savannah!

Even if you’re here to party, why not learn more about this beautiful city? There’s no better way to do this than through a food tour that takes you through the historic district and offers you the best that Savannah has to offer.

On this food tour, you’ll learn about Savannah’s history, including legends of ghosts, as you eat specialties like fried chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, and fried green tomatoes.

It’s not a hen party without hen party games! You can buy and pack games in advance or plan other games in advance.

The 15 Most Romantic Honeymoon Hotels In Savannah, Georgia

On my bachelorette party in Savannah, we played a few games but my favorite, the Newlywed Game, impressed my husband-to-be! Before the bachelorette party, Mike goes to Melissa’s office to interview her on camera.

The purpose of the game was for her to answer questions about me, and then at the party, Melissa asked me the same questions to see how many of the same answers we could get. Most of them we got right even after we had our original answer, thought hard and found another one.

The game was a lot of fun and a sweet way to include the groom in a weekend stag party. Seeing my husband on camera also made us laugh a lot. He started using everything he had around him as props.

Unlike New York (where I’m from), Savannah’s restaurants are large enough to accommodate groups, making it easy to get anywhere. But if you’re a foodie, you’ll want to check out Mom. Wilke’s Dining Room, serving authentic Southern fare, such as fried chicken and grits and bacon and cheese.

Best Bachelorette Party Destinations In The Usa (for All Budgets!)

What makes this restaurant so special is the family atmosphere. You sit down with strangers who quickly become new friends as you share the joy of eating 18 delicious dishes from Southern cuisine. You may worry about the amount of greed, as my virgins and I did.

Another good restaurant for a nice dinner is Rocks on the River. It’s an elegant place that serves delicious cocktails!

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