Best Places To Stay In Normandy France

Best Places To Stay In Normandy France – Overlooking the English Channel on the northern coast of France, Normandy is steeped in history, culture and cuisine.

With endless beaches, towering sea cliffs and stunning landscapes, Normandy has long been the domain of France’s best writers and artists. It is the land of Monet and the Impressionists, Flaubert and literary realism, where you can discover their creative heritage and sources of inspiration throughout Normandy.

Best Places To Stay In Normandy France

You’ll find history and heritage among the half-timbered houses in Rouen’s Old Town, where the memory of Joan of Arc lives on and Notre-Dame de Rouen towers over the city.

Best Boutique And Luxury Hotels In Normandy

Before seeing the Bayeux Tapestry in Bayeux, you can visit the birthplace of William the Conqueror, the most famous of the Normans. There are also D-Day landing sites, WWII memorials and military historic sites that speak to the area’s importance during the Allied invasion of France during WWII.

There is so much to see and do in Normandy and you will have plenty of excellent Norman food and good wine at the end of a long day of sightseeing. There you’ll find historic houses and castles where you can spend the night in the Normandy countryside, as well as luxury resorts and literary-themed hotels in towns across Normandy.

If you’re planning a trip to France, read on as we explain where to stay in Normandy!

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Hotel Saint Lô

Normandy covers a large geographical area stretching from the banks of the Seine in the north to the border of Brittany in the south.

The coastline is spectacular, with colorful beach towns such as Deauville and Cambourg offering wonderful seaside getaways in spa resorts and art deco hotels. Head to the famous town of Honfleur and you can stay in hotels and farms visited by the Impressionists (including Monet and Henri de Saint-Delis) who so vividly depicted the Normandy landscapes in their paintings.

Normandy is not just about the coast. Inland, you can stay in imposing castles and elegant mansions that have been converted into luxury guesthouses and hotels. Immerse yourself in country life living in a restored farmhouse and enjoy the freshest food and wine straight from the farms and vineyards of Normandy.

Who can forget Rouen? The old Norman capital has centuries of history and you can stay in luxury hotels in the heart of the historic city. Here is a list of the 12 best hotels in Normandy to inspire you on your next trip to France!

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Hotel Saint-Delise is definitely one of the best boutique hotels in Normandy. Located in Honfleur, a historic Norman town overlooking the Seine estuary, this 5-star hotel is part of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux group. This means you can expect an eclectic mix of history and luxury, so we know you’ll love your stay at this beautiful French hotel!

Hotel Saint-Delise was inspired by the works of local artist Henri de Saint-Delise, who created large-scale works when he lived in Honfleur in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The building itself dates from the 17th century and Henri de Saint-Delice spent most of his career painting scenes of Norman life in the garden and landing. If you can try to book room 3 as this first floor room was Henri de Saint-Delice’s private salon!

This historic boutique hotel has a total of nine rooms, each perfectly preserving its heritage and offering all the modern comforts you would expect in Normandy. Each of the rooms has its own character and decoration, with paintings and artwork reminiscent of the hotel’s artistic past.

The wooden floors add a timeless charm to the interior and the plush bed is perfect for a good night’s sleep after a day in Honfleur. Bathrooms are stunning, with marble finishes and steam showers as standard, and Jacuzzis in the nicer suites.

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You are a short distance from the historic harbor and harbor of Honfleur, where lovers of French haute cuisine will find some of the oldest restaurants in Normandy, including Vieux Honfleur.

Gustave Flaubert is considered one of France’s greatest writers, and if you agree, you’ll want to stay at the Best Western Plus Litteraire Gustave Flaubert Hotel.

It is one of the most unique hotels in Normandy as its themes and decor are inspired by the life and work of Flaubert. The 4-star hotel is located in Rouen, where the 19th-century author lived, worked and died, and you’ll find copies of his works in each of the boutique rooms.

The cozy rooms are decorated in a nostalgic style, the walls are decorated with portraits of French literary icons, and the beds above the bed are decorated with excerpts from the works of Flaubert. Rooms are also modern and you’ll find everything from flat-screen TVs to luxury bathrooms.

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You can enjoy a cocktail while reading Flaubert on the terrace with a beautiful view of the rooftops around Rouen. A croissant and coffee breakfast is served daily, and the hotel’s central location in Rouen ensures you’ll never be far from a great French restaurant!

Overlooking miles of sandy beaches along the English Channel, Le Grand de Cabourg is one of the finest hotels in Normandy.

This luxury beachfront hotel has long been an integral part of the historic resort of Cabourt, and if you’re a fan of the French literary scene, you may know that famous French author Marcel Proust spent most of his time here. but stay at the hotel.

The hotel tries to preserve as much of its heritage as possible, and here you’ll find literary nods, as well as preserved period features such as an in-room fireplace. But while the rooms and suites certainly have a nostalgic feel, they are modern, comfortable and luxurious in terms of amenities. Flat-screen TVs, luxurious furnishings and luxury toiletries ensure a comfortable stay.

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The best rooms at Le Grand Hotel de Cabourg have beautiful sea views and you will love your morning coffee on the balcony as you watch the waves crash on the beaches of Normandy. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner overlooking the sea, as you can reserve a table at the hotel’s seafood restaurant, Le Balbec.

Cocktails are served at La Belle Epoque and you’ll appreciate the sauna, bath and sensory shower, which all guests can use free of charge in the hotel’s spa.

With an elegant waterfront, beautiful harbor and casino, film festivals and cultural attractions, the beautiful Normandy town of Deauville has long been a favorite holiday spot for the French elite. Deauville is often referred to as the Riviera of Paris and here you will find the best hotels in Normandy with sea views.

One of the most modern hotels in Deauville is the 5-star Hotel Barriere Le Normandy, which offers opulence, history and exclusivity in a historic package. Hotel Barriere Le Normandy is built in a majestic Anglo-Norman style and its elegant half-timbered structure gives the facade a medieval charm.

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The hotel has become a fixture of the twentieth century star scene and you will stay in rooms decorated by Hollywood legends such as Kirk Douglas in years gone by.

The 261 rooms and suites feature commemorative films, velvet curtains, and bright, often floral tapestries and decorations. The rooms are undeniably modern and a major refurbishment in 2016 will add character to interior designer Natalie Ryan.

Although the English Channel is a short walk away, you may prefer to swim in the indoor pool. The pool is located in a glass central courtyard where a constant temperature of 28 degrees Celsius keeps the water red all year round.

The hotel’s gourmet restaurant is called La Belle Epoque and offers an excellent variety of Norman dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. More dining options await you on the waterfront, where you’ll find stylish restaurants and upscale bars.

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If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a French castle, you can experience royal life by booking your holiday at Chateau La Cheneviere. This magnificent Norman mansion was built by a noble family in the 18th century and completely renovated in the late 20th century.

You’ll find Chateau La Cheneviere in picturesque Norman countryside, surrounded by 12 hectares of landscaped gardens, including a two-hectare English walled garden. There’s plenty of time and space for quiet reflection, as this boutique only has 29 rooms and suites.

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