Best Places To Stay In Nashville For Large Groups

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We’ve highlighted the Nashville neighborhoods that are the best places to visit in Nashville — as well as what to do when you’re there.

Best Places To Stay In Nashville For Large Groups

If you happen to see pictures of Nashville You’d think the whole city was a giant, neon-lit heaven with shoes and beer until morning. Of course, this happened in the music city. and it’s very fun But that’s just five blocks from Lower Broad. Nashville is more diverse and more appropriate than that.

Dolly’s Tennessee Whiskey! Walk To Broadway! Sleeps 6! 2nd Ave!

When choosing a place to hang your (cowboy) hat while visiting Consider the following neighborhoods in Nashville based on the time you want to spend in the city. Each offers friendly attractions, delicious food, well-crafted cocktails, live music (of course) and little surprises. from other world-class restaurants and bars to live music venues and kid-friendly activities. The city is ready to explore.

To help you choose a hotel (or Airbnb) in Nashville, we’ve rounded up the best places to stay in Nashville. There is no bad choice between them.

Downtown is the economic and tourism hub of Nashville. Like the geographic center of the city and home to the aforementioned Lower Broad, here you’ll find loud, western swing music at almost any time of day. But this area isn’t just for parties. In addition to the city’s biggest attractions The city center also boasts luxury hotels, restaurants and stunning views of the Cumberland River. This attraction attracts tourists who want to be in the music city on foot without a car.

EAT: Broadway’s Fifth + Assembly Food Hall brings together bistros from the best restaurants in the city. Want hot chicken? Casual Chinese food? Red velvet tacos? Kurdish food? Check Check Check Check You’ll find everything at an affordable price with breathtaking views of the Ryman Auditorium and Broadway. Free live music is an ongoing bonus.

Best Areas To Stay In Nashville, Tennessee

Drinks: As mentioned Downtown Nashville is full of unconventional bars. Locals love Robert’s World West because the owners hire great musicians to play world-class swing and country music. and because they sell cheap beer

Do: Go to the second floor of the Nashville Public Library. That’s what the Civil Rights Department details the key events of the 1960 Congress student protests that took place here and helped divide the country.

Where to stay: Fairlane Hotel is an age-appropriate hotel with 1970s décor and 2020 service and amenities. Head here for a luxurious getaway and enjoy city views from rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. ceiling Enjoy breakfast from the bagel shop downstairs before exploring.

If you only do one thing… seriously watch a show at the Lyman Auditorium, whoever plays it, you just want to experience the divine and wonderful sound of this channel. If you can’t buy a ticket Go on a day trip and discover the magic behind it.

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East Nashville has a love-hate relationship with the “hipster” moniker it has earned over the years due to its high concentration of creativity. This wonderful neighborhood on the east side of the city is home to trendy retro shops and artisan vendors. Not to mention restaurants with some of the nicest chefs and the city’s best bars.

Eaten: The fact that Melvil Arnt and his parents moved from Paris to Nashville is evident in every part of Once Upon a Time in France. From the food decorations to the wine list. This French restaurant does not accept reservations. So plan to have a drink and chat with the locals while you wait for a table.

Drinks: Order a tropical cocktail or two at Pearl Divers, a stylish lounge with island vibes on the menu. Public Space and Attitude If you’ve been to a wonderful tiki bar, prepare to be immersed in the thought of this tropical experience.

Do: Explore the small shops at the Motherland Mall and nearby Five Points Lane. small storefront These include a collection of handicrafts, antiques, and more.

The Whisky Lover’s Nashville Travel Guide

Where is it: Colorful lobby The Gallatin Hotel’s front porch and garden underscore its motto “Be Happy.” You will feel good coming here. Because some of the money helps the homeless in the city to find food and sleep.

If you only do one thing…the villagers cut the carpet every Monday at 5pm. It’s called Motown Mondays, but it’s dancing to a great song. Start with a western swing dance. Many people show off their skills. But you don’t have to be an expert to participate.

It is named after the canyon where a railway runs through the area. Probably Nashville’s trendiest, architecturally rich neighborhood. with high-rise buildings and dense urban retail and residential areas. It’s not far from downtown SoBro and Midtown, but has its own attractions. Mostly shopping, eating and drinking (but what more could you want)?

Eat: Celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan brings Indian food, spices and cooking to lucky Nashville residents at Chauhan Ale and Masala House. Order the option to sample her fusion recipes, but don’t skip the chicken pakoras. hot

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Drinks: If your idea of ​​a good time includes ducklings. (a bowling alley without shoe rental), bok choy, pinball or football. Lets go to the mechanical pin. all these games Cocktails, beer and wine (which will definitely help you achieve your goals) are also available on the menu at the communal bar.

Do: Walk Gulch Greenway to Frankie Pierce Park at Capitol View. This urban outdoor oasis is perfect for a short walk or bike ride through the city streets. with views of skyscrapers and green spaces There are many outdoor paintings to visit along the way.

Where to stay: Thompson Nashville, a glass building that looks from the outside, is a modern hotel with lots of interesting elements. Including artistic elements made of wood reclaimed from the surrounding communities. Don’t miss this rooftop bar tour in Jackson, LA.

If you only do one thing… Among these attic Boasting a simple cinder block building that has been playing some of the best bluegrass in the country for decades, Innis Station is the go-to for any Nashville visitor. Not just in the valley

Three Days In Nashville, Tennessee

Nickname means “South Broadway,” and this small community is isolated from the rest of the city, home to a hockey field. symphony orchestra Convention centers and hotels, restaurants and museums abound. as well as the neighbors in the north The area is tourist friendly. But there is a more exotic atmosphere.

Eat: Being a fun restaurant and serving delicious food and drinks. not wonderful Sometimes it feels that way, though. At House of Cards, you can dine on the classic steakhouse. (or vegan surf and turf if you like) and watch the psychologists and magicians do their thing. Bring a blazer as there is a dress code for this fun outfit.

Drinks: A stunning collection of contemporary art. (all available Just ask for the folder) As good as the signature cocktails on the menu at the resort’s Bar Sovereign.

WHAT TO DO: While the hong kong is flashy, but at their core Nashville is a city of songwriters. Watch performances, lounge in the café lounge and listen to their stories and acoustic scenes.

Best Things To Do In Nashville, Tennessee

Where to Stay: Upscale Joseph Nashville offers a unique experience. from world-class art collections (Be sure to look down at the rooftop bar) to award-winning Italian restaurants, dining to pampering spas. Enjoy views of the city below from your room.

If you only do it… get to know the country music. Three music museums are the Johnny Cash Museum. Patsy Cline Museum and the famous Country Music Museum. Lets you dive into the deep roots of this type of music. Whether you’re a country music fan or not. You will love these cultural sites.

Music Street is where your Nashville business is done. two parallel roads (Connected by a roundabout with musical sculptures) is lined with old houses and office buildings converted into music studios. Indispensable in the music industry are places to eat, drink, listen to music and sleep.

Food and Drink: 32 seats around an open kitchen, Catbird Seat offers hours of cooking as well as dinner. Book in advance and watch Chef Brian Baxter use local ingredients wonders.

Hotel In Nashville Downtown District

Drinks: Q: What’s more important in Nashville than drinking beer and listening to singer-songwriters talk about the suffering of the world? Answer: No, no. The best things to do in Music City happen at Bobby’s Idle Hour Tavern, a beloved Music Row bar.

Do: Elvis Presley wrote and recorded hits at historic RCA Studio B. Music Row Studios is still intact and is open to tour. Book a ticket and pick up a car here; The tour departs from Country Music Hall.

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