Best Places To Stay In Milos Greece

Best Places To Stay In Milos Greece – Whether you are traveling in a group, alone or with children, Milos offers something for everyone. Once you’ve decided to take a trip to this amazing island, you might be wondering what is the best place to stay in Milos.

This guide dives into ten villages in Milos. Milos is even busier in the summer months, so if you don’t mind the crowds, you can relax and enjoy the long days and warm, pleasant parties.

Best Places To Stay In Milos Greece

If you decide to go to Milos, make a reservation in advance and plan accordingly. Book trips and accommodation quickly.

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Fortunately, there are accommodation options for every desire and budget, including luxury hotels, AirBnBs, shared rooms, apartments and even some hostels. Read on to find the perfect accommodation for your holiday in Milos.

Adamas, or Adamantas as it is known to the Greeks, is the center and largest village of Milos, and over 1,300 people call it home. Adamas, the main port of Milos, is a beautiful seaside village with some of Milos’ best seafood and island views.

Founded by refugees from Sfak who fled Crete in 1835 after a failed revolt against the Turks, Adamas has a very rich history, mainly because the village was used as a strategic position in the Eastern Mediterranean during the conflict.

Now Adamas is a tourist and cultural center with a lot to see and experience. As you walk through the charming streets and alleys, you will see why many tourists want to stay here long after their vacation.

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Pack yourself up with a research bike to start the day. Whether you want to drive a car, ride an ATV or ride a bike, Adamas has several car rental options. This is a great way to get to know the village and see many sights.

Then visit any or all of the wonderful Adamas museums. The entrance fee to the Milos Mining Museum is only €4 and it is open most days from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, revealing the fascinating archaeological history of Milos.

The small Cathedral Museum showcases what Milos was like under Venetian rule, with eclectic artwork and jewelry on display.

If you’re looking for holy relics, Adamasi has the 17th-century church of Agia Triada, the second oldest Orthodox church in Milos, and the church of Agios Charalambos, built by Cretan refugees in 1870.

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When you’re ready to relax and sunbathe, visit two of Adamas’ beaches: Lagada Beach by the harbor and Adamas Beach, a long narrow strip that connects Papikinu Beach.

Lagada offers a beach, boats for kids and cocktails for adults. Adamas Beach is perfect for children with its shallow seabed, shady trees and calm waves.

When you’re hungry, take a walk along the promenade surrounding the harbor and find great restaurants, shops and small businesses. You can hire a boat or a guide for a sunset cruise.

A boat trip to Kleftiko, near the famous bay where pirates once hid, is worth it.

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Adamas is the most popular village in Milos, so you will find plenty of accommodation options here, especially along the pedestrian street.

In terms of nightlife, most of the clubs can be found in the capital, Plaka, but there are a few bars and clubs in Adami that stay open until midnight, often with live music.

And for those on a budget, Adamas is reasonably priced – book in advance if you can and avoid the crazy summer months.

Unlike the hustle and bustle of Adamas, Pollonia is a rather quiet, beautiful and family-friendly village in the northeast corner of Milos.

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During the summer months, Pollonia becomes a stylish holiday destination. However, the village retains a certain rustic charm that makes it a great escape for those looking to escape the crowds.

The most interesting place here is Pollonia Beach. If you want, put your towel under the shady vines and watch the kids play on the white sand and in the shallows all day.

If you like sightseeing and are looking for adventure, read on. Pollonia is so small that you can see most of the village just by walking along the beach and looking at the windy pier.

On either side of the bay are two magnificent churches, St. Nicholas and Agia Paraskevi, which welcome visitors who wish to take a peek inside.

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If you want to visit the neighboring island of Kimolos, there are daily ferries from Pollonia, which has ancient geological formations and beautiful beaches.

If you’re looking for treasures beneath the crystal blue waters of Milos, Milos Dive Center offers introductory and certified diving courses where you and a trained guide can explore the depths of the Aegean Sea.

When you’re ready for dinner and drinks, head to Kostatakis Cave Winery, which doubles as a hotel and offers some of the best wines on the island.

Pollonia has a wide selection of small boutique hotels near the water that offer consistently low rates, and is the only place on this list.

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With warm weather approaching, it’s fast, so be sure to book in advance. Pollonia is the best place to stay in Milos for families with small children, not so good for those who want to stay overnight.

In addition to beach and water safety, there are several great hotels in the city center that offer children’s playgrounds and special accommodation options for families with children.

In terms of nightlife, Pollonia offers a great seaside taverna and a large lounge where you can sip cocktails and admire stunning sea views.

Plaka Milou, the capital of Milos, is a charming town, a bustling and bustling mini-town on a hill. Although now full of modern features, Plaka has a fascinating past of traditional Cycladic architecture.

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When the village of Hora was destroyed long ago, the neighboring town of Castron had no place for a large refugee population. Thus, Plaka was born from the materials that the newcomers obtained from their crumbling houses.

Plaka (plaka means “smooth rock” in ancient Greek) due to the flat terrain on which the new village was built, it is located at the highest point of Mount Milos, so the sunsets are breathtaking. Magnificent views of the entire Milos bay.

One of the hallmarks of Plaka is its winding and often confusing streets. According to legend, the road was made into a maze to confuse pirates – cars are not allowed here. If you hope to get a bike, buy a moped or a bicycle.

Start your day in Plaka by just getting ready and walking. With all the souvenir shops, restaurants and traditional houses in Plaka, you might get lost (and that’s a good thing!).

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Plaka is a beacon of Minoan culture. Towering above Plaka, the Venetian Castle (“Castle”) in Milos has a long and interesting history.

Once the glittering home of the Venetian nobility, the castle was abandoned after the Greek Revolution of 1821, but revived during World War II when the Axis powers used Castro as a Mediterranean base.

It is almost a miracle in itself that the Castro has survived so long thanks to the careful preservation of the historic community of Plaka.

Once at the top, explore the nearby villages of Triovassalos, Pera Triovassalos and Tripiti, as well as the emerald waters of Milos.

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Plaka is also home to the famous and unique Panagia Korfiati, the island’s Metropolitan Church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Founded in the 19th century, the whitewashed Panagia Korfiatissa has Byzantine frescoes, relics and even a tombstone carved from wood honoring the holy icon.

As the patron saint of sailors, the nearby Panagia Thalassitra is also joined by the small church of Panagia Eleusis, both of which offer stunning underwater views.

If you are not interested in history or religion, you can also spend a day near Platyena Beach. This organized beach has a cantina/cocktail bar open during the summer months, boat rentals and shallow sandy waters for playing and swimming.

Near Platyena there are interesting and lovely rock formations that have been eroded by the sea over thousands of years.

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This famous structure looks like a hybrid of a bear and a rabbit and changes depending on how you look at it. You won’t see the pictures on the beach, but you can sit on the boat.

Finally, in terms of nightlife, Milos is the best place to stay. There are many accommodation options in Plaka

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