Best Places To Ski In January

Best Places To Ski In January – Dress up this winter in ski resorts and mountain villages across Japan

Japan’s excellent snow conditions make it one of the best places in the world for skiing and snowboarding. After all, with an endless supply of powder, friendly locals, great food and not-to-be-missed meals, there’s not much to complain about.

Best Places To Ski In January

Although you can’t do it in the winter, many ski resorts are open all spring, and there is still plenty of snow. Can you decide on a place? Here are the must-see ski resorts and mountain villages across the country.

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Sometimes called the powder capital of the world, Niseko is arguably the best skiing destination in all of Japan. The entire Niseko area, populated by locals and tourists alike, is English friendly. Suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels, Niseko Ski Resort has off-road trails to take advantage of different powders. April-Ski, Hirafu Village offers a wide variety of activities, shops, restaurants and a lively nightlife that you don’t often find in Japanese ski villages.

Niseko is two hours southwest of Sapporo, but there are many buses and trains that can take you to the city area or New Chitose International Airport.

Blessed with great snow, Rusutsu is a great alternative to Hokkaido, which has less snow than Niseko. The ski resort is only 30-minutes from Niseko, so it’s a good day trip if you want to try different ski resorts for a day or two. Rusutsu offers a ski area suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, while powder skiers will appreciate the pistes and forest trails that are not filled with new fallen snow.

If you are coming from New Chitose or Sapporo Airport, Rusutsu is a 90-minute drive away. There are buses between the resort and the city, as well as between the resort and the airport.

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As you can guess from its name, Nozawa Onsen was a hot spring town before it became a popular skiing destination. Therefore, the best way to relax after the day is in one of the 13 free bathrooms in the city. The skating rink is very suitable for families and offers a variety of terrains. Nozawa has one ski area, but it’s huge, offering tree-lined trails, groomed runs and moguls. The village itself is full of Japanese charm, the accommodation options are mostly Japanese hotels, but they are all English friendly.

Nozawa Onsen is located in northern Nagano Prefecture, an easy drive from central Tokyo. A two-hour shinkansen ride will take you to Iiyama Station, where you can transfer to the direct bus to Nozawa Onsen in 20-25 minutes.

There are few places in Japan where you can enjoy snow and sakura. Shiga Kogen has a surprisingly long skiing season, usually open from mid-November to the end of May. Best of all, Shiga Kogen is also one of the largest ski resorts in the entire country, with 19 ski resorts, all accessible by one convenient cable car.

Celebrating that wide area, the resort offers trails for skiers and snowboarders. Although the resort does not have comfortable accommodation, Shiga Kogen offers the best food in Japan

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Hotels where you can find Japanese hospitality. It is also close to famous places like Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park.

Shiga Kogen is part of Joshinetsu National Park in Nagano Prefecture and is accessible from Tokyo by shinkansen and bus. The Shinkansen from central Tokyo to Nagano takes about an hour and a half, followed by a 70-minute bus ride.

Hakuba Valley is a large ski area in the Japanese Alps that contains ten ski resorts. Enjoy plenty of snow and beautiful scenery, where you can easily walk between the various resorts. Many hot springs line the valley and are a great place to relax after hiking. Hakuba is also English friendly and is a popular destination for international travellers.

Hakuba Valley can be reached within three hours from central Tokyo by shinkansen and bus. A one and a half hour shinkansen ride will take you to Nagano station, then an hourly bus will take you directly to Hakuba.

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While most people are concentrated in Hokkaido or Nagano prefectures, there are ski resorts in between, including Appi Kogen in Iwat Prefecture. As the largest ski resort in the Tokohu region, Appi Kogen offers deep skiing, groomed slopes and a variety of facilities for after-shave fun. The Appi Kogen ski resort has a total of 21 slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Compared to other popular ski resorts in the country, Appi Kogen is still under the radar, so you’ll see a lot of locals. Don’t worry though—it’s still in English and easy to navigate.

To get to the resort, it takes two and a half hours by shinkansen from central Tokyo to Morioka Station. From there you can take a local bus or train to Appi Kogen.

Beautiful Naeba is located in the southern part of Niigata Prefecture and may ring a bell for music lovers as it is also home to the Fuji Rock Festival. There are more than 20 ski resorts, including the famous Naeba Ski Resort, where you can find skiing and snowboarding at the Naeba Prince Hotel. Naeba is connected to Kagura Ski Resort via Dragondola, Japan’s longest gondola, providing access to both ski and snowboard areas. There are trails to suit all levels of riders, including beginner trails and challenging trails for advanced skiers. There are also terrain parks for those who want to show off a few tricks.

The Shinkansen from Tokyo to Ichigo-uzawa Station takes 70 to 90 minutes, and then the free shuttle bus from Naeba Prince Hotel takes you to the ski area within an hour.

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Myoko Kogen consists of nine ski resorts, all connected to the village of Akakura, the center of the tourist area. Each ski resort has plenty of snow and is suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced adrenaline seekers. Akakura Kanko Hotel is the right place because it is one of the first ski resorts in Japan. It is also located on the Akakura ski mountain, with easy access to skiing and snowboarding. After a day of skiing, soak in the warm waters of one of Mioko’s seven famous natural hot springs.

Myoko is an hour and a half journey from central Tokyo to Nagano by shinkansen, buses or local trains that will take you around Myoko.

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Of The Best Ski Towns In The Us

Alpe d’Huez, (1860 meters above sea level) is a historic tourist destination; It is one of the best ski resorts in the world. The Massif des Grandes Rousse is home to a bobsleigh track and one of France’s most durable ski areas.

Very sunny and with a good amount of snow (peak snow in February last year), Alpe d’Huez is the ideal skiing area for a successful winter holiday. Book a hotel, chalet or B&B for a great holiday in Alpe d’Huez at the best price guaranteed.

Val Torrens has been around for years. This resort, which you rate as your favorite tourist destination in Europe every year, is also rated as one of the highest ski resorts in Europe (3,230 m above sea level). The ski areas are not much better than in Val Thorens; It has a great image: a ski resort for skiing pleasure, health, well-being and relaxation.

The worst snow last year was in January and March with more than 45 cm of snow. Book your accommodation in Val Thorens, one of Europe’s top ski resorts, at a guaranteed price today.

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Bruil-Cervinia, in Italy, is more than 3480 meters above sea level; It is a historical tourist destination

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