Best Places To Paddleboard In Central Florida

Best Places To Paddleboard In Central Florida – Have you ever kayaked? It is an extraordinary and primitive adventure that connects you with the water and the natural environment around you. The first kayaks were actually developed thousands of years ago by the Inuit people of the Arctic region, and hundreds of years ago people in other areas became interested in them as a sport boat. Today, you can enjoy recreational kayaking in the calm, gentle waters known as flat water or in the dangerous fast-moving waters of whitewater. The type of kayak you use will depend on the water. Kayaking is not to be confused with canoeing! The most obvious difference between the two is that for a kayak you use one paddle with one blade at each end and for a canoe you use two paddles with one blade at the bottom end.

There are hundreds of amazing places to kayak in Florida, so choosing where to go can be difficult. The place you choose depends on the place you want to visit and the type of kayaking you want to do. Want to see a variety of wildlife and spend a lazy afternoon paddling on a lazy river? Or are you looking for a more dangerous whitewater experience to get your heart pumping? To help you decide, here is a list of the 12 best places to kayak in Florida, including contact information and optimal launch sites.

Best Places To Paddleboard In Central Florida

1 | Lake Chain Winter Park | Winter Park offers a unique opportunity for kayaking: beautiful man-made canals between historic towns and stunning properties while offering a glimpse of Florida’s natural wildlife. Lush aquatic plants thrive along the coast. Migratory birds nest in the trees along the coast. The canal connects six large freshwater lakes that provide habitat for fish and turtles and provide food for osprey and storks. All of this can be spied on from a kayak in the city! The canal shade provides relief from the sun and wind and makes for a very pleasant and relaxing trip.

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Kayaking Tips | Perfect Dress | Clothes for the temperature of the water, so if you shower you’ll be all set.

2 | Tampa Bay: Shell Key Backup | The Key Shell Nature Reserve is a 1,828 hectare nature reserve located in the Tampa Bay area of ​​a 195 hectare barrier island. In this beautiful marine environment, you can spot dolphins and manatees, paddle through mangroves and enjoy white sand beaches. There is no public access to this beach other than by water, so kayaking is the only way to reach this beach. Try using a transparent kayak and you will be able to see the sea creatures below you! Fish, starfish and crustaceans abound in these clear, clear waters.

Kayaking Tips | First Rental | For obvious reasons, try renting experience before investing in expensive kayaking equipment.

3 | Tampa Bay: Tarpon Springs | The Tarpon Springs marsh is home to dolphins, manatees, rays and of course tarpons! If you’ve never seen one of these big fish, you’ll be thrilled! Plus, seasonal tours are offered during manatee season, meaning you’ll get up close and personal with these gentle giants. In addition to wildlife, there are historical sites as you explore the waters of Tarpon Springs, including an early 20th-century Victorian home. After paddling, you can visit the city’s famous seaside shops and Greek restaurants.

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Kayaking Tips | Physical Map | Bring a physical map of the area where you will kayak so you don’t have to rely on your cellular connection.

4 | Pierce Fortress | If you want to try a night out, Fort Pierce has unique creatures you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re lucky, you might spot bioluminescent comb jellyfish that illuminate the dark water under your kayak. Paddling through caves and traversing mangrove tunnels in the dark with a flashlight or flashlight is a different experience than a day trip, and perhaps a little scary.

Kayaking Tips | Check Weather | Keeping an eye on the weather and future forecasts, you don’t want to kayak in a severe storm.

5 | Thursday | The brackish, blue-green waters of the Indian River are teeming with interesting marine life, and you can come face-to-face with them by kayak. These coastal waters are lined with beautiful wild beaches where kayakers can stop and enjoy wading along the shore. There are plenty of shallow water spots and large sandbars to explore and look for small animals like starfish, pufferfish and snails. You can jump out of the kayak and enjoy the cool water on a hot day.

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Where to start: Jupiter Pointe Club and Marina: 18701 SE Federal Hwy, Jupiter, FL 33469 | WHO: 561-203-9477

6 | Stone Springs | Rock Springs Run is a beautiful and natural waterway formed by artesian springs. It has clear, slow-moving waters where freshwater species such as crocodiles, otters, turtles and fish can be found, as well as birds and deer along the riverbanks and in the pine forests. In one direction, you’re rowing against the current, in the other, you don’t have to! This gentle rowing course is perfect for beginners.

Kayaking Tips | Control your own speed | Stay calm and don’t burn yourself in the water.

7 | Crystal River | The calm waters of Crystal River flow through Three Sisters Springs, Jurassic Springs and Hunter Springs at Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. Kayaking is only allowed from April 1 to November 14. At the end of the year, the spring is forbidden because the endangered manatees gather here for shelter. The water is naturally warm, which is why manatees choose to make it their winter home. During the season when the springs are open for kayaking, these iconic turquoise waters are considered the most beautiful in Florida.

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Kayaking Tips | Waterproof Storage | If you are carrying something you want to keep dry, such as a purse, food or clothes, be sure to invest in waterproof storage.

8 | Rainbow Springs State Park | Before Rainbow Springs became a state park, it was a private outdoor park. You can find evidence of this in ornamental gardens and artificial waterfalls. However, beyond this enchanting attraction, there is still the beauty of natural springs and mossy hammocks surrounding it. Visitors to these magnificent blue waters can spot dozens of species. If you get too hot while pedaling, jump into the springs for a refreshing swim!

Kayaking Tips | Be careful | If you’re in the woods and a crocodile is swimming, be sure to turn your head. You won’t want to miss out!

9 | Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge | Merritt Island is Florida’s largest barrier island and is home to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and a 140,000-acre nature reserve. The aqueduct within the refuge offers unrivaled views of Florida’s coastal ecosystem. You can see crocodiles, dolphins, and manatees in these coastal waters. In addition, the site is one of the most popular places in the US for bioluminescent kayaks. When the fins sink into the water, billions of plankton glow in the dark, creating an eerie and impressive sight, best seen on a dark night.

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Kayaking Tips | Stay in close touch If you’re traveling with a group, make sure to stay connected so no one gets left behind. Groups should be far from each other.

Where to start: Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge: 1987 Scrub Jay Way, Titusville, FL 32782 (NW Haulover Canal) | WHO: 407-212-7306

10 | Suwannee River | The 246-mile-long Suwannee River is a popular river for multi-day rafting trips. The Blackwater River is mostly a slow natural channel that meanders through swamps and forested wetlands. However, if you are a more experienced kayaker and interested in whitewater kayaking, there are some wild stretches on this river. Florida’s greatest rafting starts in the Big Shoals river channel and is rated Class I-II (and sometimes III) for difficulty. The water is very calm and level at Big Shoals, and traffic has a lane on the beach next to the rapids, making it possible to board and depart in the same place. A bit of walking is required to get to the launch site.

Kayaking Tips | dry | After a day of kayaking, dry your gear before storing it so it doesn’t get damaged by mildew or rust.

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Where to Start: Big Shoals Trail Entrance: 18738 SE 94th Street, White Springs, FL 32096 | WHO: 386-397-4331

11 | Weeki Wachee Springs State Park | It

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