Best Places To Eat In Oxnard

Best Places To Eat In Oxnard – While Oxnard may be the best kept secret on the Central California coast, I’m here to share with you the Oxnard restaurants you must try when you’re in the area.

Located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Oxnard is bordered by the Seven Mile Golden Hills on the Pacific Coast to the west, the Santa Clara River to the north, the Ventura County Conservation Area to the south, and Camarillo to the east.

Best Places To Eat In Oxnard

Oxnard is located 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The inland route via Thousand Oaks, Highway 101, or the scenic coastal route, Highway 1, will take about an hour and a half each way, depending on traffic.

Top 10 Restaurants In Oxnard, California

There are 276 sunny days a year in Oxnard. There is no skiing in Oxnard, but there is plenty of snowboarding all year round. The wettest months are in winter, the most precipitation is in February, and the cloudiest days are in June. The average annual temperature is 69 degrees.

Although I have hosted Oxnard restaurants for some of these events, the opinions are my own.

My introduction to Oxnard began with a visit to the Channel Islands Maritime Museum. Exquisite paintings and bone ship models are just some of the interesting exhibits at the Hollywood Beach Marina. It is considered one of the best private maritime collections in the world.

In terms of collections, the Moulins Automobile Museum, founded in 2010, tells its guests about the style and design of French cars of the 20th century. In awe of all the chrome and shiny Bugattis in the museum, I struggled to get to my next destination.

Oxnard: A Fun Family Getaway

Another collection worth seeing is the Murphy Car Museum. Vintage cars, prototype trailers and classic motorbikes with tiki masks (can you name them all?) and other memorabilia share the space. It’s a fun place for muscles and mojo.

Oxnard is a great spot for whale watching in the winter and early spring and is the closest access point for trips to the Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary. Many water sports and gondola cruises on the canals keep you entertained on the water.

If high-end shopping is more your style, The Collection at RiverPark will not disappoint. A diverse mix of high-end retail stores, boutiques and fashion brands share space with carefully curated public art throughout the mall.

History comes alive in Oxnard at the Heritage Square Museum. This Victorian area explores the settlement and development of Southern California from the Civil War to the early 20th century.

El Chilito Oxnard, 733 S Oxnard Blvd In Oxnard

Hampton Inn Channel Islands Harbor overlooking the coast is a winner for comfort, cleanliness and quiet. Plan your three-hour tour to experience the shipwreck or stroll along Hollywood Beach just five minutes from your door. The Hampton Inn is an ideal base for trips to Santa Rosa Island and Channel Islands National Park.

A great way to start your day at the marina is with a caffeinated drink and a healthy sandwich at the Honey Cup and Creamy Cafe.

Their specialty drinks are very appealing to my senses. A latte with honey or lavender, a mocha with plum or hazelnuts or a spicy aftertaste – rosemary, vanilla, jasmine – is irresistible.

Seven types of milk are sure to delight you, as is the chef’s handmade ice cream.

The Top 5 Vegan And Vegetarian Dining Destinations In Ventura County Coast

Cookies, pastries, banana bread and unique homemade treats like rhubarb, pistachio and peanut butter round out the menu.

My favorite was the avocado toast served on focaccia bread with arugula and truffle salt. A delicious combination of taste and texture.

Accessible parking is right outside the door and quick service if you’re in a hurry.

The authentic Indian food served at The Masala Twistis is hearty and colorful. They are open for lunch and dinner.

A Perfect Day In Oxnard Ca

I ordered the mushroom masala with garlic bread which I thought was a light dish. Whole fresh mushrooms were swimming in a rich red tomato sauce with creamy yogurt and curry spices. Perfectly balanced with the aromatic bread, it was a very filling meal.

They prefer customers to order by phone for pickup and delivery. The photos of the dishes on their website are very accurate, but don’t be fooled by the reality.

Three generations of passion for the unique essence of Mexican food are represented at Xielo Artisan Desserts in the historic Woolworth Building in downtown Oxnard.

Traditional Mexican pastries, fusion crepes and raspados are family-friendly dishes. Juan Ramirez (father) prepares delicacies according to his grandmother’s recipes and is happy to answer questions. Meanwhile, Carlos Ramirez (son) runs the front of the house, helping customers and explaining their story.

In Downtown Oxnard, Vagrant Activities Reach ‘tipping Point’

The best way to get daily fruit is to mix bananas into a pancake. Using a culinary technique perfected in France, the people of Xiel fill them with sweet or savory fillings. My choice was the classic Nutella and banana. Tasty choices may include corn, Mexican squash, and roasted poblano peppers. Another is ricotta cheese and strawberries.

When asked which hot chocolate I prefer, Mexican or Spanish, they recommended a wonderful traditional coffee from the state of Veracruz at Spanish Hot Chocolate. I don’t know which was more original or traditional. Of course I loved it.

The combination of Japanese and Latin flavors has become popular at SushiWay. I’m also a sushi and seafood lover. This unique mix of cultures and flavors naturally intertwine.

Many of his sushi dishes make generous use of yuzu, a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. It is real, sour and aromatic and is a combination of tangerine fruits.

Visit Oxnard: Best Of Oxnard, California Travel 2022

I had the kale salad, a combination of vegetables and seaweed with a homemade soy ginger dressing that was incredibly refreshing.

Two different rolls satisfied my tempura and eel cravings. “Antar” in the form of fried seaweed leaves wrapped around sushi rice. Each roll was topped with pickled ginger and spicy wasabi.

They don’t switch, but they don’t have to. They have already created wonderful combinations of flavors and textures.

SushiWay made me the perfect lunch. However, Friday nights at this Oxnard restaurant are filled with dinner, drinks, dancing and a cool atmosphere. The cavernous interior allows for other special events like Taco Tuesdays, sports nights, occasional DJs and live music, and happy hours Monday through Friday.

Q Club Oxnard Menu In Oxnard, California, Usa

Ironically, one of the best restaurants in Ventura County is located in an industrial area of ​​Oxnard, surrounded on three sides by farmland and close to the Camarillo Airport.

Tierra Sur at Herzog Winery is a unique culinary experience. I had the pleasure of visiting the facility before the wine tasting and dinner. It was very interesting to learn about kosher grape growing and winemaking and the history of the Herzog family.

After a tour of the winery, my evening at Tierra Sur began with a wine tasting. Fascinated by the countless bottles of wine mounted on shelves on the wall, I was given details of the six wines on offer that night. California wines ranged from smooth to tart and dry to smoky. I chose a pinot noir rosé from Clarksburg to accompany my meal.

Seasonal ingredients are sourced exclusively from local producers in Tierra Sur. Pure food dining is the foundation of Tierra Sur chefs. The waiter described each dish he brought to my table.

The 30 Best Restaurants In Oxnard, California

My first dish was buckwheat pancakes with caviar. Like the luxe cream cheese buns (one of my favourites), the luxe dill mini crepes, herb onion cream, pickled shallots and salmon roe were clean. I love three dimensional food and the three pancakes were perfectly composed and balanced.

Another course was grilled salmon, direct from the fireplace outside the dining room, with spinach, endive, potatoes, spaetzle, mustard and a whiskey glaze.

The Watermelon Trio with Rosemary Sugar Cookies, Roasted Mango, Coconut and Grilled Pineapple Mojito was the perfect third course to cleanse the mouth and complete the meal.

Make Cafe Pacific the first stop on your way to visit nearby car museums. This classic neighborhood cafe for breakfast and lunch serves a full menu of American standards and Mexican dishes.

Cabo Seafood Grill And Cantina Menu In Oxnard, California, Usa

In an office/industrial area, expect a relaxed meal with authentic service at this Oxnard restaurant. It is comfortable with a large indoor dining area, a large covered terrace and toilets.

Although I had a veggie omelet filled with cheese and home fries for breakfast, I could have had a hamburger or anything else on their menu.

Cafe Pacific has reduced hours on Saturdays and serves traditional Mexican soup on Saturdays. Working on Saturday and enjoying this cultural treat is almost worth it.

The charming atmosphere at Cabo Seafood Grill and Cantina along with the friendly staff makes for a wonderful dining experience. A big plate of hot, cheesy Mexican food was amazing. I had to wonder how they could make cream cheese taste so good on a big plate of enchiladas.

Fresco Ii On The Marina Restaurant

I’m always excited to see handmade cakes. You can also watch the guacamole being made at your table – it doesn’t get much fresher.


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