Best Place To Swim With Dolphins In Australia

Best Place To Swim With Dolphins In Australia – Every now and then something happens that affects you deeply, and perhaps changes the way you see life and the world around you. For some of us, it may be the birth of a child, a change of religion, or simply finding a new place that you really love! For me it’s swimming with dolphins…

About five years ago, I went on vacation for a month in New Zealand, a place I had wanted to visit ever since I saw the movie Lord of the Rings and fell in love with the place. My boyfriend and I rented a van and drove around the North and South Island, no specific route, just seeing beautiful countryside and peaceful towns along the way.

Best Place To Swim With Dolphins In Australia

We took a ferry from Wellington at the bottom of the North Island to Picton, at the north end of the South Island, and during the trip we walked through the countryside. After a few minutes, in the distance, I saw a strange figure in the water. We soon realized that what we saw was a small group of dolphins playing in the sun. The boat docked and we walked to our campsite and my daughter started flipping through our jam-packed guidebooks and notes. Within minutes he found out that New Zealand is not only the best place in the world to swim with dolphins, but we are only a short drive from Kaikoura, which is where most of the trips go!

Dolphins Use Signature Whistles To Represent Other Dolphins

We went straight there and within a few days we had a tour booked. Dolphin swimming tours usually leave early, so we had to meet in town while it was still dark. With coffee and donuts, we sat down to learn about the “science” – it was good to hear about the ecology of the wild dolphins that live in these waters and their behavior. We got wetsuits, lots of coffee (much needed) and then about 20 of us got on a speedboat from the beach. Small groups are important so as not to disturb the dolphins too much, and of course we were given lots of advice on what to do and what not to do when encountering a pod.

After about half an hour, there was news that there was a dolphin in front of us. We surrounded them, put on our masks and snorkels and waded through the cold water.

All the good things you hear about swimming with dolphins, believe it. We were incredibly lucky, amazingly – within seconds we were surrounded by About a hundred dolphins, adults and young. These beautiful creatures float around us and come so close that they are close, not far from us. They used to look deep into our eyes, as if they somehow tried to read the thoughts of Us. Curious, playful and charming, they weren’t bothered at all by our presence and we stayed in the water with them for about an hour before they moved on.

We climbed into the ship and watched the capsule descend into the distance, its fins sliding out from the Wave. Sometimes they will jump in the air, giving us a beautiful sunset photo. Slowly walking back, we turned around after a tip from another tourist that there was a humpback whale in the area, but we soon arrived to see the tail as our quarry disappeared under the waves.

Best Place To Swim With Wild Dolphins In New Zealand

When I returned to the base, where we waited for coffee and more donuts, I felt like a changed person. The feeling of being these beautiful, friendly and intelligent creatures overwhelmed me completely. Embarrassingly enough, until that day, I was not interested in the environment or conservation, but since then, it has become one of my favorite places. Two years later, I earned a master’s degree in ecotourism, focusing on wildlife conservation efforts in New Zealand, and then traveled to the Costa Rican rainforest, where I swam with bottlenose dolphins and spinner dolphins at Drake’s. hello Of course, experience is life-affirming.

If there is one experience I would recommend to anyone, if you have the chance to swim with dolphins, do it. Of course it’s important to go with responsible users who try to minimize any impact on marine life, but it’s not hard to identify reliable ones by checking their websites.

While I was in New Zealand, I went scuba diving, skydiving and sailing and I loved them all, but nothing excited me as much as swimming with dolphins, and that feeling has stayed with me ever since.

Feeling inspired by this post? As a gift experience, you can treat yourself or a friend to an amazing whale and dolphin watching tour in places as diverse as Iceland and Madeira, and swim with dolphins in Cancun! There are many options if you want to swim with dolphins in Australia. Dolphin cruise locations include Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Rockingham, Bunbury, Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne and Port Stephens near Sydney.

Where To See Dolphins & Other Marine Creatures In Wa’s South West

There are many places where you can see dolphins in Australia, but there are very few that you can get into the water with. Dolphin watching boats require a special permit to swim with dolphins, and the rules are strict. There are rules about how boats approach, and catching dolphins is strictly prohibited. However, the following driver passed the test. Travel Inquiry Australia believes this is the full list of Australian dolphin drives at the time of publication. Email or contact via Facebook if someone is missing.

Perhaps the easiest place to swim with dolphins in Australia is Adelaide, where Temptation Sailing runs dolphin cruises in the morning from Glenelg marina on the beach.

Swim with Australia’s dolphins on tours such as Adventure Cruises from Glenelg in Adelaide. Photo by David Whitley / Australian Travel Questions

Elsewhere in South Australia, the Kangaroo Island Ocean Safari focuses less on dolphins and more on seals. The two-hour snorkeling safari, which departs from Penneshaw, honestly says that the animals seen each day are different. But they swim with dolphins if they see them. Dolphin Island Swimming Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures offers a three-hour tour. This Dolphin Cruise guarantees sightings and highlights swimming with Flipper and friends. The Kangaroo Island ferry departs from Cape Jervis on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Pdf) Zeppel, H. (2009). Managing Swim With Wild Dolphin Tourism In Australia: Guidelines, Operator Practices And Research On Impacts. In J. Carlsen, M. Hughes, K. Homes & R. Jones (eds.) See Change:

Near Melbourne there are two options, both operating from Sorrento on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Moonraker Dolphin Swim for a small group of 10 with dolphins in Port Phillip Bay. There is also a good chance to see sea dragons and seals, tours run between October and May. Swimming Polperro Dolphin is the Mornington Peninsula’s dolphin competition that leaves the same area.

You can swim with the seals from Sorrento, from where the Queenscliff ferry departs.

In Western Australia, Perth Wildlife Encounters runs Dolphin Swimming Tours from Rockingham, about 45 minutes’ drive south of Perth. About 200 dolphins live near the bay and Rockingham Island – it usually takes a boat between 20 minutes and an hour to find them. If you don’t see a dolphin, you can try another day for free.

Between November and May you can swim with dolphins in Koombana Bay, Bunbury. It is 170 kilometers south of Perth. But it’s also home to the long-standing Dolphin Discovery Center, which offers tours. This makes it more educational than most Dolphin Swim tours.

Dolphins In Australia Are Beaching Themselves As Part Of An Unusual And ‘risky’ Feeding Behavior

Port Stephens, about two and a half kilometers north of Sydney, is famous for its dolphin watching. Bottlenose dolphins prefer to stay in the sheltered waters of the bay. But Dolphin Swim Australia runs a five-hour swimming tour in Port Stephens that allows visitors to enter the water. Participants hang from a rope pulled by a boat. This allows them to follow the curious dolphins that swim alongside them.

The downside is that this tour leaves d’Albora Marina at 05:00 – it’s impossible to do this as a day trip from Sydney, and you have to be in or around Nelson Bay.

Swimming with dolphins in captivity is truly unique. However, if you choose to do so, the experience is available at the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park in Coffs Harbour. The same goes for Seaworld on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Not swimming with dolphins, but in Byron Bay, New South Wales, you can kayak with dolphins. Cape Byron Kayaks and Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay offer tours. Epic Ocean Adventures does the same thing at Rainbow Beach,

Male Dolphins Seen Playing ‘wingman’ To Help Each Other Find Mates

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