Best Place To Sit In Busch Stadium

Best Place To Sit In Busch Stadium – There are several great seating options for fans visiting Busch Stadium. At club level the seats between sections 241 and 257 are the most impressive. Located on the second level of the stadium, these seats offer a true club style view of the lower level. Each of these rooms are located on the field and offer their fans unobstructed views of the field, scoreboard and skyline and arch.

One of the best features of Busch Stadium is the size of the field on the 100th level. The infield seats are located away from the field, allowing seats along the left field and right field lines to dominate the field. This creates more smooth field lines in the infield – where 85% of the action takes place. Of these seats, our favorites are sections 164-166 in the front left field line. These seats are flat in front of the house, which is unusual for seats that are not in the home operating area. They also sit a few feet above field level and give the Redbirds an outfield feel.

Best Place To Sit In Busch Stadium

Other seats with better views include seats at the top of level 100 or in front of level 300. Be careful in the first two rows in the 300s – the rails block your view. 3-5 rows is best where you have a clear site line.

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Busch Stadium offers the best non-baseball views of any ballpark. Fans seated near home plate on any level of the ballpark will have a unique view of the Archway and downtown St. Louis.

For the best views of the Arch, consider seats in the third base terrace level (300/400) of the field. These seats offer the most beautiful views of the arc with quality views of the pitch and main scoreboard.

When Cardinals fans think of an immersive experience, the first seats that come to mind are the green seats behind home plate. These seats not only provide fans with a first-class view of the arena, but also services such as in-seat security and all-inclusive pricing; Not to mention your chances of being on TV are pretty good.

One of the lesser-known all-inclusive venues at Busch Stadium is the Champions Club on the LF line. Like the Cardinals Club (green seats), ticket holders receive all-inclusive food and beverage and access to a private reception area. However, tickets at the Champions Club are often cheaper than at the Cardinals Club. These seats have the advantage of protection from rain and sun – a desirable feature in the hot St. Louis summer. The nearby Bank of America Club offers an all-you-can-eat buffet and weatherproof seating.

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Other impressive venues at Busch Stadium include the Redbird Club, 200 seats. Although patrons have access to a climate-controlled club environment and special discounts, these seats do not include concierge service or all-inclusive prices.

Finally, the commissioner’s box seats to the right of the Cardinals’ dugout are the most popular tickets for card games. These seats offer Cardinals fans an up-close view of their favorite players, special service and complimentary food and beverages. Unlike other stunning areas; However, the Commissioner’s Box is just a room with a very limited stock of tickets.

Busch Stadium fans are generally friendly and create a family-friendly atmosphere. For this reason, there are not many seats that are not restricted to children. Instead, you’ll want to pay special attention to finding seats near the sun (daytime games) and facilities that children use regularly (concession centers and restrooms).

One area to visit before and during games is the children’s area near room 101 in the center. This fully covered area allows kids to practice batting, test the speed of the field and enjoy healthy, kid-friendly snacks. There is also a new tower-bear in the central square.

Breakdown Of The Busch Stadium Seating Chart

For families with a healthy budget, consider the higher rates of Sections 152-154. These rooms are located near Busch Stadium’s Build-a-Bear, where your child can build and enjoy a Fredbird and take it home as a souvenir. If you don’t want to spend money on another stuffed animal, these rooms are smaller than average so you’ll have an easier time popping in and out for lunch or a bathroom break. As an added bonus, the views from these seats are among the best in the stadium.

If your budget is a bit tighter, we recommend seats in sections 352-357 and 452-454 (choose 400s for hot or sunny days). These rooms are well sheltered in front of the seats at first base and are located adjacent to the main food court behind home plate. Again, the comments for these episodes are above average.

Among the seats you obviously want to avoid are those in the RF and RF lines on all levels. These areas get very hot during daytime games and are in direct sunlight at the start of summer games. If you’re staying here or planning to stay here, make sure you pack sunscreen and that everyone has a hat and sunglasses.

With St. Louis being the home of Anheuser-Busch, it’s no surprise that Busch Stadium has multiple arenas that cater to beer-drinking baseball fans.

Bleachers (sections 101–111 And 189–197)

Before or after the game, consider stopping by Ballpark Village – the sports and entertainment center of downtown St. Louis. There you will find restaurants, bars, live radio shows and the biggest TV screens in town. Here the roof and deck seating are added. While not technically inside Busch Stadium, these are ticketed seating areas with game views and additional amenities.

There’s no shortage of options for fans looking to drink inside the gates of Busch Stadium. Almost every downstairs room is close to a variety of cold drinks, liquor, and of course bud products. Left field is especially close to a large number of adult beverages and is one of the best places to sit and enjoy a cold one at a Cardinals game.

Meanwhile, fans will be seated at the Bowtie Bar and in the lower left field patio sections. This area features a large central bar, bar seating, table seating and grab bars – making it ideal for fans looking for a place to socialize.

There are bars for fans seated in the 200 level on both sides of the arena for Redbird Club ticket holders, and several drink options for non-club fans around section 266. On the terrace level, most alcohol is purchased at communal concession stands – although there’s plenty of room to gather with friends while watching the game.

Cubs Fan Treats Cardinals Fans At Busch Stadium

The sharp angles of the seats at Busch Stadium make it one of the most exciting ballparks to catch a foul ball. In particular, the seats known as dugout boxes (132-139, 161-166) lead out onto the field and make for a pleasant place to sit when balls are fouled. For fans in other levels of the park, the concourse seats hold memories. Be careful, however, that shading obstacles prevent you from catching the ball.

The dugouts were a popular place to catch balls – players often left some before games and between innings. But now that the net is stretched along the side of the dugout, it’s hard to get the ball through those seats. Instead, consider the first ten lines of Sections 141 and 159, which most restaurants now accept.

For fans, Busch Stadium is one of the least friendly ballparks for home runs. Big bulls in left and right field make lots of memories. You’ll want to get seats in one of the first five rows of the outfield to have the best chance of taking the long ball home. Due to the size of Busch Stadium, the limited space between the fence and the fans, balls cannot reach the upper rows.

St. Louis is known for having some of the most knowledgeable and friendly fans in all of baseball. It’s not uncommon for fans to arrive at Busch Stadium to a warm welcome. As a result, almost anywhere in the ballpark is perfect for a home team fan—unless, of course, you’re a Cubs fan.

Access Guide For Guests With Disabilities

If your goal is to be close to your favorite players, you’ll want to sit close to your team’s dugout or bullpen. There is a big difference between bull pens because they are located outside the house

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