Best Place To See Turtles In Kauai

Best Place To See Turtles In Kauai – On our last trip to Kauai, Dustin’s uncle (Larry) and father (Paul) took us with us to visit this beautiful island. Larry had never dived before so we were picky about where to take him. Kauai is the least developed of all the large Hawaiian islands, and is characterized by its clear water and many unique species of fish and other marine life. But depending on the season, the ocean currents can be very strong and extremely dangerous. Here are our recommendations for the best snorkeling spots in Kauai for beginners. These snorkelling spots are also suitable in winter when the swell is very strong.

Coral reefs are a very fragile organism. It is also home to tons of vibrant marine life. So please, be sure to avoid approaching, touching or disturbing the citizens. Reef safe sunscreen is also a must! Regular sunscreens will damage the already precious and fragile corals. Also, stay at least 30 feet away from green sea turtles. They are protected by law.

Best Place To See Turtles In Kauai

It is also important to pay attention to your surroundings while snorkeling. The ocean currents can be very strong. They can confuse even the strongest swimmer if you venture out of protected areas. The best rule of thumb before entering the ocean is to observe the water for 20 minutes before entering. Be sure to monitor the stream and look for any obstructions such as rocks.

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If you want to see sea turtles, go to Poipu Beach! Especially early in the morning at sunrise. Turtles usually sleep on the sand at night. In the morning they return to the water. Remember that Hawaiian green sea turtles are protected by law. Please give them plenty of space and do not touch or disturb them. In addition to turtles, if you are lucky, you may also see Hawaiian monk seals. This is partly why Poipu Beach is one of the best dive sites on Kauai.

Here there is a medium-sized bay for swimmers and snorkelers. The bay is home to colorful fish and marine life. The best way to enter is in the sandy area near the rock wall. If you are facing the water, this will be on your left. Once inside, you will want to go to the right side of the cave. If you swim close to the beach, it will take you around a rock wall that sticks out just below the surface of the water.

It’s a great place to swim but you have to be careful as the water level goes up and down you can hit rocks and it’s not fun because it’s lava rocks. Once you pass the wall, you will be in the best place to dive. The good thing is that there are lifeguards here. But if you are a beginner, stay close to the beach!

The area around Poipu Beach is also worth exploring. This place is beautiful during sunrise and sunset. Be sure to give yourself some extra time to do justice to this place.

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This lake in Lydgate Park is perfect for beginners. The water here is protected from the open sea all year round due to the man-made stone wall. Although not a reef, there are tons of colorful fish swimming near the outer reef.

Lydgate Park is family friendly. In addition to a beautiful sandy beach, it also has lifeguards, restrooms, shaded picnic tables and a large playground. This dive site is unique in Kauai. You will constantly see new fish coming. Carried by the waves that wash away the rock walls. I even saw a barracuda while we were there! If you want to see turtles, this is not the place. You’ll have better luck at other snorkeling spots on Kauai like Anini or Poipu Beach.

The water in the lake is very shallow at the entrance. You will have plenty of time to prepare your equipment and acclimatise to the water. The central part of the lake can be about 10 feet deep. Most of the fish hang around large boulders within the rock face. Be careful when exploring here. The waves can come over the wall and hit you. Due to the sandy bottom, the center of the lake can be murky.

Anini Beach is one of our favorite dive sites on Kauai, for beginners and experienced swimmers alike. The reefs off Anini Beach are the longest in Hawaii. The water here can get very shallow, especially at low tide. Because of this, it has become a popular snorkeling spot for beginners and intermediate swimmers. The reefs at Anini Beach are filled with colorful fish and sea turtles. If you’re lucky, you’ll also spot a giant stingray.

Kauai Hawaii Honu Sea Turtle Print Beach Décor Hawaii

There is plenty of parking on this beach. When you land, the reef boat ramp is about 300 feet to the right. Lisa, a local marine biologist, told us that this place here is known as the turtle cleaning station. If you are willing and able to swim about 60 meters or so, you can see many safe green sea turtles.

Turtles can’t reach their backs, so they have to find other ways to keep their shells free of algae and other things. These things can slow your turtle down and possibly scratch it. So in addition to finding reefs that provide shelter and plenty of food, turtles also establish a cleaning station. This is where all algae eaters such as freshwater angelfish, kelp fish or damselfish live. The turtles exchange, often sharing fish or presenting themselves so that they can eat all the algae from their shells. It was really fun to watch. Be aware of your surroundings and do not overdo it with strong currents.

If you are a beginner, stay in a shallow area. You don’t have to go far to see beautiful fish and marine life. Anini beach is also beautiful at sunset. So plan to stay to watch the beautiful sunset over the still waters.

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• Sunscreen: Be sure to use an environmentally friendly, reef-safe sunscreen to protect coral reefs and marine life. We use eco-friendly, reef-safe sunscreens and all-good organic sunscreen butter – zinc oxide – reef-safe sunscreen and all-good sport – reef-safe (3 oz) (2 pack) or Stream2C SPF 30 Reef Safe Sport Tinted We make sunscreen.

• The Finns That’s what we used, the USA. Diver’s track fin – compact snorkel fins and US Divers Proflex FX fin.

• Water shoes or sandals are recommended because the lava rocks are very sharp and get hotter in the sun. Vy uses UBFEN water shoes for women. Dustin has UBFEN water shoes for men.

Green Sea Turtle, Chelonia Mydas, And Diver (mr). Kauai, Hawaii Stock Photo

If you are not a good swimmer, a flotation belt will help you feel more comfortable in the water. Vy uses it every time she goes snorkeling. Like you, it’s thigh-deep in crystal blue shallows at Poipu Beach, in a cozy cove on the south side. On this random Tuesday, the sun rises wide and the sea is filled with scattered swimmers. “Don’t be in a hurry,” she says as she dips the GoPro camera into the water, “…but come here!” He laughs softly, “It’s a sea turtle!”

When she uttered the words ‘Sea Turtle’, it was as if divine sound waves filled everyone’s ears within a quarter mile radius. Swimmers start to slip, parents and children get closer, tourists swarm Breennecke, and I swear helicopters are dropping people off. Your friend might trumpet, “Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge is making a comeback!” And he got a less enthusiastic response from the audience.

Fortunately, everyone seems respectful, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sea kings without disturbing them. You will notice the curve of the shape of the turtle under the water and pressing on the rocks. As he slowly descends into the deeper water, a fleet of divers that seem to have come out of nowhere in space now float above him. he is your friend

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