Best Nightclub In Newcastle

Best Nightclub In Newcastle – There is no city quite like its nightlife. Newcastle is a city full of culture and entertainment during the day, but it’s the night time that makes this city shine. Here are some places to tick off your list of nightclubs that are sure to deliver the best time.

This stylish club has bells and whistles, club booths lined with exposed brick and dance floors under decorative lights. Guests who want the VIP treatment can book a variety of VIP booths with drinks and fireworks included in some packages.

Best Nightclub In Newcastle

Formerly known as The Stage Door, The Cosmic Ballroom hosts many of Newcastle’s electronic music nights with guest DJs. Spread over two floors, this famous club is the heart of the city and the city’s nightlife.

A Student Night In Newcastle: Going Out In One Of The Uk’s Clubbing Capitals

World Headquarters is different from your average club. They don’t remember the best drinks or the biggest DJs, Newcastle is a better place to live and welcomes everyone at its doors regardless of race, gender or appearance. Upstairs, there is a “dream sound system” that provides a relaxing atmosphere.

Tup Tup Palace promises a unique shopping experience. With a wild and bohemian theme, guests can escape their busy city days in a luxurious oriental interior. Tup Tup Palace often hosts themed club nights and its dance floor is packed with celebrities including Kanye West, Cheryl Cole and Snoop Dogg.

If you like a cocktail atmosphere or a whole night with a DJ set, Madame Koo has it for you. A true East Asian theme, statues sit between the booths and vines grow from the exposed brick walls. For a night on the town and vice versa, be sure to visit this hot spot.

When it opened in 2005, Digital was hailed as “the fabric of the north”, playing unforgettable DJ nights. David Guetta, Fatboy Slim, Deadmau5 and many other DJs have performed in this huge nightclub, which is divided into a dynamic dance floor and a shop area.

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Empress by name, Empress by nature. The interior of the club is suitable for a mansion, and the club itself turns from a simple bar into an unforgettable club as the night goes on. A Geordie nightlife hot spot for decades, The Empress is Newcastle’s student and nightlife hotspot.

Powerhouse is one of Newcastle’s most popular gay nightclubs with large lounge areas and three bars spread over two floors. Although it is a large part of the gay world, this club welcomes everyone into its “non-judgemental club”. There’s no night like the Powerhouse, with themed music nights every day of the week.

Perdu is a classy and stylish club that prides itself on being ‘the ultimate night out’. You can drink alcohol in their 350-seat bar, join the hip Blackie Boy pub and the All Seeing Eye cocktail lounge for more options.

Finally, for a tropical paradise, head to Florita! Everywhere you turn there’s something exciting to see, from the tattoo-like crane on the bar wall to the many booths and couches where you can enjoy a Tiki cocktail in style and comfort. Offering VIP treatment to those who book, this fall hideaway is perfect for those looking to kick back with a drink to celebrate the weekend.

The Best Student Bars And Clubs In Newcastle

We and our partners use cookies to better understand your interests, improve performance, and provide you with content and advertising. In order for us to provide an ever better experience, please click “OK” Newcastle’s top 10 nightclubs attract huge crowds every night, including locals, visitors and famous people in their ranks. The Geordie capital is full of hotspots with even hotter club nights and hot drink prices. So we’ve whittled down the big list to the top 10. There you will see.

First and foremost (can’t choose between them) are Florita’s and Madame Koo’s combined nightclubs. Madame Koo has a dark and mysterious atmosphere with dim lighting, Asian statues and booths. Florita is Miami’s little sister inspired by Ms. Koo. The interior is impressive with sophisticated decor and pickup lines. Note: If you’re feeling down, the Buried Treasure cure is available in the treasure chest. Is Instagram ready for this?

Since opening in 2005, Digital has been referred to as “the fabric of the north”. This Newcastle nightclub turns it up to 11 with an award-winning wardrobe

The best club in the world. Located in the beautiful Times Square area of ​​Newcastle, Digital is a new club with a capacity of 2,200. It has also seen David Guetta, Fatboy Slim, Deadmau5 and 2 many DJs perform their sets. As well as having big name DJs and great club nights throughout the week (including the famous Think Tank? on Saturdays), Digital has established itself as one of the best nightclubs in Newcastle.

House:techno . Opening Session! Last Free Tickets Tickets

If The Great Gatsby had a beautiful and festive party at his house, it would look like this. The show starts as soon as you walk in and ‘Newcastle’s real VIP ballroom’ offers champagne and table service. If it’s a special occasion, get the Millionaire Mojito (a bottle of champagne and a bottle of white rum mixer) — and don’t blame me if you don’t remember to bring it home.

The lines around the house move, but upon arrival, all the delicious dishes from the impressive menu are prepared quickly – you won’t have to wait forever at the bar. Every night is club night, with Waikiki Tuesday, Vegas-style Friday and [email protected] Grand Slam Saturday being the most popular.

Just outside the fun and entertainment portal, discover your wild TigerTiger side. If the bright and stylish exterior doesn’t tempt you, the drink offering and seven rooms will do the trick. You can dress up your night at the posh bar, channel your inner Tiki-motu at Bar Kanaloa, and dance to cheesy retro classics at Groovy Wonderland. Popular with students and cool people, it’s not the cheapest of Newcastle’s nightclubs, but it’s a real experience.

Newcastle’s nightclub is Tup Tup Palace. The club may be small, but the famous face that attracts it is not. We’re not the ones to call it the drop (we are), but this place has seen the likes of Drake, Kanye West, 50 Cent, The Saturdays, Dizzee Rascal, Will I Am, Ed Sheeran, Tinie Tempah, Olly Murs, JLS , Boyzone, Plan B, Model, Ne-Yo, Tulisa, Cheryl Cole, Professor Green, Taio Cruz, Matt Cardle, Chipmunk, David Haye, Ricky Hatton and many more. If indoor waterfalls and oriental decorations are enough for these A-listers, that’s even better for us.

Great Nights Out: Best Clubs In Newcastle

Calling all VIPs and Geordie Shores, we love the high end of the night, Livello. Apart from the Diamond Lane and a stone’s throw from the Quayside, the chic decor and expensive drinks list (including Jay Z’s Ace of Spades champagne) draw the A crowd. Watch out for the next big gorilla – try not to touch it. her nipples after many cocktails.

One of Newcastle’s best live music venues (home to Adele, Katy Perry and historically The Who and The Beatles) operates as a Newcastle nightclub. Club nights, ALPHA and OMEGA, dip in and out of the mainstream and attract fans of rock, metal and punk. This is a great place, close to Central Station, to attend a concert and go to the next party.

That’s why it’s lower than other nightclubs in Newcastle. Billed as ‘Newcastle’s indoor club scene’, The Cut is a change from other sprawling clubs across the city. You’ll be like the best party in Manhattan, going up and meeting hundreds of cool kids who are discovering new sounds and doing all kinds of bad things. Popular club nights include Wednesday nights with 90s hip-hop and R&B classics, and Friday’s Loop, which plays deep, techno and disco music. Both nights are five, plus free drinks on arrival. Watch out for those sitting in circles on the floor after a few drinks…

If you’re coming to Newcastle for a wild night out, we recommend stopping at the awesome Stein Bier Keller Market. It encourages dancing on tables, sing-alongs to sit-down Oom-pah parties, and passing gallons of German beer. Basically everything you would expect from an authentic German beer hall in the heart of the city. This unique spot is where everyone ties up their blonde braids and pigtails (dresses aren’t really acceptable) and gets into those grids.

Top Best Electronic Nightclubs In Newcastle Upon Tyne, England In 2022

Newcastle’s 10 nightclubs include Perd, a 350-capacity venue on the Diamond Strip. Popular on the Geordie waterfront, with plenty of locals and hip visitors alike, cheap drinks and a dance floor make for a great night out. This single storey multi-zone club mixes drumming soundtracks from Newcastle’s best DJs and more.

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