Best Neighborhoods In Richmond Ca

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Richmond is a large, mid-coast (ie, ocean, bay, or inlet) located in California. With a population of 116,448 and 23 institutions, Richmond is the 54th largest community in California.

Best Neighborhoods In Richmond Ca

Housing costs in Richmond are among the highest in the country, but real estate prices can’t be compared to the most expensive neighborhoods in California.

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Unlike some cities where white-collar or blue-collar jobs dominate the local economy, Richmond is neither large nor diverse. Instead, it has a mixed workforce with white-collar and blue-collar jobs. Overall, Richmond is a city for service providers, sales and office workers, and professionals. Specifically, more people living in Richmond work in office and administrative support (11.01%), management (9.23%), and service (8.53%).

Richmond is also maritime, parts of which have some historical significance, referring to the ocean or seashore, water and seashore. These places are ideal places for tourists and locals to enjoy seaside activities or enjoy the scenery.

But the commute to work in Richmond is moderately long. People spend an average of 34.69 minutes a day at work, which is significantly higher than the average. On the one hand, local public transportation is widely available, so leaving your car at home and taking public transportation can save you the headache of driving through heavy traffic.

Like the rest of the United States, most people in Richmond use a private car to get to work. It should be noted that the majority of Richmond citizens use public transportation, primarily the subway, for their daily commute. It helps more people deal with air pollution and takes fewer trips to get there.

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In terms of college education, Richmond is more educated than the national average, with 21.84% of adults having a bachelor’s or master’s degree: 29.96% of adults in Richmond have a college degree.

Richmond’s 2018 per capita income was $32, or $177, the middle income relative to California and the upper middle income relative to the rest of the state. The annual income of this family of four is $128, $708. However, Richmond has both very rich and poor people.

Richmond is a racially diverse city. The people who call Richmond home come from many different races and ethnicities. Hispanics or Latinos are the most common group in Richmond, making up 44.06% of the city’s residents (Hispanics or Latinos can be of any race). Most Richmond residents reported race as white, followed by black or African American. Important ancestries of Richmond residents include German, Irish, British, Italian, and European.

Foreign-born people are also an important part of Richmond’s cultural identity, making up 34.45% of the city’s population.

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The most common language in Richmond is English. Other important languages ​​spoken here include Spanish and Chinese.

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